Using The Religion Of Game…Tips on Making Sure The Game Works For You

Oh shit, I’m back! It’s all about how you finish. I’m finishing the year strong with heavy game for you guys. Let’s just jump right in. Are you treating the game like a religion? Men who have trouble dealing with women aren’t treating the game like a religion. They’re not worshiping the game. They only take bits and pieces of the game and hope that it works. The game just doesn’t work that way. You have to worship the game. You have to take the game serious enough where it’s like a religion to you. You can’t read one of my posts and then say well this didn’t work. No shit it didn’t work. You didn’t internalize the game. You didn’t believe in it. I don’t play around with the game. It’s serious to me. I live by the game. I don’t say one thing and do the complete opposite. This is a religion to me. If you play around with the game, you will get play around results. When you dedicate yourself to something, it will work. That’s in all aspects of life. It doesn’t matter what it is. It will definitely work. That’s how the game is. If you dedicate yourself you will good cooperation. You will even be able to see the outcome before it happens.  With me for example; I know that if I meet a woman at a social setting and she gives me 30 seconds of her time, I’m getting her. All I need is an opportunity. If you meet a woman and she says she has a man or brushes you off you can’t do anything about that. She could have a million things going on and I understand that. I don’t let that bother me. I keep on moving forward. Again, all I need is an opportunity. I know my game is going to work. That’s how dedicated I am to the game. Let me give you some questions you should be asking yourself to determine how serious you are about the game.

Do you know your value? Do you know what you bring to the table? If you are dealing with raggedy women, you really don’t know your value and that’s a problem. When you deal with women, you MUST know how her life will be better by messing with you. If you don’t know that the game is not going to work for you. See I know what I bring to the table. I know what I have to offer and how that will upgrade any women’s life. Women feel that vibe and give me good cooperation.  Everyone has something to bring to the table. You just have to figure out what it is.

Are you a leader? When you deal with women you have to take control of the conversation and control the vibe. You can’t be indecisive. You have to bold enough to give women instructions. You must have an agenda. A lot of you just want to see where things go. Leaders have specific agendas. When you are meeting women you should be thinking about a wifey, jump-off, side check, one night stand or female friend. This way,  whoever doesn’t fit your agenda can be charged to the game. If you’re looking for wifey,  you are not going to talk to jump-offs and vive versa. When you don’t know what you want, you can’t expect a woman to give you anything. She can’t give you something that you don’t know you want. A leader knows what he wants and goes and gets it. You need to do the same.

Am I Being Myself? When you worship something, you can really just be yourself. You don’t have to add any extras to fit in. When using the religion of game, you have to comfortable in your own skin. This will help the way you interact with women because you’re not going to try to be someone who you’re not. You won’t try to add extras to impress her.  Women for the most part know when a man is being real. They can tell when you are just full of shit. Lying to women to have sex is corny as hell. You don’t have to do any of that. Doing unnecessary things for gratification is not being true to the game. It’s all about finding someone who is going to be cooperative with who YOU are. Be comfortable in your own skin!

A lot of guys trick and simp as a religion. You worship that and take it very serious. You set aside a tricking/simping fee. You have to go to the strip club, you have to buy drinks for random women, you have to pay half her rent. Take that same energy and apply it to being true to the game. Until we meet again….


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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2 Responses to Using The Religion Of Game…Tips on Making Sure The Game Works For You

  1. Welcome back! This post is obviously geared toward men, but from a woman’s perspective I do appreciate a decisive man who knows what he wants and what he brings to the table. If he’s attractive and articulate, he’s winning.

  2. Straights from a women mouth! A lot of guys really don’t understand that part of the game. You have to know what you want before a woman can give it to you.

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