Why You Can’t Get Or Keep A Good Man. Game For Women Reema Edition

It’s about that time again where I break down some game for the women. I’m all about equal game opportunity so I love doing this. Women always ask me, “Why can’t I keep a man?” “Why do men just want to bang me and not wife me up?” “What am I doing wrong?” Those are all valid questions. Now before I get into a few reasons why, you have to make sure you are at least a 7 in the looks department. Anything below that and you’re not wifeable to a man who is true to the game. If you are at least a 7, he will have no problem upgrading you to dime status. You can reference here if you want to see where you stand. I know a lot of women have a false swag with the rise of hyena ass dudes but you really need to look yourself in the mirror. Let’s fuck comments on instagram or having a lot of guys twimping on your twitter doesn’t count. I digress on that. Ok, let’s get into some game. I’m going to give you reasons why you can’t get or keep a good man. If you’re doing anything of this, STOP immediately.

1. You Get Game From The Losing Team- I see this happening to women on a daily basis. A lot of you get dating advice from women with messed up relationships or man less, who try to bring you down with them. You listen to women who have run their course. Nothing they tell you has worked for them and it definitely won’t work for you. They project all that bitterness on to you. They’re just mad because they couldn’t use that game that you can use. Misery loves company. Don’t fall for that. You need to get some good game so you can know how to effectively deal with men. Forget your co-worker who married a simp. Forget your friend who hasn’t had a dude in years. All that shit doesn’t count. This is about you upgrading your game.

2. You Hang Around Hoodrats- This is a big reason why you can’t get a meet a quality guy. This is more for the Black women. A lot of you get put into a hoodrat bag. There’s this whole stereotype that Black women in general are hoodrats and that’s just not true. We all know it’s not true. The problem is a lot of Black women try to protect hoodrats. When a man says he doesn’t date hoodrats, it turns into he doesn’t like Black women and you’re misogynistic. No, I just don’t fuck with hoodrats. See quality men stay away from dusty dudes, simps and tricks. We get offended if you compare us to them. Protecting hoodrats is a big mistake a lot of you make. Separate yourself from all hoodrats. Charge your hoodrat friends to the game.

3. You Have A Broke Mentality- Perfect example of this is women who go on a date and take food to go. Please STOP doing that. I don’t even want to hear you were taught not to waste food. That’s that low-budget mentality. That’s not going to work if you are trying to make a GOOD impression. Just like you look at certain things, men look at certain things. This has nothing to do with being shallow. Everyone has certain things they look for and a quality dude won’t seriously date a woman with a low-budget mentality. I’ve gone out with women who declined to take food home. I’ve also been out with women who were like, “Yes wrap this out. I’ll take some ranch and hot sauce.” I knew they were low-budget after that. For a lot of women, getting a free meal is a come up. You’re use to guys just banging you so the free meal is your trophy. That’s why you want to bring it home. Charge that broke mentality to the game.

4. You’re Banging Dusty Dudes- A lot of women like to talk shit but you sleep with openly dusty dudes. Then you pretend you didn’t know he was like that. I understand there is a certain attractiveness for a rebellious type of guy. The guy who is spontaneous and doesn’t play by any rules. The problem with this is that the same thing that made you attracted to him, is what makes him not compatible for a relationship. He’s never going to play by any rules. You’re going to have to make a choice. Do you want a stable guy who is going to be there in the long run? Or do you want to bang dusty dudes and complain about not finding a good man? The choice is yours.

5. You Have Male Friends- I’ve said this a million times already and I’m going to keep saying it. Ladies, YOU DON’T HAVE MALE FRIENDS! Joey that talks to you on the phone and comes over to hangout wants to bang you. But let’s keep it 100 here. You know your male friends want to bang you. You get off on the attention. I think that’s played out but it is what it is if you want to stay single. Call your “male friend” and invite him over for sex. That will tell you everything you need to know. No real man in his right mind is going to be ok with his girl hanging around a bunch of guys that she KNOWS wants to bang her. It’s disrespectful. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want your dude hanging around a bunch of women that wanted to bang him.

Use all these tips to your advantage ladies. A lot of you are just missing minor things to really get the relationship you’re looking for. This will 100% get you where you need to be. Until we meet again…


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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35 Responses to Why You Can’t Get Or Keep A Good Man. Game For Women Reema Edition

  1. Kui Gee says:

    hey man, i been read a lot of your articles and so interesting .i came across this master your look article where you mentioned about the Reema hawk and i am just curious how does it look like

    • Kui Gee what’s good with you playa? How’s college treating you?

      The reema hawk was a mo hawk but it was only the top. The rest of it was a fade. I don’t wear that cut anymore though. I switch between a low fade, bald head and light cesar. I also wear facial hair now. It’s all about just switching it up and not having the same look. Just find what work for you

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    LMAO! Um Sir, I am not low budget if I want to take my food to go. LOL! Just kidding…I will do that now because we are damn near married but as much as I don’t like wasting food…something about asking for a to go box on a first date make me feel thirsty…Like damn baby is this your only meal type feeling. But if he says let me get you a to go box then it’s okay because he might be that type that don’t want to waste his money and I can respect that… as long as this doesn’t turn into his ass being low budget or cheap!

    • I don’t think wanting a to go box has anything to do with saving money. How much food are you really taking home? Some of you are taking home 5 fries and two bites of a cheeseburger? I don’t know serenity. The nicer places don’t even give you a lot of food to begin with. You won’t even have anything to take home.

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    Also with women taking other women advice…that’s a number 1 FAILURE! Women especially black women, yes I said it, is prone to knock your game. They can be like crabs in a pot pulling each other down. If they think you might come out on top and they are unhappy, miserable, dickless then they will give you straight up negative advice….SOME OF THEM. You have to know who you can talk to and who you can not…every time you got to your girl-friend she should not always be negative.
    I just don’t really indulge in deep conversations with my female friends…because one she can’t tell me about MY man and two I don’t need her all up in business like that because the decisions I make in my relationship only I will have to live with them. Unless she is a very dear friend who has a successful relationship and I really trust her I might listen to her thoughts and go from there.

    • Knowing who to get advice from is very important. I see a lot of women listening to women who really have no business giving dating advice. You’re a jump-off to multiple dudes. I don’t think you know much about relationships. You have two kids by two different dudes and both dads are dusty. I don’t think you know much about relationships. I wouldn’t take dating advice from a guy that’s girl looked like precious. What is he going to tell me that works? People know my girl is fly so when I tell them about women, it makes sense. Also, I would say that Black men are bigger haters than Black women.That’s for another day though.

    • bossymoksie says:

      Yeah, you have to be careful where you get your advice when it comes to girls. They can be passive aggressive haters, or sometimes give dumb advice that they would do that gets them into trouble!

  4. Kui Gee says:

    am good man .long tym right..u know i was busy with some stuff and of course putting the game into practice.Now i really know when you say the game is about 100% co-operation. anthr tip is like dealing with non dimes is a waste of
    tim.Another idea which is crap is becoz one thinks got game and becomes so damn thirsty-ie shit a man true to the game knows that if a girl is not co operatin u are wasting tìme.Good game Reema keep posting

    • I wouldn’t say messing with a non dime is a waste of time. It all depends on what you’re looking for. For just something to bang, I would not go below a 7. For something to wife up, I would not go below a 8. You might actually meet a cool 7 that is just a small upgrade away from a dime status. This is where your game has to come in as a man. You have to be able to know which women are worthy of your game. That’s where the cooperation part comes in.

      • Kui Gee says:

        i agree with wat u say, however when i say non dimes are a a waste of time i mean that most of them tend to be flakey and even if you bang they tend to be clingy.Am defining a dime in terms of character , more than looks . what i realised man is that most girls like to give the thought of sex wanting you to chase them hard and when you chase you never hit it.

  5. bossymoksie says:

    I agree with you on most of these. I used to defend some of my drama/crazy girls back in the day because I thought they were fun and deep deep down, were good people. But people think you are just like them just because you roll with them, which was annoying. It didn’t ruin my dating game, but eventually it was their drama and trying to bring me down in other ways that ruined our ‘friendship’. Shoulda got rid of them sooner.
    I’m with Serenity though and have to disagree on that food though! Even some of the nice places have pretty big portions and I can only eat about half of what most restaurants serve. So if it’s really good, I am taking it home for breakfast or after sex food! (And I also hate to cook, so that’s one less meal I have to make, lol)

  6. bossymoksie says:

    But I get what you are saying about acting ‘thirsty’ on a date and bringing food home. You can’t act like the most exciting part of the date was that you got a free meal (or two). Even if it was the most exciting part of the date, which happens sometimes.
    Also, you could write a book on #4. So many women do this!

  7. cocomama81 says:

    Preach on number 5. We like the attention or some of us are just extremely niave. I was once… then my ex said “woman please. The moment you blink he will be in your pants”. Now that the ex and I have split I see jand KNOW ust that.

  8. Yeah I keep stressing that to women. I meet a lot of attractive single women who hang around a bunch of male “friends” and don’t get why men don’t approach them or take them serious. My girl has one male friend and he’s gay.

  9. I definitely agree with #1. I’ve gotten advice from a friend who constantly lies to whoever her man is. No bueno. Can’t relate to numbers 2, 3, and 4 although 3 is HILARIOUS! (Give me some ranch and hot sauce to go please. Lmaooooo!!) I know #5 is a hot button issue for women, and I always protested the issue of not having male friends BUT truthfully, no matter how long I’ve known male friends, or how many women they’ve had after me (if they’re an ex) they would leap at the chance! Of course, as with anything, there are exceptions.

  10. Yup, I know a few people doing the same! HAHA NO FOOD TO GO! See the thing with male friends is that no one is honest. He wants to bang you but says he’s your friend. You know he wants to bang you but you say he’s your friend. Unless he’s gay, dated a family member/friend or you’re not attractive, he’s not your friend.

    • That’s not true. I’ve had my male friends tell me their intentions. Even ask (in the past) “when you gon drop that lame ass dude and give me some” or come home to daddy – or whatever. But they also respect whatever boundaries I put in place and they know I’m loyal. You can have a friend you don’t see in years but you know anytime you dial that number they’re gonna answer, and be there. Its not always about attention either. NOW I also wanna add, if you’re a woman in a relationship and your male friends are your go-to people theres trouble in paradise. In a strong partnership, your MATE is your go-to person, even in disagreements.

      • That’s not your friend though. He’s your friend because he’s not hitting it. If you’re telling a girl you want to hit it you’re not really her friend. You’re going to play the friend role until you get your chance. Which usually never happens. Being around guys that you know what to bang you is not being loyal. That’s actually disrespectful because you’re putting yourself in a uncomfortable position. Why even hang out with them?

        I do agree that friends can not see each other and talk on the reg. People move so that makes sense.

        • I read one male relationship “expert” view that all men have motives with their female friends and consider them a resource (sex, money, etc). I don’t fully disagree with that bc it works the other way around too, the difference being that while a female will consider it completely platonic and have no sexual intentions, he will bide his time while playing his role. I don’t disagree. Do u think its wrong for men to hv fem frnds?

      • I couldn’t reply to your last comment, but I have to disagree. And I didn’t necessarily say “hanging around them. ” that’s why I made the comment that you could go lengths of time not seeing a friend and still consider them a friend. I’m not condoning being in a relationship and creeping with male friends on the low. (Although we are all capable of doing certain things when we feel our partner is giving us a reason.) I agree with you there. I can’t comment on the not my friend because he’s not hitting it without being revealing so I’ll leave that alone! But you’re wrong. Lol. Good food for thought.

      • I’ve been friends with women strictly because they would hook me up with their friends so that part makes sense. As far as men having female friends, the same rules apply. Men don’t have female friends either. Either he’s banging her, wants to or banging her friends. The only exceptions are the ones I spoke about before.

        • Agree to disagree although i get your points. Relationships within opposite sex are established under different circumstances and I see no reason to discard them solely based on gender if its platonic. Admittedly my view is unreliable in a sense because i wouldnt date a man who told me his best friend was a woman, even if we did couple things. And – in honesty, I can’t name a “close” male friend who is not on some level interested. (Ok!) I guess you have a limit on the amount of comments readers can make in the same thread.

          • I’m not saying to disregard them if it’s platonic. Men and women are strictly friends. It’s just very rare and you just admitted the same thing. Plus you wouldn’t date a guy with a female best friend. haha you’re saying the same thing as me.

            All the setting are defaults. I actually didn’t know I had a limit. I just fixed it because I know how much you LOVE going back and forth with me 🙂

            • Well good re first point of not disregarding friendships just based on gender. I’m not willinh too. I know I contradict myself on this in a sense but I have my reasons! Lol
              And good re changing settings. Geesh. I just started a post about this.

  11. lol this was tooo funny!!!

  12. annie says:

    I saw this site in an ad and became curious. Tapped it. Very impressed! on point…. As a female, I appreciate you stating the facts. There’s a lot of, for lack of better words, jackasses out there. So kudos to whomever u are!!! have a good one

  13. thanks annie! Feel free to come back and chop up game with us

  14. The Very Real Answer says:

    Well many women are Certainly To Blame for this one since there so Very Picky and want a man with a Very Large Bank Account Today, Especially The Very High Maintenance Ones.

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