Supreme Court upholds ban on affirmative action in college admissions

The 6-2 decision upheld a Michigan constitutional amendment that bans preferential treatment based on race, gender, ethnicity or national origin. The ban on affirmative action applies not only to admissions decisions at public colleges, but also to state hiring and contracting practices.

I keep telling everyone that Jim Crow 2.0 is going on right now. The crazy thing about this is that White women and Asians get the most affirmative action benefits and these “minority” benefits. Anytime you hear about affirmative action or minority, the dominant society shows/talks about Black people. That’s the chess behind it. Minority doesn’t mean Black. Now when you have no black people enrolled in the school and no Black people being hired for state jobs they can say,  “They just didn’t qualify”. This is even more of a reason to start being independent of the system.


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7 Responses to Supreme Court upholds ban on affirmative action in college admissions

  1. You’re right. There’s basically an all-out war going on re “Jim Crow 2.0.”

  2. That’s great! Send me the info. I’m always doing stuff in the community. 90% of my clients are Black so I’m trying to build communities from the ground up. Not just moving to areas. You have to build it.

  3. bossymoksie says:

    As you mentioned, I don’t even think affirmative action helped that many blacks. Or at least how they make it out to seem like it does. But there are so many ways the doors are closed and locked already, it’s gonna take more than affirmative action to change that anyway.

    • It’s going to take us building our own and getting a separate economic base. A lot of people are scared to say or do anything because they depend on the dominant society. I have no problem taking action because I’m not dependent on the dominant society to live. I was raised to be independent so that’s always been inside of me.

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