2015 Game Rules

I’m back with some new game rules. It’s been a minute but who cares. Let’s jump right in.

 1. You Will Finally Fix Your Conversation Skills- Conversation skills is a basic foundation for your game. A lot of guys still can’t talk. You can’t even say three words and articulate yourself correctly. That shit has to stop. It’s time to read more books, listen to great speakers, even learn another language if you have to. It’s not that women don’t want to give you a chance. Most of times they just don’t understand what you are saying to give you a chance. Basic articulation is going to give you a head start. When I was in the dating game, I would get good cooperation from women just by speaking clearly and properly. I wasn’t even saying anything crazy. They could respect that and it worked. Also, practice speaking to everyone not just women. Practice will always make perfect.

2. You Will Not Talk At Women- This goes hand in hand with conversation skills. A lot guys just go up to women and start asking them a bunch of random questions. “You gotta man?” “Okay can I take you out?” “I live with my mom but she’s away so come over?” “You have instagram?” “Twitter?” “You don’t mind if I like all your pictures right?” Some of you damn near verbally assault women with the way you speak to them. That’s played out and corny. You have to know how to engage women. Not doing this will limit your game. You can’t keep scaring women away. A basic step when engaging women is you talk and then listen. Talk and then listen. Start with that.

3. Accept Good Cooperation- It’s time to be able to recognize when a woman is choosing you. You will never be able to accept good cooperation unless you get 100% comfortable with just letting women choose you. I understand that this may throw you off your game because you want to go after her and be the pursuer. The best way to put yourself in a position for her to choose you is to just post up and have a good time with whoever you’re with.  When I would go out with the crew, we would make a bubble and pick women off. Women will always find reasons to approach us and strike up conversation. That still happens right now but we’re all in relationships so nothing moves forward. Now on the flip side I was not able to accept good cooperation at first. You read my simp stories. I will never forget this one girl. After some good conversation, she just invited me to her place. This caught me off guard and I said no (I know I’m a loser). I figured she was trying to set me up. I ran into her a few weeks later and she invited me over again. Of course I said yes and proceeded to hit that. Learn from my mistakes. Accept good cooperation.

4. No Physical Barriers On First Dates- Some guy recently emailed me and asked me if it was okay to go to the movies on a first date. Some dating advisors or whatever people go by will tell you absolutely not but I’m saying go for it. You can do whatever you want to do as long as it doesn’t create any physical barriers. The goal when you first meet someone is to establish chemistry. You can’t do that unless you can feel her energy and vibe with her on a personal level.  This is why dinner dates are a bad idea. Dinner should be for someone you have already established chemistry with. Also I see people doing double and even triple dates. That’s even worst. You need to see what the deal is one and one. You need to focus on being active and able to touch each other.  I’m pretty sure a lot of you will take this too far and start openly groping women. Don’t catch a charge and say I told you to touch her as much as possible. Of course balance is key.

5. Never Allow Her To Put You In A Thirst Bag- Men being thirsty is like the new thing. I still don’t know when it became okay for men to act this way. You see it everyday on social media. I can’t even use twimping anymore (simping on Twitter) its way past that now. I see a lot of guys thanking women for accepted them on Facebook which has to be the lamest thing to do. With the thirst epidemic, women will test you to see if you will be in the thirst bag and just available for attention or if you’re a real dude who she would be interested in dating. She may say, “hey I think I have a stain on my pants. Does my butt look okay?” Thirsty you will say, “nope you know what to do with that big fat butt. Can I touch it to investigate?” Someone true to the game will just play it off like, “yeah you good. Anyway what else is going on with you?” She will know what you’re about and you will be on your way with her.

Keep following the game rules and as long as you respect the game, it will work for you. Until we meet again…


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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4 Responses to 2015 Game Rules

  1. Good points. 1: conversation skills are #1 when it comes to pulling/dating a woman with some intelligence. Mental stimulation is the key to moving toward other areas of stimulation. Being inarticulate can also make you seem slow. 2: big pet peeve – men who ask me about social media. Dude, no one wants to add you on facebook! 4: I disagree here. Dinner dates work well. Good opportunity to see where people’s heads are. In three plus years of dating, I enjoyed dinner dates as an initial outing. Met a great guy this way. It was everything he said/ we discussed at dinner that let me know he had potential. Best date ever. 5: I don’t know – one surefire way to seem thirsty is to ask about facebook, instagram, etc. Yea, back to that point. Learn how to set yourself apart.

  2. I’m just not a dinner date guy for a first date. You have too many options where you spend a lot less money with the same goal in mind. If you do a nice dinner on the first date, what are you going to do on the second date? I went to TGI Fridays to meet my girl. I spent $20 and we hit it off. We’re still together now. Also, what happen with that guy that was the best date ever?

    As far as social media, all that stuff doesn’t count. It’s like texting or emailing women to get to know them. It’s not real until it’s in person. You can reach out to women on social media but the deck is stacked. Too many guys are just spamming so you’re better off just using that to talk to current friends and family members.

    • Umm, we’re still going on dates. Duh. Lol. You can always get creative after the first date. I’m a big fan of sitting down face to face to feel their vibe. A movie date doesn’t really allow that. I also learned that adding video chat dates is a good way to stay connected if you’re dating seriously and won’t see one another for a week or more.

      I automatically think guys just wanna browse all my pics when they ask about social media. And not only that, they still beg for pics via text.

  3. Ok….You can get creative after the first date. My thing is you end how you start with women. You start with extravagant dinners that’s how you will end. But all rules are just general so whatever works for you. I’m just using what I have known to work and not work.

    Yes we definitely want to look at a few pics that’s standard. We already talked about begging for pics. No need to. If a girl wants to send you pics she will literally just send them to you. You don’t even have to ask for them.

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