The Black Elite

In my last post I spoke about how it’s time to start distancing ourselves from coons. Black people who start deflecting and coming up with smoke screens when it’s time to talk about replacing the system of white supremacy, with a system of justice. What a lot of Black people don’t know is that in every city big or small, you have the Black Elite. The Black Elite is broken down into five groups. All working different angles with the same goal. To deflect from the goal of having a system of justice. Now when I say a system of justice, I just mean everything being on an even playing field. No special treatment for any groups. The Black Elite has already sold out. They have no interest in helping the Black community. They’re only job is to get a nice check and control progress. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s break down the different parts of the black elite

Church- This is the most dangerous division of the Black elite. Certain pastors use the church to keep you sleeping. All week you’re ready for a change. All week you can’t wait to get to church to talk about ways to organize and discuss ways to hold our elect officials accountable. Instead you get a sleeping pill. For hours you hear that the best way to fix your problems is to pray and give the church money. Every time you ask about solutions all you hear is “Let’s pray on it.” “The lord will help us.” “God won’t let you struggle if he knew you couldn’t handle it.” What kind of backwards shit is that? How can you talk about heaven and you are teaching me to be comfortable living in hell. I don’t want to wait for after life. I want my heaven now.

Media- These are Black people who have radio shows, TV shows, newspapers, magazines and websites. Millions of us listen to them everyday. The two most popular Black websites are media takeout and world star hip hop. What do they talk about? Nothing of importance. Listen to your local radio station. What do they talk about? Nothing of importance.  Instead of talking about the graduation rate, you hear about what Beyonce did on vacation. You hear about how much money Rick Ross spent at the strip club.  You hear about the upcoming BET awards.

Academic- These are the Black people who work for your elementary schools, high schools, community colleges and universities. They’re job is deflect the influence the dominant society has in the schools. When you say,“Why my child in special Ed?” “Why my child not learning anything”. They say,”Because you’re poor”, “He listens to rap”, “His parents didn’t go to college.” We all know that has nothing to do with why our kids aren’t learning. Over 90% of teachers are middle-aged White women who could give two fucks if a Black child is learning. A majority of schools with 100% Black students have all White teachers. On the flip side you can not point out a school that is 100% White with Black teachers. It just doesn’t exist. Don’t you think there’s a reason behind that?

Insignificant Titles– These are Black people who have fancy ass titles. I’m the chief of police, captain at the fire department, council man, alderman, Vice President, deputy. They have nice business cards and even a parking space. Now what do they do for the everyday Black person? Absolutely nothing. Most of them have non-profit corporations that they use to take all of the resources. A grant comes in for 100k and 80k of it goes in their pocket. The IRS knows about this but they do nothing. Why would they? These people are keeping you sleeping. The dominant society knows they can give a Black person a title and they will walk around like the man. They will defend that title 100%

Money- These are black people in your city with money. When I say money, I mean multi millionaires. They have enough money to fund the after school program or build a community center. They have enough money where they could put some Black kids to work. Nope, can’t do that. But the YMCA gets a check. The boys and girls club gets a check. The urban league gets a check. Tsunami recovery gets a check. School shooting funds get a check. Hurricane Katrina? Nope, can’t do that.

Again, it’s time to distance ourselves from people like this. It’s time to stop being scared. This is why we can’t get any respect. Until we meet again…


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18 Responses to The Black Elite

  1. This was on point. The church is dangerous. The pastor benefits and no one else gets the chance to reep any of those benefits. Ugh, I am also so sick of what the media puts out there. People sit and swallow it all, without realizing they aren’t actually living, the people they are talking about and watching are living.

    You nailed this right here.

  2. Everything here is spot on. Teach!

  3. I had to switch it up a little…the summer is approaching so I will writing some date and relationship game.

  4. bossymoksie says:

    The Black community seems to be the only community hell bent on beating each other down. All the other races have communities that are set up to help them prosper, and are supportive. smdh

    • A black elitist is the same as a white supremacist. They have the same values and goals. They literally sound exactly the same.

      Black people in the country have been controlled their entire lives. A system is in place to make sure certain things happen a certain way. It’s hard for a majority of us to break that cycle. The system is strong. Strong enough that it makes you think you’re the cause of your own problems. Strong enough where you sell out your own for a check.

      The best way to fix this is to just distance ourselves from people like that. It never took the masses for anything to change. It takes a small group of like minded people handling business.

      • bossymoksie says:

        If what you’re saying is that it has to change from the bottom up instead of relying on the the ‘elite’ to be the leaders to change things, then I completely agree.

  5. Yeah I’m saying we don’t need any leaders. No other group has “leaders”. They all get on the same page real quick without any “leaders.” Black people like leaders because it gives you an excuse to not do anything. I get together with like minded people in my area and get shit done. We don’t need any leaders.

  6. serenityluv1 says:

    Reema I can’t even add to this…All I can do is nod my head in agreement!! I have been saying this for the longest…and this is what my grandmother has taught me…it’s sad but the truth!!

  7. serenityluv1 says:

    Reblogged this on Love, Life and Relationships and commented:
    Please read and check out this blog for more post that will make you really think about some things!

  8. great post. i’ve been saying it for years that the black elite don’t do anything or at least enough for the black community

  9. Ben says:

    You have no problem talking about black people but when you want to talk about white people you try to PC it and call them the “dominate society” lol cut the crap you computer racist.

  10. serenityluv1 says:

    Had to read this one again

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