New Year’s Eve Tips- Reema Edition Re-Blog

I originally wrote this post in 2011. This is one of the highest viewed post. The game rules from 2011 can definitely be used today in 2013/2014. This year the crew renting a spot in NYC. We’re running owners son game so no lines and we got a few tables. Ok, re blog game….

I actually like New Year’s Eve. Over the years, I’ve had some crazy moments and memories. Straight debauchery. Last year, I had sex with my friend’s roommate a little after the ball dropped. What makes this funny is that we never really spoke to each other. (I love my wife). Just the occasional hi and bye. After it went down my friend told me she developed some type of crush on me during the three times I went over (Reema swag). NYE is not always going to go down like this. I’ve gone to overpriced clubs that I left before watching the ball drop and I’ve gone places where I thought this was the best night in history. I want all of you to have a night to remember. Bring in 2012 2014 the elite way. Here are some tips to have success on New Year’s Eve.

1. Dress To Impress- I made this number one for a reason. Everyone knows that I LOVE to get dressed up and its something that I do everyday (no bull shit). If you never dress up, tonight is the night to do so. Fuck it; wear a tux if you want to. Most women think men in tuxes are sexy, and you’ll feel that way. This year, I’m going to be wearing all my favorite things, and they happen to all work perfectly together. Fitted Navy blue cotton vest and matching pants, chocolate-brown watch, caramel wingtips, fitted white dress shirt, and gold tie. Well, I’m still undecided on the tie. Remember, good things happen to men who are dressed nice around women who will all feel sexy because they will be wearing nice dresses.

2. Venue Preparation Is Key- Picking the right venue is the difference between having a great night, and saying how much you hate New Year’s Eve. You don’t want to go to the biggest name club in your area. This place will be overpriced and packed to the wall. You have to remember that NYE club parties are filled with people who NEVER go out. This just means more attention whoring and thirsty ass dudes. If you decide the bar/club thing is what you want to do, stick to the low-key spots you usually go to. That’s exactly what I’m doing this year. One of my favorite’s low key spots is having a NYE party. $50 per person with open bar from 9pm-2am. I know you guys have places like this in your city. You need to make sure you have a plan and execute it.

3. No Date? No Problem- Don’t think you can’t have fun because you don’t have a date. Just looking at my Facebook news feed, I’ve already seen at least 20 girls ask about NYE plans. They’re all looking for something to do. You can just have a party. Have a few of your boys chip in with you. Yes, it could get messy, crazy, etc. Being the host of a party has perks. Me and the crew did this one year and it was a HUGE hit. We all got laid that night. This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t make something happen. We could have just sat around, did nothing and complained about NYE. It’s going to be 2012. You MUST be bold with your game. Call these women and say, “Hey, we’re all having a party for NYE, and I wanted to make sure you were good. I know how flakey NYE plans can be.” There’s no neediness and you’re not being pushy. You will be surprised how many women will respond great to this. And you can make sure they’ll bring other girls with them. It will be a night to remember.

4. I Already Have Date- This is great news. You have a few good options. Get three or four other couples and dominate a place TOGETHER. This way, instead of just being some couples at a party, you guys will BE the damn party. Plus, what woman doesn’t like being the center of attention. Me, Blaze and TMZ did this one year. We hit up a fancy black tie event. This place was filled with a lot of older, stuck up rich people. We loosened everyone up and had a blast. I picked up a few great business contacts and we even play Tennis together sometimes. Maybe you’re the only one that has a date. You can call your date and see if she has any (attractive) friends that have nothing planned for NYE. Let her know she should invite a few of them out to make sure they don’t stay home doing nothing. Then tell your boys to come out. No pressure involved, just a group of people hanging out on NYE. If you just want it just be you and your date, that’s cool in the game. Invite her over for a nice dinner. After dinner you can walk around the area, watch a movie, watch the NYE specials, or even go get your dance on. The options are limitless.

5. Don’t Get WASTED, Get Laid- I know getting wasted on NYE can be a great time. We have all done it. Most nights when you get wasted, you’re not having sex. Especially if you’re single, tonight you want to be on top of your game. Forget about getting drunk to talk to women. That’s lame, simp shit. You have a major advantage not being drunk when everyone else is. You will have full control over yourself and your emotions. In terms of female persuasion, NYE is a lot like Halloween in that it gives women a perfect excuse to act naughty. It will not be difficult for you to meet women that are looking to hook up. This is NOT A SIGN TO BE THIRSTY! Don’t be that guy trying to make out with all the women when the ball drops. Keep it mackish and be the guy that is politely declining random women that want to make out. Women will assume that you have women around you all the time so you don’t need to be doing that. Use this to your advantage.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve everyone. Have fun, have some hot sex, and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. Much more game to chop up in 2014. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!



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