Jim Crow 2.0…What The Trayvon Martin Case Means For Black People Moving Froward

First off I have to give my condolences to the Martin family. I can’t imagine how it feels to lose a son. With that said, it’s time to wake up Black people. No one should be surprised that Zimmerman got off. As soon as I saw that the jury was going to be all White, I already knew what was going down. We all know this case was just done to put on a show. The prosecution clearly didn’t go at Zimmerman as hard as they could have. The prosecution “star” witness was a walking stereotype. Fat, sassy, ghetto and can’t talk. That’s all the jury needed to see. The defense played right into those stereotypes. They even had a Black woman on the defense team laughing and joking with Zimmerman during the trial. Game recognize game dominate society. Putting that 34-year-old intern on the team was clearly game. You guys did a great job. All the Black people trying to defend her please kill yourself. I don’t want to hear how this was a come up. Come up from what? She’s not even a lawyer. She’s an intern at a law firm. We’re playing checkers and the dominate society is playing chess. The game is very real right now. This is the new Jim Crow. A message is being sent to Black people right now. The game is so deep that a lot of us don’t even realize what’s going on. You have to remember the new thing to do is to just deny racism still exist. Racism what’s that? The President is Black how could we be racist? You guys have Oprah, Jay-z, Rappers and Athletes. Again, that’s chess. These people are paraded around for everyone to see. This makes Black people think they’re doing better than they really are. When the 13th Amendment was passed in December 1865, Black people owned 1/2 of 1% of all the wealth in America. 148 years later we STILL OWN 1/2 of 1% of all the wealth in America. Pulling our resources together is a must! I don’t see anyone talking about this. It’s going to take a real group effort for Black people in America to not be treated as second class citizens. So what can Black people do? I have a few suggestions.

1. Practice Group Economics- Black people in this country have major spending power. We spend billions of dollars every year with people who don’t have our best interest in mind. It comes down to Black people not trusting other Black people. A Black person will give their money to anyone else but another Black people. This comes back to the different strokes syndrome a lot of Blacks suffer from. You really don’t want to be independent; you just want to be accepted. Black people will brag about being the first Black person at their job, neighborhood, and country club. That’s that old slave mentality; that White daddy complex. That’s some real sick shit we have not gotten over. Independence over acceptance.

2. Open Our Own Schools- This is very important for Black people in America to better themselves. Education is A MUST. Education is your foundation. We have a lot of parents that are ok with just sending their kids to school and letting the school babysit. This is one of the main reasons why Black children are being railroaded into special education programs. A lot of people don’t know that the school gets extra money for every child in special education. The school doesn’t have any incentive to take your child out of special education. Having a child in special ed that doesn’t need it messes with their self esteem. They will always think something is wrong with them even though they are perfectly fine.  With having our own schools, we can control what our children learn and who teaches them. Also, parents need to be more involved.

3. Have Our Own Distribution Outlets- Black people need to control the images people see of us. I just read about a recent study that showed Black children have low self-esteem from watching TV. Is anyone surprised by this? When you turn on television, all you see are Black people doing dumb shit. The hot topic right now is the myth of Black on Black crime. The dominate society keeps saying Black people should be more concerned with Black on Black crime. If Zimmerman was Black, no one would care. This is clearly just another deflection tactic. I get why the dominate society is doing this. What kills me is Black people are actually believing this shit. I hear Black people saying, “We are killing each other so that’s a big problem.” Kill yourself for saying that. What the dominate society doesn’t tell you is that 84% of White people killed every year are killed by other Whites. I don’t see everyone going crazy over this. Is that now considered White on White crime? Every race kills each other at the same rates. You only hear about Black people. Crime is bad and I’m not defending it in any way. All I’m saying is to not fall for the Jedi mind trick Black people. Recognize the game for what it is. Even when the dominate society talks about this case, you notice they always have a Black person cooning it up. They put them in front of the camera to talk real crazy about other Black people. A lot of Black people are scared right now. They’re scared to challenge the dominate society. They think if they coon it up, they will be accepted. We need our own distribution outlets so we challenge all this stuff. With the negative images of Black people in this country, what White person can’t kill a Black person and say that their life wasn’t in danger?

What we have to remember is that this is not about hating another group of people. I don’t want anyone using this to justify any hate. Other groups know what’s going on. Some speak up, some don’t. It’s not their job to wake us up to it. We have to do it ourselves. Until we take these steps, nothing is going to get better. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worst. Black people what are you going to do about it?


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10 Responses to Jim Crow 2.0…What The Trayvon Martin Case Means For Black People Moving Froward

  1. I didn’t watch any othinkf the trial; only tuned in for the verdict. Had I watched, I probably wouldn’t have been so naive to believe the jury would at least convict him of manslaughter. The prosecution only took on this issue as a way to appease the public in the wake of protests and media backlash. Much of this country is in denial about race issues now, for some reasons you mentioned, and then some. As a black woman (you know, the majority of us black folks are the ones who black folks are the ones who believe both the murder and the verdict were unjust) with sons, I see it first-hand. Plus, I’m awake – not sleeping.

    Good suggestions. I think a lot of us who are conscious, upwardly mobile, etc., are also self-centered. Focused on what WE have to do – for ourselves, for our families, etc on a day-to-day basis, until we are confronted with issues like the death of Trayvon. And when we leave the hood, we don’t necessarily reach back in productive ways. For years I’ve supported with donations to a youth organization, I’m an AIDS advocate (black communities hardest hit) so I fundraise, etc, but can I do more? Yes.

    It starts with changing our minds and actions on an individual level, and definitely with redirecting our dollars, and educating our children. It’s a difficult task with so many forces working against that, but you know where change starts. ..

  2. I don’t think the majority of the country is in denial. They know what’s up but the new thing is just to deny it exist. Trying to convince people about racism is a waste of time. Believe me they know.

    People of all races/nationalities were not ok with the verdict. It’s just crazy that the media doesn’t talk about that. This is why we need our own networks so we can control what is reported about us.

    You can still focus on yourself to get what needs to be done. You can also support other people who look like you. I support all Black business in my neighborhood and wherever I go. Every other group works with their own to get things done. I will use the gay community for example. They wanted certain gay rights bills passed and what did they do. They ORGANIZED to get this done. They had different fund raisers for the president and other law makers. Letting them know if you want our vote this is what we need from you. Black people voted for Obama just because he was Black and what has he down for Black people? Absolutely nothing. You have to bring something to the table to sit at the table. We have no economic base to make any power moves. Zimmerman was able to get his defense paid for overnight just with donations from other Whites. Even though they know what he did was wrong they still supported him.

    • I said “much of the country.” And I believe that. Agree to disagree. As far as who disagreed with the verdict, just based on start I’ve read and witnessed first hand – in my predominately white community, in my work place, social networks, media (including black outlets) I also believe the country is largely divided over the verdict along racial lines. Agree to disagree there too. As far as Zimmerman’s organization and monetary donations from non-blacks, you’re right.

  3. Yeah that makes sense. People that are thought weren’t racist were talking real reckless when the verdict came out. They were celebrating the death of a 17 year old. That was crazy to me. Until we have a real discussion about race relations you we still have a division. I also do think race is a big hustle. I already wrote about that before.

  4. serenityluv1 says:

    Thank you for this post!!! I totally agree with the entire post. But I am one of those who says we as a community need to stop killing each other over dumb shit but I have to admit I never thought about others does it too but its all wrong. Im so tired of black people making an ass of themselves just to feel accepted. Wake up they are not accepting you but laughing at your ignorance…

    • It’s definitely wrong, I’m with you 100% with that. My thing is dusty dudes and hoodrats really can’t be saved. We can’t have them bring us down. We have to separate our self from people like that. We have to start with the children. Those are the ones we can help break that cycle. If your dad is dusty, you definitely don’t have to be. This is why education is very important. The war on Black children is happening right now. ADHD, special education and school closing. 49 elementary schools in Chicago are being closed. That’s insane!!!

      See in this country Black people are represented by our worst. Dusty dudes and hoodrats represent Black people. People see a hood fight and think all Black people are like that. This is done for a reason. Prisons are making billions of dollars every year from labor. More prisons are being built every year and less schools are being built. The overall crime in this country is down so why are more prisons being built? Also, Black women are being sterilized in prisons all across the country. This shit is getting real.

  5. R1J2 says:

    As an outsider looking in from the inside, I’m still at loss for words, but I keep thinking, “this is the country I am hoping to one day call home?”

    What people forgot was Zimmerman started all this. Martin was standing his own ground. He is our generation’s Emmett Till.

  6. This is becoming a world wide thing. The rest of the world sees the hypocrisy with America. We go to other countries telling them they need to treat their people a certain why and we have Black people not being treated correctly.

    Trayvon Martin being killed was a modern day lynching. If you’re Black in our neighborhood you will be killed and the killer will get away with it.

  7. bossymoksie says:

    Wow! Preach it Reema. All great suggestions. I also avoided the trial. Everyone thought that just because the jury were all mothers that Zimmerman would be convicted. But I argued, they’re all white mothers, they won’t identify their sons with Trayvon. That was just a sad reality check, one that most are ignoring. And I agree that race is a hustle. When did you write about that?

  8. Good point…a lot of people forget that the dominant society does things with zero emotion. We thought using the emotion of it being a young boy, that would change things. The dominant society just doesn’t work that way. The Trayvon thug stories are still coming out. You notice how they never interview any of Trayvon’s class mates. Not one person that knew him or went to school with him was interviewed.

    Here it is https://reemachronicles.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/the-race-hustle-and-how-it-affects-your-game/

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