Just A Reema Rant

I want to address the whole thing with rappers wearing dresses and skirts. A lot of people see this and think, “Whatever! Rappers being rappers”. For me, it’s never that easy. I always look at things with my third eye of game (future post). When something is being pushed as cool and trendy, we have to recognize it. This dress thing is a way to reduce masculinity in young Black men. This moist agenda that is being pushed on Black men is crazy. I know some people will say this is a conspiracy theory, but let’s look at history. The Black population has always been controlled, particularly Black men. To control the Black population you have to control Black men. You have to control how and where they procreate. Around 1790 the Black population was the largest it ever was. The “elite” had to come up with ways to control this. Mass incarceration, sterilization and just killing off Black folks. With what we know about this country, I don’t think it’s crazy to say the elite are coming up with more ways to stop the Black male population from growing. What better way than to use Hip-Hop. See back in the day Hip-Hop was anti establishment. Now Hip-Hop is used by the establishment. Everything rappers do, everyone in the streets do. Rappers say they’re poppin Molly’s, everyone is poppin Molly’s. What we have in our community is dictated by rappers and rappers are dictated by a group of people in a room. Do not get it twisted. Remember when rappers started sagging on some street shit. That got feminized to sagging skinny jeans. Now I see men that can’t walk because they’re sagging skinny jeans. And they have their ass all out. Shit looks fucken ridiculous. I recently read the Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and she talked about this. What’s crazy is that her book came out over 20 years ago. She predicted all of this would happen. She said men with step out of the sagging pants and start wearing dresses. That’s exactly what is happening. For my younger dudes, don’t wear any damn dress or skirt. That shit is not cool or mackish. If you’re gay, be gay. If you’re gay and want to wear a dress, do your thing. Put some leggings under it. I don’t really care. I’m talking to my straight dudes. I digress.


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32 Responses to Just A Reema Rant

  1. aneroidocean says:

    gotta agree on the saggy skinny jeans. one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen that’s been pervasive

  2. I read the Isis Papers back in the early 90’s. I’m glad you mentioned it. I need a fresh copy. Yea rap music promotes more than immasculating our men. Think: misogyny, drug and alcohol abuse, oversexualization and degradation of women, etc. It’s poisonous to the youth. I listen to it sometimes, but I also decode it for my kids. It’s important to teach them critical thinking skills.

    • The Isis papers is a serious book. One of my favorites. Dr. Frances talks some real shit. As far as the misogyny, oversexualization and degrading of women, women like up to be in those videos. They have no problem being looked at like that so I can’t really get on the rap game for that. Women have a choice.

      I use to listen to it a lot more when it was actually music. Now the popular songs are coonish.

      • I’m not talking about the women in the videos. I’m talking about all women (the average girl doesn’t aspire to be a video vixen). Your response is focused on a very narrow slice of the population. Hip hop and its negative messages and imagery have GLOBAL implications. Lets think bigger here.

      • Hip-Hop is the least of the Black communities worries if we’re talking on a global scale. The image of hip hop globally is not a negative one. I do agree that the average girl doesn’t aspire to be a video girl.

        • Isn’t reducing black mens masculinity a global issue? Doesn’t that, and negative imagery impact the way ” the rest of the world sees us? Doesn’t the oversexualization of women- by way of lyrics and imagery, impact cultural norms (the way people dress and behave, as you mentioned) impact future generations? (Women give birth to babies – which also ties in to the immasculation of black men.) I could write an essay on this.

          I see it from a different perspective than you do, which is cool. The post is good food for thought.

        • I agree that hip hop is only one tool, but it’s hella effective. Excuse all grammatical errors. I’m on my phone.

      • It’s not a global issue. I’ve been to different countries all over the world and people are mad cool. They love Black people. They don’t look down on Black people. They know about real African history and what we have done for the world. A lot of Black Americans have no idea about real Black history. All they know about is civil rights and slavery. They don’t even care to know. They base their information on what they see in the media and what “rappers do”. Which is the worst thing to do because a small group of people are controlling that information. I know the game so I don’t internalize that shit. A lot of Black people don’t even know when they’re being dissed. This is why Black people love movies like The Blind side and The Help. Black Americans have been bullshitting for way too long. I talk about about it here https://reemachronicles.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/black-people-with-different-strokes-syndrome/

      • bossymoksie says:

        Reema, rappers also have a choice about what to rap about.They either choose to sell out and say what the big wigs want them to, or they are too ignorant to know better. And they enjoy the status, money and attention they get for it and they have no problems with it!
        Same with the video ho’s/groupies. They choose to sell their bodies or are too ignorant to know that they can find attention and worth somewhere else. Mainstream rap is doing both the sexes wrong.

      • I agree with the choices part. I was just saying that people should see the game for what it is.

  3. mp11312 says:

    Very good point man. Someone has to step up and stop this stuff. Our young kids have to have better trends and role models to follow.

  4. Socialkenny says:

    Rappers wearing dresses and skirts?

    I never seen this.

    Well actually, that’s probably because I haven’t watched a rap video since 2001 when Rap died. But honestly though, I never heard of this, rappers in dresses.

    If you can provide a link to a video of that, that would be helpful.

  5. I try to do my best. A lot of young kids don’t have any men to really break the game down for them. They actually think a lot of that shit is real. We need these fathers to step up.

  6. I couldn’t comment on our initial thread (maybe there’s a comment limit), but you raise a great point. I was talking to a career military person recently (almost 25 years) and he expressed the same sentiment. He said (pointing to the skin on his hand) “with this, you can go anywhere in this world and you will be okay.” It’s refreshing to see your expression of the same. I hear from women mostly that when traveling abroad, that people are surprised that they don’t either look and act like Beyonce, Madea (someone i know recently had this experience), a video vixen, etc. I guess their perspective isn’t broad enough either. I also have a Jamaican friend who married a German and moved to Switzerland. Her life over there in some ways is hell, because of blatant racism (they have a racist party). In that case, I wouldn’t say it has anything to do with hip hop, or negative stereotypes of black women that are perpetuated globally, but I’m saying you can go some places with black skin and have your life be made a living hell (on the street, in the workplace, in the markets – everywhere.

    I’m probably digressing, but I still think your comment “As far as the misogyny, oversexualization and degrading of women, women like up to be in those videos. They have no problem being looked at like that so I can’t really get on the rap game for that. Women have a choice” is limiting. And I still think negativity in hip hop, which shapes world culture believe it or not, has wider reaching negative implications than discussed here. But, it was just a REEMA RANT. I’ll keep my comments light going forward.


  7. You can leave any comments you want. This is an open forum for everyone to say what they want. Well, no trolling haha

  8. bossymoksie says:

    I’ve seen Kayne wearing a skirt but I thought it was just him being himself. I didn’t know it was trending! But Diddy (and Kayne) like to think that they’re fashion forward so it wouldn’t surprise me with them. But if others are following, that’s just weird.

    • Socialkenny says:

      @Bossy- Lol sam shit I was saying. I never seen Kanye nor any rapper wearing any skirts, but I would’ve figured it was a stunt or part of a skit for the video where he pretended to be a woman or something.

      • bossymoksie says:

        I’ve seen Kanye, maybe it’s a publicity stunt. He likes attention and his relationship with Kim is boring, baby or no. He was not doing a skit or a joke though, he was stepping out and the papps got him. I just thought he wanted attention or wants us to think he’s high fashion.

    • Kanye is the ultimate attention whore

  9. bossymoksie says:

    Interesting thoughts.
    I do agree that rapper and rap are controlled by a few white CEO’s that are in charge. It makes lots money for blacks to talk about thuglife, blacks and whites (and everyone else in between) buy into it. It’s business. They are selling a mindset and some know it. JayZ alludes to it in some of his lyrics and I’m sure Kanye has as well. Anti-establishment rap is still made, it just doesn’t sell as well and most of the bigger record labels won’t touch it.

    I think the saggy pants are more emasculating than the skirts. Mainly because I read/heard that the saggy pants fashion started from prison jailmates and guys on the outside started copying them to seem hard. Even though I think they had saggy pants in jail because they aren’t allowed to have belts. What a dumb trend!

    The skirts seem more female but I know other cultures wear them, like in Scotland. (Don’t know why it started with them).

    I like rap, past and current. I just know not to take it seriously, it’s fun. They are talking bullshit mainly but I know that. Most others don’t. Anyways no one cares about fashion, especially high fashion, in more rural, suburban, or conservative cities and states. Urban areas are the only places where this will catch on, if it does at all.

    • Yeah a lot of indie guys still talk about real street. I was talking about the mainstream stuff that you see all the game

      I think the skirt/dress is worst because that’s not clothes for women. A dress is blatant. The sagging pants thing did start with the jail culture. When people leave jail, they bring all that stuff with them. Sagging pants was one of them. That was over 20 years ago. Guys should have been charged that to the game. I still can’t believe sagging is something people still do. If those guys were Scotish that would make more sense haha.

      Like you said, it’s fun and not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, a lot of people (Black people) don’t know how tell the difference. That’s why I wanted to address it. For anyone that thought about doing that, just know that shit is not cool.

  10. bossymoksie says:

    Can I also comment on the the whole ‘light skin girl fetish’ with rap music? If that isn’t a whitewashed message, I don’t know what is! All the rappers talking about getting with a lighter girl, or white girl, implying that its a better quality girl or something, or that they’ve made it when they can get one (or two or a dozen), which is a shame to me!
    Maybe when they were poor and unfamous they felt they couldn’t get one, but it just sends the wrong message and re-enforces (a racist message) that lighter skin is better!

  11. We all know when rappers go against the establishment and go against those elite few what happen to them – it’s the end. I so get you mate.

  12. Yes Sir! It’s just important for everyone to recognize certain things for what it is and not believe the hype.

  13. Word. What is up with it? I can’t stand it. It isn’t even a gay thing. It is really a way for black men to be a spectacle for the masses.

  14. I wrote this post over a year ago. It’s getting worst right now. A majority of the Black entertainers are pushing the skirt. You see someone else wearing it every day.

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