The Easiest Way To Sleep With Her!….More On Closing The Deal With Women

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Before I get into the game, my condolences go out to everyone affected by the Boston bombing. I have a few friends in Boston and thankfully everything is ok with them. For all the people throwing conspiracy theories around, kindly kill yourself. No one cares about that right now. People are concerned with their families, Boston and the victims. You can start attention whoring in a couple of weeks. Ok, let me get into some game. This technique is actually really simple. The easiest way to get her to sleep with you is to want sex less than she does. The reason why a lot of guys have difficulty sleeping with women is because they’re too thirsty. The thirst can happen to the best of us. I totally understand. I always tell the story of the time I brought a girl home and I just had condoms chillen on the coffee table. That just killed the vibe and I never seen/spoke to that girl again. I laugh when I think about it because how thirsty are you to just have condoms on your coffee table haha. I don’t want you guys to make the same mistake I did. The only way you’re going to have sex with ATTRACTIVE women on a consistent basis is to have this mentality. All women want a challenge. All women like men who have a I don’t give a fuck vibe. This is why I had a lot of success in the dating game. Women would chase after me. Also, I would say shit because I thought it was funny and I didn’t care about impressing women. The same goes for not asking for her phone number. Women wanted me because that made it seem like I didn’t care if we ever met again. You can show interest but that doesn’t mean sweat them. That doesn’t mean talk to women like you MUST get her number and take her home. You have to relax and let women come to you. Let women think about you. Let women worry about whether you’re going to ask for their number. Let them worry about if you’re going to have sex with them. Once you do that, the rest is easy breezy.

Afterthought: Don’t ask me how to act like you don’t care. You can fake it to you make it but that’s corny when you really think about it. You want to actually not care. Your true colors will always show in the end.



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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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14 Responses to The Easiest Way To Sleep With Her!….More On Closing The Deal With Women

  1. bossymoksie says:

    If a guy acts (or truly isn’t) like he isn’t thirsty, then the girl starts to think that she has to do other things to get you to desire her then just show up looking pretty. That or she’ll become insecure about her physical desirability and then try to seduce you ASAP for validation. Win win either way.
    And when a guy acts like ‘ he doesn’t care’ it’s more about not caring about approval from her or anyone else and it makes him seem confident, which is always attractive!

    • You really have to just not be thristy. You can act that way but the truth will come out. You might get to hit it but if you want something more, that won’t work. Also, not looking for approval from women is big. Too many guys brown-nosing with women right now

  2. Kui Gee says:

    yeah i agree.its like you always have sex with the ones you don.t give a fuck about.when it comes to women not wanting anything sexual from her,its lyk she not desirable and like bossy said she has to do the work and her work is your reward.less is more –

    • You just don’t give a fuck about sex. A lot of guys let sex be the end all be all so that’s all they think about. That’s why the thirst comes out. If you don’t care about having sex that will show in your actions and that will actually make her want to have sex. That doesn’t mean act like you’re not attracted to her.

  3. cocomama81 says:

    No words needed for this one. You said it all!!!! Guys who act too thirsty are the ones I say “get off my tit” too. Can’t do them at all…

  4. Condoms on the coffee table is HILARIOUS. A man who is upfront about his intentions and has his actions match his words is one who makes me go “hmmmm.” He also has to be patient and not overly pressed. As far as the commenter who mentioned women needing to do more than just showing up looking pretty, that’s a given for a certain caliber of woman.

    • haha I still remember that night like it was yesterday. Like you said, you can make your intentions known just be patient. I wasn’t patient with the condoms. I know just keep them in my room and just get one when the time is right!

      • Yes that’s key. Let me know what’s up (confidence), then show me you’re willing to (at least pretend to) play it my way. Lol. And no, I don’t believe in stringing ppl along. Too funny

  5. Emilie says:

    You’re so right. It’s almost scary how you put down everything that’s been in my mind.
    Does this I don’t give a fuck attitude work on men too ?

  6. It does but not on the type of men you would be looking for. Simps will continue to roll out the red carpet if you push them away. The more you push, the more they will simp because they think that will win you over. Someone who is true to the game is going to charge you if you’re pushing them away. Men like cooperation.

    • There’s a difference between pushing a man away and having them be patient or saying you’re not quite ready to go where they wanna go. Yet. And then there’s honesty in simply saying you’re not interested in the same way they are. A man who thinks you’re worth it will court you and wait unless he feels he has no chance whatsoever. Trust and believe.

      • Courting? Women don’t want to be courted. Just like women don’t want to be chased. I call that simp bait. Only simps court and chase. A man with real options has no reason to court women or chase women. He has his pick of quality women and will pick the one who is most cooperative to his upgrade. If you don’t get with him another women who is equal or better will. That’s just how it works for someone with options. The average guy doesn’t really understand his options so he just focuses on one woman at a time and that’s all he does. That’s why his energy is thirsty and it hurts him.

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