Are You Hitting It Right?

What up blog family? I know it’s been a minute since we last chopped up game. I’ve missed you all (ladies first, dudes second). Getting women to come over your spot is good and all but if you’re not hitting it right, you will never hear from her again. That’s a guarantee. Use this information as a foundation. You still need to add and subtract what makes you most comfortable. I won’t be with you when she comes over. (Unless you’re a freak like that) I think pleasing women gets a bad rep. You will hear a lot of guys say just worry about yourself. As long as you get yours that’s all that counts. What’s the fun in that? Personally, I like pleasing my woman. If you know how to please a woman she will love you to death and do anything that you ask of her. A lot of guys confuse this with cupcaking. For example, having rose pedals on your bed when she comes over for the first time is cupcaking. You don’t need to add any extras. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re hitting it right.

1. Stamina- Listen, I’ve had times where little Reema’s where everywhere after minutes of having sex. I get it. Sometimes you just can’t control it. You want that to be the exception not the rule. One of the easiest ways to increase your stamina is to do a cardio. Cardio helps your breathing. Another trick is to let the mattress do some of the work for you. Just pushing down on the mattress will make her move up and down. Stamina includes changing positions AT LEAST once. That will give you a little break plus make everything last a little longer.

2. Never Complain About Pleasing Her- A lot of guys do something sexual and expect something in return. This kills any type of happiness she gets from having you do these things. You want to do this without expectations because she will respect you even more and will do anything and everything to please you.

3. Dirty Talk- Adding a little dirty talk is going to keep everything hot. You don’t have to go crazy and act like you’re trying out for the next porn star. Don’t be afraid to get a little aggressive and pull some hair. Even a little choking will do the trick.

Before I forget no edible underwear. Don’t hit me up asking if it’s cool to wear a candy g-string. That’s extremely moist. Remember you want to be a man about everything you do. Also, no eating the first time. That’s screams thirsty. I know that’s a big thing right now. A lot of you go straight to eating. Don’t worry you have time to do that. The point is to leave her satisfied and excited for more. Use these easy tips and you will have her wanting you all day/every day. Go get laid Emoji

Afterthought: Women are more in tune with body language than men. This is why when I’m talking to a girl, I take my time and focus the conversation on her. If you see how that will translate to sex, it shows women I will take my time and make sure she’s satisfied.  Also, women are more sexual than you think they are. They will go out of their way to sleep with you if they know you’re good in bed. 


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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13 Responses to Are You Hitting It Right?

  1. Haha! You are hilarious! You lost me for a sec on #1. I have no desire to picture little reemas! There’s no real correlation btw beong good with conversation and being good in bed, but it’s a nice illusion that WILL score points.

  2. I think they do go together because having good conversation basically makes you’re a good communicator and that will help you greatly in bed….

    Don’t hate on little reemas

    • I see your point, but it just isn’t the case. Best lover I ever had had poor verbal communication. But he sure spoke my body language. Lol. Now, for a woman like me who loves words and language, a man who can converse and stimulate me mentally is already winning, to an extent. And then I’ll IMAGINE that his lovemaking skills are on point. But, hey, ya never know!

      • Women are emotional so knowing the right things to ask and how to play on those emotions will help you. Certain questions and even some dancing/touching will let him know what you like. I did say body language. You always say the same thing as me differently

        • Really??? I do? Hmm. Got you. And yes, if you’re a skilled listener, you can get a woman to open up, etc, and learn what she likes and do what it takes to please her. How often it goes down like that is a different story. And most men I’ve met aren’t great at conversing. Sucky.

  3. Kui Gee says:

    Tru dat but some women suck in bed..for example lazy sometimes if you are woman and u losing your man need to do something in bed some little creativty from you makes it more exciting.Agree with your points Reema especially on cardio its the best. You can hit it all the way she wants all night.

  4. R1J2 says:

    For stamina, the kegal exercises are awesome. Aka “deer exercise” as it’s known in eastern practices. I believe socialkenny has some thing to say about this somewhere…

  5. bossymoksie says:

    I liked what you said about women paying attention to body language. The first few encounters with a guy tells me a lot of how he will be, not only in bed, but in a relationship. If he’s super aggressive, or thirsty in my first few interactions with him, then I know what to expect. Same if he’s patient or confident, or listens or can give and take in a conversation or in general.

    “For example, having rose pedals on your bed when she comes over for the first time is cupcaking. You don’t need to add any extras. ” this made me literally lol, preach

  6. The way men act right now, playing it cool is the best way to go. You will stand out much more. Women will thirst trap you if you’re not on top of your game.

    haha I can laugh at this right now but I’ve had many times were I was doing way too much cup caking.

  7. I had a person eat it on the first night I didn’t think he was thirsty, but our chemistry was crazy. We left the party early. But the guy who ate my ass on the first night was very thirsty and I asked him to do it just to see what he was willing to do. I also had my fave sex partner call me lazy which I think is funny cause we have amazing sex. Another guy showed me that sex doesn’t always have to e marathon because I have other shit to do so at some point I lose interest in making him nut which is selfish. I am terrible sex partner lol.

    Body language is important, to me confidence is sexy but cocky/aggressive is not. I don’t like being grabbed or persuaded. 70% of the time I already know if I want it or not.

  8. hahahaha that’s the exact definition of thirsty. His face is probably in the dictionary.

    That is selfish. C’mon you can do better than that

    Confidence is like your foundation. I’ve had women come over to my place, get naked and not have sex. When I got aggressive it didn’t work. When I used balance and just played it cool (confidence) we had sex. You can still be cocky with some women you just need the balance

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