Are You In Violation Of The Game? Man Up Part 7

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I haven’t done game rules in a minute so what better time than now. The last time I did game rules, it was the summer edition. The helped a lot of you step it up. Every few months though, certain things change and you have to adjust according. Let’s get into some game rules.

1. Have A Man Cave- I’m a big believer in having personal space. A man cave is generally a place to call your own. A place where you can go to be yourself and gather your thoughts. A man cave is also a mentality because any where can be your man cave. The gym, library, car when driving to work, etc. It’s important that you’re not always under your girl. A lot of men make this mistake. Now instead of handling business, you’re talking real housewives and love and hip hop. Maintain your man cave.

2. Take A Break From Online Dating- I’ve always said that online dating should NEVER be your primary source for meeting women. With the cat-fish epidemic, the online dating game is just not the same. People are making fake profiles and fake relationships. I didn’t think it was this bad. A lot of you are getting caught up in fake online relationships. It’s just not worth going through all of that. The women online are getting less and less bangable/wifeable. For someone who has had great success with online dating, it’s tough for me to say this. I met wifey online. You actually might have to go out and talk to women. (OMG how crazy)

3. Stop Getting Upset With Women You’re Not Banging- This is a major violation of the game. A lot of guys are belly aching over women you’re not banging. What part of the game is that? Some of you are “dating” women for weeks/months and arguing. You guys are asking me for help, then when I ask you have you hit it; It’s always the same thing. “Nah!” Immediately smack yourself! You should NOT be going through any stress with a woman you are not banging. Actually, you shouldn’t be stressing over any woman. No woman is above being charge to the game. I understand if you are in a marriage or have kids involved. That might change things. Other than that, you should have a zero tolerance.

4. Stop Dating Older Women- When I say older, I mean women who are 10 or more years older than you. The only exception is if you’re getting something out of it besides sex. I meet guys all the time who are dating older women just because she’s a freak or has nice titties. Charge that shit to the game. If you’re going to get with an older woman, get one with tangibles. I don’t care how sexy she is. What else is she bringing to the table? When I was younger, I dated an older woman who bought me a car. I keep it 100 with her. Why am I dating you when I have younger dimes trying to get with me? Have ALL women you deal with bring something to the table.

5. Only Give Women Your Number- Can you guys handle this? Do you have enough confidence to put your bid in and tell a woman when to call you? You always want women to choose you. This is why you give her your number. If she calls you, she is stepping to you with good cooperation and is receptive to your game. You save so much time doing it this way. Valuing your time is a MUST to becoming true to the game. You guys already know my motto. I like cooperation. I don’t get caught up with the chase. A lot of women right now are unworthy of the game. Some of them can’t handle a guy with good game. That’s cool. You’re not here to save women. No capes for 2013. Remember, you end how you start with women.

Keep following the game rules and as long as you respect the game, it will work for you.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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9 Responses to Are You In Violation Of The Game? Man Up Part 7

  1. cocomama81 says:

    Preach! I have to say the 2 that drive me nuts are 1 – the men who get up set and I am not banging you. You can be made and get your stuff all balled up if you are laying it down. Now if we aint… then chill relax cause with all that I am afraid to give you some.

    2 – Only give me your number. You are right. I once thought a man should approach me now I can get with that but prefer to approach him or take his number for the reason you stated. My time is valuable so If I approach you will know that I am interested. If you approach me well then you never know. I am confident that I read the man’s body language right before I walked up so no sweat off my back.

    • A lot of guys get caught doing major simpin. Arguing and stressing over a woman you are not banging is a giant waste of time. I wouldn’t go through any stress with a woman I am banging. I like cooperation. Step to me correct and we can roll together.

      I like the fact that you said you approach men. Most women don’t do that. It does show a certain level of confidence. When I was dating, I didn’t do a lot of approaching. I always positioned myself where women would come in my area so I could say something to them.

      • cocomama81 says:

        I have to admit I was nervous as hell the first time I approached a man (at walmart while I looked like crap to say the least) but since then I just take it as the only way to see if he is interested. Might of helped that the dude gave me his number and we still get up. A man doesnt want the chic who doesn’t show confidence and for that reason along with the fact that I don’t give a damn (knowing everyone has a preference) I will approach and take it as it comes.

      • Once you get the first few out of your system, it’s easy breezy. Confidence is a turn on for everyone. A lot of people struggle with it though. I’m going to have to do a post on that.

  2. bossymoksie says:

    So good…as usual.
    I love the man cave idea. Of course I would want one for myself. I do think men should have their own space.
    Men and women shouldn’t rely on online dating only. They should be doing both, I was just thinking about writing about that today!

    • You can have a girl cave. It just that right now too many guys are all over their women and not giving them any space.

      Online dating is dead. I wouldn’t even do that as a option. The catfish thing messed the game up. Just go out and meet someone.

  3. So you say! Online dating is still dead to me haha

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