More Online Dating Game, Valuing Your Time & Closing The Deal

Valuing your time is one of the most important parts of dating. This is why I always stress cooperation. If a woman is not bringing 100% cooperation to the table, fuck her. A new girl turns 18 every few seconds. Never waste time with maybe women. Never waste time with a chick that has a dude. I see that happening a lot lately. Don’t hit me up asking me how to steal her from her man. I don’t do women with boyfriends and you shouldn’t either. Respect the game guys. If she says she has a dude, charge her. If she’s doing that to test you, charge her.  Remember 100% cooperation at all times. The best way to value your time when online dating is to know what to look for in her profile. I shouldn’t have to say this but if she has no words on her profile or the goofy drggutdg, gyrfhhhg,…….., move on. She’s just looking for followers and attention. Ok, let’s start with the profile of a girl that I wouldn’t message:

“Oh hey, my name is Melissa. If you’re messaging me to be an idiot… Don’t…If you have a selfie with your shirt off, I probably won’t message you back. First things first: Uhh I’m a tad bit obnoxious & a lot bit sarcastic. I love to laugh & i try not to take life too seriously. I dont play head games &I don’t do drama. Okay, now that that’s done:22(Leo) yes I’m stubborn, but you can deal with that. I have a beautiful son (2yearsyoung) I am a FULL TIME single mother and I was married once before…My loves:Tattoos, Atlantic City, Instagram, New Jersey House Wives, smoking weed, parting with my girls. Don’t just message me for sex. I’m not that type of girl. I’m tired of guys hitting me up for sex. For everyone else feel free to Message me :)”

For me this screams everything that I don’t deal with when it comes to women. I always follow a three strike program when dealing with women. This helps me maintain standards. My first strike is that she has a kid, second is that she was already married and the third strike is that she likes to smoke weed. She gets another strike for bragging about being obnoxious and sarcastic. She gets another strike for having a horrible profile. I’m pretty sure a lot of you see profiles like this all the time. STAY AWAY!

Now let’s look at a profile that I would message:
“I’m a simple women looking for happiness. For the most part I would say I am outgoing, considerate, fun, kind, down to earth and I love trying new things. I spend most of my free time reading, working out, or hanging out with friends. My favorite restaurants are Sushi, Thai and Mexican. I’m not really into any sports and I don’t watch them. Looking for a guy with a great sense of humor, who takes care of himself, is physically fit. Not a body builder but definitely eats well and is not over weight. I like intelligence, a man who can express himself, is friendly, and respectful. I believe in surrounding myself with positive happy people with positive energy. Anything else you’d like to know just ask but please don’t make it an interview. No one likes going on them in real life. We go through that dreadful process when we have to. It would be nice if the conversation was enjoyable and had a natural flow to it.”

Now this is more my speed. I like the way she describes herself. Nothing about being sarcastic or sassy. Nothing about her love of partying with the girls. Nothing about being an alpha female. Wait, what does an alpha female mean? Sounds like a woman who is trying to act like a dude. Also, I’m all about women reading and intelligence. History is my favorite subject. Overall this is the profile of a girl I think any guy would want to seriously date. Of course you still have to look at other factors but we’re focusing on her profile. What would I send her in my first message?

“You’re profile sparked my interest, and I noticed that we do share a few things in common. I don’t want to bust out a corny line about how I lost my number, so I need yours. You’re probably sick of those types of guys. Instead, I will just say let’s get to know each other and see if we would be a good match.
I look forward to hearing back from you”

Don’t worry about copy & paste messages because they work. It’s all about wrapping everything up with good game. If your profile is good and you have good pictures, she will respond.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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19 Responses to More Online Dating Game, Valuing Your Time & Closing The Deal

  1. The first profile is awful. Screams unclassy, and bottom of the rung. Funny, I wrote about the sports thing in my post today. Guys always want to know that so stating it upfront is good. Gives them the option to pass you right on by if they REALLY want a woman who is into sports.

  2. Mystery says:

    Good luck with it all. lolol

  3. I’m all about my girl not watching sports. For me sports is something that I watch with my friends to get time away from my girlfriend. I will still go to the games with her because that’s something to do. You don’t have to like or watch sports to go to the game. As far as her just watching a random Tuesday Knicks game, not my preference.

  4. bossymoksie says:

    As far as the profiles:
    The first one screams drama. She starts it off being negative. And ends it negative too. Just that alone… I don’t even see an issue with being a single mother or party gal (can’t hate on the party gals lol), in and of themselves, but put together and the way she writes it all…red flags.
    The second one shows the more solid ‘good girl’ (hate that term). But a much better bet if you want a solid, chill relationship.

    • haha says the party girl. I don’t have anything against single mothers or party girls. When I approach dating, I always use a three strike rule. For me being a single mother is a strike. Being a party girl is a strike. You can do other things to compensate but this girl didn’t have anything redeemable about her. I go to bars and will hit up the club if it’s a group birthday or something like that. As you know I’m a nerd. I like traveling, history and art. My date night is dinner and going to a museum.

      • bossymoksie says:

        Ha, of course I have to say something about the party girls! But you are right, game twin, you gotta look at what’s a match for you and don’t waste your time on anything else. Unless you want to waste time, lol.

  5. TeeTee says:

    Reema u are a trip around the world….. lol. You seem to want someone close to perfect. You also seem to take for granted that the “perfect person” you get with will be like that forever. You should know this since your such an expert on “the game.” Women are notorious for getting a man to put a ring on it and pop out some babies and doing a 360. My stepmothers did it, I’ve had friends do this, and coworkers. To this day I still hear men always lamenting about why their divorced. The typical story is she started off so great, wonderful, half woman, half amazing. He wifed her, she popped out his seed/s before or after marriage, then she changed for the worse and he had to divorce her or die a slow and painful death inside. Or she divorced him and took his money, business, house, car, whatever. I worked with a woman and 2 years into the marriage she spent money like crazy. She was a customer service rep and made $13.00 an hour. She shopped instead of ate for lunch. We asked her how she could afford to spend so much money she said, “I got a husband.” “Get you one while your young and you can shop for lunch too.” We said, “so u spend up all your husbands money, what do u do with your money?” She replied, “his money is my money. I do what I want with my money. I save it.” So you may want to give guys more realistic info about how to avoid the wrong types of women, cause in real life you cannot have it all. The only pure perfection is in God and Jesus.

    • I don’t see anything wrong in wanting the best. I’ve dated a lot of women to know what to look for and what I wouldn’t tolerate. My girl now is everything I would want in a future wife. Young, feminine, attractive and has hustle skills.

      This information is very realistic. You will only get what you allow. If you allow your wife to spend all your money, that’s on you. If you don’t protect your assets and lose it all, that’s on you. The reason why a lot of men get caught up is because they think with ego. They don’t respect the game. They think they’re so fly that a woman would never leave them so they don’t protect themselves. I don’t think with my ego. I know that a woman will divorce you and take half your shit at the drop of a hat. That’s regardless of how much game you have.

      p.s. I take the trip around the world as a compliment so thank you 🙂

  6. TeeTee says:

    How about you tell men to pay attention the signs that a woman is selfish. Trust and believe a wealthy woman can be selfish and think that her money is hers and yours is hers to spend. A woman who has got it goin on and is a dime can and will break u down to dust. Tell men to research the divorce laws in their state Before they even think about popping the question so that they’re not paying spousal support for cheating. And tell them about how in some states, once they marry a woman and divorce her, if she is not remarried at the time, she can collect a percentage of his Social Security at the ripe old age of 65 and let hers sit and collect interest and use it to live off of until it runs out. Yes this is true. In Md you have to be married for 10 years and the woman cannot be married at the time, and she can collect a percentage of her ex husbands social security money at the age of 65. I know 65 yr old women at my job who are doing this right now.
    Tell them how to choose the right woman who they can spend their life with. Tell them how to choose a “virtuous woman.” Tell them how to not focus so much on material things a woman has or doesn’t have, and her looks. All that will get a lot of men is pussy from a pretty and put together woman that “has her own.” But they will have to pay for that pussy. Men have become simps quite frankly because they are more than willing to pay for the pussy they really want and all that comes with it. I know men that have been married almost as long as I been alive. They complain but they Never leave their wives. I young men who are married who complain but Never leave their wives. Bottom line is we all will have to put up with some sh** when it comes to relationships because everybody got some sh** with them. I learned that from the married folks I know who have “staying power.” In relationships that last longer than a NY minute u will have ups and downs and go through some sh**. The key is are you capable of loving another human being enough to go through the fire with them. Are you capable of sticking to the commitment that you make. If your not capable of loving on a certain level, and sticking to a commitment, and don’t think u have it in you to have longevity with anyone, then u need to stay ya azz single until u can do the necessary things to make it last forever.

    • I agree with all of this. This is good information. All the stuff you are talking about I’ve always told guys to do. This is nothing new to readers of the chronicles. I can only give you out the game essentials. and the basics. You will always have to take the essentials and use your intelligence and common sense.

  7. TeeTee says:

    love and long-term relationships and marriage is not easy. If u want easy stay single and be a playa for life. When u constantly disqualify people for every little material and shallow thing u miss out on good people. How long are you going to require women to be dimes and only go after dimes when those are the very ones that treat u any kind of way because they can. Jamie Foxx said it in his song – “tell me why I always fall for your type.” Not all beautiful women are selfish azzholes. I know several really sweet and nice beautiful women. My bff is a former pro model and has been in commercials. She is the nicest and most down to earth person ever and gorgeous. But unfortunately these women are the exceptions and the minority, Not the majority. Most very attractive women have a very strong sense of entitlement. Just like u see them as replaceable, they see you as the very same way. And many of these women that have their own and make good money basically expect their azzes to be kissed because they know and have been told repeatedly that they are fine and got it goin on and all that and a bag of Cool Ranch Dorito’s.
    Im not hating on attractive women at all. I’m considered by most attractive, pretty, etc etc etc.
    What I’m saying is people need to stop being so materialistic and shallow when it comes to dating and relationships. Trust and believe all this brings is stress, drama and headaches. I’ve heard many horror stories from men and women who repeatedly only dated “the beautiful ones.” Only to get crushed and played like piano’s. Then they get jaded and bitter and mad at the world. You have to look in the mirror and recognize that the people you choose to be with are a very crystal clear reflection of you. You also have to realize that, you won’t get what you need and what will sustain you constantly chasing after what you want. Unless your wants and needs are one in the same.

    • Again, you’re saying things that I have said in numerous post. I tell guys to always make sure your woman brings more to the table than looks and sex. If she doesn’t have anything make sure she doesn’t have any baggage so you can teach her what to bring.

  8. I see profiles like this (the first one) all the time online. It’s such a turn-off when someone has to focus so much on what they hate/ don’t like in the opposite sex. You can tell those kinds of girls are hurting and trying to act tough or strong or “no-nonsense.” But dig beneath the surface and there’s pain there. And no one wants to be with that (no one healthy anyway).

    Same rules apply to guys–don’t talk about how much you hate bitches, cock blocks, teases and high-maintenance girls, etc. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

  9. All true….complaining is just not a good look. No need to talk about the other stuff. Like you said, you know what you want so just focus on that.

  10. That first was made me laugh. Some people like that though.

  11. John says:

    The first woman would’ve struck out with me due to simple fact that she uses Marijuana.

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