Coons & Zimmerman

This is going to be a short post. I’m going to get a lot deeper in future post. I just wanted to stop in and leave you guys with some good game. We need this game more than ever right now. Before I get into the game, all my dudes hitting me up to tell me that their girl/wife/fuck buddy doesn’t like me PLEASE STOP! Do you really think they’re going to like me? You’re here for self-improvement. Your lack of game is the reason why you are currently in your situation. Why would your whack girl who takes advantage of you want you to read the chronicles? She doesn’t want you to step your game up because that means you wouldn’t be fucking with her. I digress on that. Ok let me get into some game. On Saturday George Zimmerman had an autograph signing at a gun show. Rapper Lil bossie got released from jail so Black people were focused on that. What a lot of you don’t know is that these gun shows are White supremacist meet groups. I’m talking about the hardcore ones too. The only reason why Zimmerman is so popular is because he killed a Black child. Treating Zimmerman like a celebrity is White supremacy exercising itself. This is being done to let the Black community know how weak you are. They know they can get away with this. They see how passive and weak Black people are acting right now, especially Black men. I was on Facebook talking about this and the coon train is never late to leave the station. A lot of Black men start cooning once we start talking about challenging White supremacy. “Well what about Black on Black crime? We should just forget about Zimmerman. Ain’t he Hispanic” That’s scared coon talk. When White supremacy is whooping your ass and you get on this scared deflection, it’s time for you to go. The game is too serious right now. Coons have to be left alone. We can’t have them in our circle anymore. They have already surrendered.  This is very clear by their actions. It’s time we focus more on a grass-roots level. It’s very shameful that a lot of Black men are going out like this. Cooning won’t save you. You might get a pat on the head and get a little bullshit title at your job. Just know that you will be thrown under the bus when you are not needed anymore. Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I’m still here. I’ve been responding to a lot if your emails so keep those coming over. Until we meet again…


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21 Responses to Coons & Zimmerman

  1. serenityluv1 says:

    This is some real talk…cant wait to read your future post. Im so sick of Zimmerman getting all this attention.

    • He’s going to keep getting this attention because we won’t challenge it. White supremacist are getting bolder right now. Everyday I read something else. Plus with the coons in the community, that’s not helping. I read about some black pastors in Florida that are pushing for the death penalty for black on black crime. Wait, what? I already spoke about the black on black crime myth years ago. This game is needed more than ever right now.

      • serenityluv1 says:

        Very true…black people dont educate themselves on issues that are important…speaking in general…and like you said the white ppl throw us a bait and we take it…the bait now is black on black crime. Though I feel that is a huge problem it does not override or should be a reason to overlook our black male youth is being killed off like animals without punishment but with rewards for it. They are making a huge statement here…and we too ignorant to see it…smdh

        • Black on black crime is not an issue because it doesn’t exist. It’s just crime. A lot of us fall for the word game that the dominant society uses. What you don’t hear is that all other groups kill each other at the same rates. That’s how the crime in this country works. A black person is more likely to kill a black person. Same for White, Asian, etc. Last year over 85% of white crime was committed against other whites. If we use that logic wouldn’t that also be a epidemic? I’ve never seen a white pastor or white leader come out and say we need to fix this issue. Because being Black is criminalized that’s the focus and we eat it up. Private prisons are suing certain states if they don’t fill the prisons to a certain percentage. Black crime is actually down but that won’t make it on the news or local radio station. It’s Kayne tour, Beyonce baby, etc.

          • serenityluv1 says:

            I understand what you are saying but it is an issue…Ill have to expand y i say this at a later time…but it goes pass the crime part

            • Yeah I want to hear this. I do think crime is an issue. Just not in the context that is being pushed. We can’t forget about the people who are arrested everyday who didn’t do anything. I know you read about the guy in texas who got a DUI after he blew a 0.00 on the breathalyser. That was a couple weeks ago

              • serenityluv1 says:

                I can agree on that…its being used to overlook the real issue of black ppl life is not worth anything in this society we living in…THATS THE REAL ISSUE…you get more time for killing a dog than a black person…thats where our focus should be..but what im saying we need to strengthen our communities as well…educate ourselves, children…etc.

                • 100% agree with this. The crime is being Black. We can throw smoke screens but that’s the real issue. We basically need our won economic structure. That means schools, banks, supermarkets, gas stations, etc. Just to balance everything out. This is what every other group does but us. I’m working with a few people now to start getting some stuff done in my area.

  2. Hey, what’s up? It’s obvious that Zimmerman has been applauded, defended, and rewarded for killing a young, black, male child. It’s hard for me to believe that idea is lost on too many people. In general, a lot of us are focused on the wrong things. I, too think it’s to our own detriment.

    • It’s not lost on a lot of people. They just won’t do anything about it. That goes into being focused on the wrong things. A lot of us are scared so we focus on being accepted like that’s going to make it better. It’s only getting worst. Black schools are shutting down, black children are being killed, mass incarceration, gentrification. Go to your local church and see what the pastor is talking about. Listen to your local radio station and see what they’re talking about. Go to your local government meeting and see what they’re talking about. These people have already sold out. They’re getting a check to keep everything status quo

      • So you think the lack of action is primarily based on fear and wont of acceptance? That’s interesting. I agree that there are strong forces at work to keep people asleep. Its been that way for ages. Many tools in use.

        • Of course it is. Why else wouldn’t something be done?

          • About Zimmerman and his celebrity status, open season on black males? Overall distracted nature of society?

              • Definitely sparked thought with this post. Black ppls social media involvement did more to get Zimmerman brought up on charges than anything. And I’ve never thought about this,  but the whole situation helped raise the consciousness of young ppl and I think that’s a great starting place. I think positive change is happening, a reawakening on some levels, but forces working against too. Thx.

          • I think there are levels to those issues and many variables at play. It’s not enough to throw a fear blanket over the issue. For conscious people, I think we affect change on the level/ targets we feel best able to. For some, there are feelings of powerlessness. For others, there’s self-centeredness (I’m living good, so that’s all that matters). Some people are fully asleep (the walking dead), etc. This is a thesis topic. I’m waiting for the next post.

            • I don’t think it sparked anything. I didn’t see social media talking about Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride, Alfred Wright, Victor White, Garrick and Carl Hopkins and the list goes on. The dominant society told us what to talk about so that’s why we did. All people did was black out their profile anyway. Just a way for them to have some type of fake outrage. After the verdict no one talked about it.

  3. bossymoksie says:

    Zimmerman is using his infamy and ‘fans’ for profit now. Remember that stupid ‘celeb’ boxing match with him and someone else? (I just saw the heading online, didn’t even read the article). Glad that was cancelled. So I’m not surprised to hear this. I can’t believe there are blatant, true fans of someone who killed someone else, just because the deceased was Black.The sad truth is that if you are non-white, your value isn’t much, like SerenityLuv was saying. We’ve talked about this before, but the news always puts the missing white kids (especially girls) on the news. Like, white blonde kids are the only ones being kidnapped or go missing? Hell no! But whenever you see Blacks on the news, it’s because of a crime they committed or some ghetto thing they said about someone else doing crime. All storytelling, and not the real truth. Some people like to call me a ditz for not keeping up with the news. I just know it’s bullshit.

  4. This is why it is very important that we have our own media outlets to debunk this stuff. A lot black people actually believe the bs they read/see about other black people. This is why the get on the coon train when it’s time to start handling business.

  5. The coonery is at an all time HIGH! I don’t even want to hear that shit. Kissing ass and shutting the fuck up to allow people, who could give less than a fuck about you, is insane.

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