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Is online dating making a comeback? I’ve been saying its dead for a while now but I might be the only one. For someone who met wifey online, I should have better things to say about it. I just think the quality of women online dropped from when I was using it. Haven’t been online in over two years though. One of my friends recently signed up for online dating and asked me for a few tips. He was getting stuck when women asked him what he was looking for. He was using a basic just someone who is loyal and pretty. That’s not going to excite women. You have to be better than that. Before I helped him, I wanted to see what the women looked like. No point in using good game on extra average women. I was shocked when he showed me a couple of dimes that actually had profiles. Not the I’m independent and don’t email me for sex. So the what are you looking for question is a simple but tricky question. How you answer this will be the difference between getting her to meet up or never speaking to her again. First thing you need to know about messaging women online is that the point is to get them to meet up ASAP. The best way to do this is to put yourself on a messaging max. Meaning you will not go over this number of messages with any woman. I think 4 is a good number. On my fourth message I would suggest a meet up with giving her my number and instructions. A lot of guys get caught up emailing women back and forth for weeks/months. Those women are just attention whores looking for online followers. Remember you have to treat your game as being sacred and only worthy for a select few. The message max will help you do that. No woman is ever above being charged to the game. Ok back to the question. I would always ask women what they wanted in a man. It was only right that they would ask me the same thing. My response was always: 

“I’m looking for someone that’s just as chill as I am and doesn’t take everything so seriously. I need to be able to take her out and not have to worry about any drama. Not into those types of girls. She also has to have a good heart. I’m not saying she has to be perfect because no one is, but she should at least have good intentions. Does this sound like you?”

What girl is going to say this doesn’t sound like her? It’s such a wide range but personal at the same time. Women are emotional so you have to play on those emotions. Also, none of this is describing women in a negative or thirsty way. When dealing with women you always have to be a chess player and think a few steps ahead. What women say they want and actually go for are never the same. I already know that but I ask her anyway so I can give her my response. Start asking questions that you feel comfortable answering yourself. Use this right now to increase your closing ratio. Until we meet again…

Afterthought: Online dating can be very frustrating because girls go hot and cold in seconds. You’re not the only guy she’s going to be talking to that’s why you MUST move fast.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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15 Responses to More Online Dating Game

  1. Your response to the question is very ambiguous and says nothing as far as what type of relationship you’re looking for – only the type of woman you’re looking for. But I agree, most women want to onlyvsee themselves in a favorable, drama-free light. Is it really true that there is ALWAYS a difference between what women say they want and what they go for? Probably not, but oftentimes yes. Less so when you’re coming from a stance of “what do you bring to the table?” And stay focused on that. Versus a place of neediness and attention seeking.

    • I have a response for when women ask me if I’m looking for a relationship. I will put that up in a few days.

      Generally speaking yes. When you ask women what they look for in a man they will name all the best qualities. Then you see her dude and he’s mad dusty. A lot of guys just take everything women say for face and her dude is dusty. It’s just like women who write in no one night stands online and they’re naked within an hour of the date. What I do know for a fact is that women want a man to lead them and upgrade them.

      • Lol. Too funny. This is why 99% of men who try to holla get shut down. They look like dust bunnies. Ok, I’ll stop being harsh, but a woman who keeps herself together needs a man who matches or exceeds her fly. I remember once I was going on a first date with a guy. As soon as I pulled up to his house and he stepped out in tight high waters and a velvet jacket, there wouldn’t be a second date. He was younger, but still. Some of us do stick to our guns though. I understand you’re generalizing.

  2. I also think you’re right about setting up a date asap. The longer a guy lingers, the more he seems like an uninterested, lame, time waster. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

  3. R1J2 says:

    Ever consider using this as a part of your profile?

  4. I actually had this in my profile but decided to take it out because I thought it would be more useful in a one on one setting instead of just being part of my profile. When I started sending that response to women, they were very receptive and always wanted to meet up after that. You can still use it just have something else that you send women to go for the meet up after they respond. You should have a opening message, second message, third message and then your fourth and final message which suggest a meet up. Save the messages that worked for you before and use those. After a while, you will see what works better than others.

  5. bossymoksie says:

    I like the meeting up soon suggestion. It’s just better to meet in person sooner than later. Messaging is not a great way of getting to know someone, especially if your goal is to get close to them or have them in life. Get them in your life sooner!
    And I agree about women saying one thing and then doing another. They have a picture of who they’d like to be and they life they wish they had and speak on that sometimes, instead of accepting who they are at the moment, if that makes sense? Which is confusing for men, because after a few times hanging out, they can tell she was lying!
    Also agree about women mainly wanting a man who will lead them to a better place/mindset. I don’t even think women are completely aware of that. I think all those other descriptions (wealth, job security, outgoing, strong, committed etc). is an attempt to describe that.

  6. When I first starting messaging women online I would have women go back and forth me for weeks and then would flake on meeting up. That frustrated me because I take my time very seriously. I used a way to just weed women out to the ones that would be more receptive.

    That makes sense that’s why I never take women for face value. I judge women on their actions. I always tell women to do the same thing. Judge men on how they treat you outside the bedroom.

    Yeah I think it’s just in your brains to want that. Some women try to fight it and say they don’t (feminist. Black feminist being the worst) That’s a different post. You already know how much I hate Black feminist.

  7. imadime says:

    totally agree on meeting up asap, and it looks like this approach worked out for you. but i’ll say that, from a female perspective, whenever men, in their profiles or otherwise, feel the need to specify “no drama” that’s a red flag that to me says you’re used to drama, which equals a proclivity to choose drama-ful women, despite what it is you say that you want. so i move on.

    i’ve never in my life felt the need to lay out for a man that i don’t want any drama.

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