Charge All Negativity To The Game!

When I look at dudes who are not getting the women they want, they are all very negative. They’re negative about everything, not just women. They only focus on the bad things and how something will go wrong. If he’s not getting women, it’s because women are all sluts, fat, or only like guys with money. Anytime you try to put some positivity in the game, negative men will continue to tell you that game is not real or realistic. What you have to remember is that for every negative outcome, there is someone who overcame the same thing by staying positive. Part of the game is how you view yourself. If you few yourself as a loser, other people will. Confidence has always been a big part of the game. You never see attractive women around negative men. If she is, you don’t want her anyway so it doesn’t matter. Everyone that was around me when I was single (I love my wife), would always see a lot of attractive women around. When I go out, I go to have a great time. Everyone is laughing and not being negative. This is why women would approach me (again, I love my wife). Women like men who are fun and have a positive outlook on life. When you go out, I want you to look at the men with attractive women around. I guarantee they will all be laughing and having a good time. As long as you have fun and not focus on anything negative, attractive women will want to be around you. Women will constantly invite you out and introduce you to their friends. Let me give you a few tips to help you fix this part of your game:

1. Stay Away From Negative People- This is very important to getting away from that negative mentality. If you have people around who are always complaining, charge them to the game. When you’re around people like this, their bullshit will rub off on you. They are going to kill your chances of success. Your boy who says he doesn’t need game, fuck him. He’s not going to be happy for you anyway when you start getting good cooperation from women.

2. Don’t Trip on Shit You Can’t Control- A lot of guys like to get upset over shit they can’t control. I’m not 6ft tall, I have a small nose, and my hands are too big. You can’t do anything about this. Just shut up and stop crying. That is not going to change anything so get over it. Also, whining like this is so unmackish. It’s time to man up.

3. Turn The Negative Into A Positive- Anytime you’re out and something bad happens, try to turn it into a positive. You spill a drink all over your shit? Laugh it off and say it’s the new “in” thing. People pay you a lot of money for cranberry stained button shirts. As soon as you let it get to you, women will see this and stay away.

Remember, no one wants to deal with your negativity. Attractive women don’t want to be around men who are always complaining. Actually, no woman wants to be around a negative man. You might luck up on some hoodrats that will keep you around for free weed or something like that. Plus, complaining about women all the time is a loser move. It’s not their fault. I see a lot of guys complaining about a lack of quality women. This could be furthest from the truth. Step your game up, take responsibility and stay positive. You will increase your chances drastically. Until we meet again….


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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25 Responses to Charge All Negativity To The Game!

  1. aneroidocean says:

    “Step your game up, take responsibility and stay positive. You will increase your chances drastically”

    This stands true for so many things in life. It’s amazing the blinders/restrictions you put on yourself with your attitude and letting negative emotions run rampant.

    You’re always going to feel shitty sometimes or something is going to suck. Just like you’re going to get rejected by girls or fail at things. How you move forward is what’s important, not how you feel or what happened in that one moment. If you don’t look up from where you are currently mired, life will pass you right the fuck by.

  2. bossymoksie says:

    I just said this on Kenny’s blog, but the main thing that gets in a man’s way with women is himself. Just be confident and be able to handle your business. And yeah, girls love being around a guy who is having fun. Who wants to be around a downer? Girls want a good experience from a guy and you can give them a good one by having a good time yourself.
    And you’re right about staying away from negative people. It’s infectious. STAY AWAY.

  3. That’s 100% correct. The easiest way to get women to approach is to be having a good time. Every time I go out with my friends, women approach our group. EVERY SINGLE TIME. A lot of girls like to dance around us until we say something. Girl game is funny.

  4. R1J2 says:

    Men complain about having big hands? Really? I thought that would be an asset that, you know, tells women about your other asset, hah.

    As for failures, what has always helped me in the past in any area is to redefine what success is, and what failure is. Right now, as I learn to be better with women, I’ve temporarily redefined success from sex to just walking up and saying something. I’m only failing if I don’t approach. And if you’re starting out, that’s challenging enough. Eventually, I’ll redefine it to mean getting a date. Then 2nd date. Then make outs. Then dancing and groping and sloppy make outs (just kidding!). And so on, until one day… BAM! (Not kidding).

    • R1J2 says:

      I had meant to say that feeling like you have failed can lead to a lot of negitivity, spilled drink or rejection. So like you said, reframe the situation, and redefine success / failure.

    • I’m glad you’re trying to soak up the game. Appraoching is the hardest thing for a lot of guys because they have that fear of rejection. You won’t see any real success until you charge that shit to the game. Being rejected is not unique. EVERYONE has been rejected before. That’s why I keep stressing that you work on your confidence first. You have to focus on yourself first before you start getting at women. Also, approaching women in settings you feel comfortable in. If you’re into art, talk to women at the art galleries. Your knowledge of art will give you a certain level of confidence and women will sense that.

      When I first started, it was different for me than most men. I had no issues approaching women or getting dates. Failing to close the deal was always hard for me. Women would be in my bed ready for sex and I wouldn’t close the deal. I put my ego to the side and knew I had to make a change if I wanted a change. A lot of people talk about shit they want to do. Few actually do it. Keep me posted homie

  5. This advice applies to all aspects of life. A positive disposition is essential for success. I can attest to your point that positive, upbeat men (people in general) are more attractive. Also, be the type of person you want to attract.

  6. mp11312 says:

    Part of the reason I’m taking a break right now is because of my frustration at the moment honestly. I don’t want that to come off on anyone new that I may meet.

  7. I still find it hard to believe you can’t find a good woman. What’s going on in North Carolina?

    • I was recently in North Carolina and I see how that’s possible. But I’m using NY as a comparison point. I know someone who lives there and he complained too. The women are looking for men to pay their bills. And they mention their bills on the first date. And if you’re in a military town, forget it.

  8. Of course women are mentioning their bills. Tricking is at a all time high. What would you do? I can’t fault women for being about their money. This is why I say sometimes you have to charge your city to the game if you’re not getting what you want.

    I’m in New York so it’s a little bit different. You have more selection of women to choose from.

  9. cocomama81 says:

    Its just as hard to find a quality man down here but like you said, I dont let that get to me. I do have my moments and then I am back to the happy smiling all the time me. No potential candidate will be taking my joy. Charge it to the game.

    I am in a situational now where I let my hand be show just a little and now he will be charged off or reset. I havent determined just yet. Guess he will find out when I decide to hit him up. I could have let the circumstance sour me but for what… Not for a potential that I haven’t even vetted yet.

    • Just like I tell MP, you might have to just charge your city to the game and move somewhere else if you don’t like the prospects. You can travel to different places first to see what the vibe is like. Your game is always going to be more receptive to certain people.

      Sounds like you guys are just banging anyway. If you’re looking for more, I think you should charge him. The reset won’t work because you’ve always established certain things. It’s hard to switch it up. You’re better off just starting fresh with someone new.

      • coco says:

        He hasn’t even made it to a kiss let alone anything. Just talking. But to your point he has already been charged. I am not willing to jump thru hoops for another. As you say it cooperation is key at this point. If he isn’t with it I will keep it moving.

  10. Cooperation is always key. That’s what I try to stress to everyone in dating game. All you can do is put your best foot forward. Someone will want to get with you. Yes, you have certain ways to increase that.

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