Does She Trust You?…Reema Trust Game! More On Closing The Deal With Women

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The topic on closing the deal is always going to come up. Some guys have come a long way where they are approaching women and women are giving them good cooperation. A lot of you guys are like me when I first started. Getting women to go out with you is not your problem. I’ve been on a ton of dates where everything went great and instead of me closing the deal, I would get an excuse as to why she couldn’t/wouldn’t sleep with me. I would even have women in my place and me at their place. Yes, some of it was definitely overstating my game. I knew that couldn’t be all of it. What drove me even crazier was the fact that this was happening exclusively with the dimes. Again, getting them to go out with me wasn’t hard. Why am I only getting make outs and dry humping? Why are women not letting me have sex with them? They didn’t trust me enough. I needed to make women feel like they could tell me their secrets. I also used this as a way to improve my conversation skills and focus on my personality. How do I build trust to sleep with dimes? I call it Reema Trust Game;

1. Make Sure She’s Talking- I’ve talked about this a few times before. A lot of guys are so caught up and trying to get women to like them. All you do is talk, talk and talk about yourself. That is not going to work with the dimes. Use this simple formula. Women that are talking are comfortable. Women that are comfortable with you are sleeping with you. Easy? I know

2. I’m Honest- Honesty is very important in the game. A lot of guys feel like they have to tell women anything just to sleep with them. You guys like to add unnecessary extras when you meet women because you think that is going to help you. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do any of that. I don’t start confessing when I meet women but if she asks me a question, I give her an honest answer.


3. Personal Information- Getting her personal information is a great way to build trust. I get her information about her everyday day life, friends and family. I’m always focusing the conversation on her. That makes me seem genuine. While you guys are asking women where they work and just move on to more fun stuff like can I buy you a drink? I ask her why she likes to do certain things and what made her want to do something. If she tells you she’s a teacher you can say, “That’s pretty cool. What made you want to get into teaching?” That’s not hard.

4. Don’t Judge- I actually think this is number one in building trust. This is not going to be easy. You really can’t pass judgment if you want to close the deal. If she’s worried about telling you something, you should let her know its ok and you won’t judge her. Don’t laugh, smile or make fun of her when she tells you something embarrassing. You’ve already teased her and the attraction is already done. You’re trying to close the deal.  Not get her number.

5. Don’t Be Thirsty- The thirst is very real. You’ve done all of this to get her to trust you and you throw it all away by being thirsty. Immediately put your tongue back in your mouth. I already know how some of you get when sex is in front of you. You don’t want to force her to do something she doesn’t feel comfortable doing. You don’t have to be pushy. Take your time with everything. When she sees how calm you are, she will follow suit and everything will continue to flow.

I have already said this a million times and I will continue to say it again. Having a good personality and good conversation skills is going to get you the most attractive women 100% of the time. It is rare for a man to process these qualities. Looks and money have nothing to do with building trust. That is something you can only do with your conversation. When you’re dealing with dimes, it’s more than just making her laugh and asking her random questions. Remember, after she trusts you, she will sleep with you.

Afterthought: This doesn’t mean that you don’t focus on your appearance. Keep working out, eating right and wearing clothes with the correct fit.




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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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36 Responses to Does She Trust You?…Reema Trust Game! More On Closing The Deal With Women

  1. Socialkenny says:




    Trust is 1 of the main reason, or the main reason why the girl won’t sleep with a guy.

    We teach this religiously in pickup to build trust. It’s a huge part of the game.

    To add to point #3 (personal info), you can also volunteer some personal info on you.

    Also, in pickup, we would reveal some vulnerabilities and weaknesses and fears. Some guys come off as too put together and perfect, which goes against building trust. Revealing vulnerabilities about yourself will build trust.

    Like telling her you’re afraid of heights because of a traumatic incident as a child, etc.

    • Man, I never thought about that. Showing a little vulnerability would be another for her to trust you. I’ve had women tell me before my game was too perfect. I thought that was a good thing but that can come off as not being real. I think I need to stay teaching some PUA game. This sounds like one of your articles haha

  2. Mz. Bambi says:

    Also…when you start showing a loss in interest’re always “too busy” for her or you hardly hit her up, that will turn the fire up. she is going to start wondering if it is something that she did wrong…did she say something wrong…that is only if she likes you. no woman who likes a man enough to throw the nana at him, is going to just sit back and allow another woman to take her spot. especially if she did the feel test and knows that you’re packing?! Oh Hell no! this tends to work more for the “alpha” men..not the betas . beta men might fuck up and overwhelm themselves right out of some tail by following up with some lame but thirsty story. once we know we got you…its a done deal! just put on your pink “I’m with her” matching tank top set and sit back while she tells you all about the other guys she’s talking too.

    Oh! And we find men who aren’t interested in hearing stories about how another guy tried talking to us, appealing..or atleast I do. I remember talking to this dude and in the beginning of my discussion of another guy..he stopped me and said “listen I’m not tryin to be rude but I really don’t want to hear about some other guy when I’m trying to get to know you,” and it made me perk up like..ooooh ..hold up now! Exciting

    • Socialkenny says:

      You preach Mz. Bambi, with the Alpha Beta distinctions.

      You should write about the feel test. It’s my 1st time hearing of it.

    • Damn you went in with this. Yeah that’s all part of getting women to chase. Women are very smart as in they’re not trying to let a man of value get away. Like you said, this isn’t for the simps and tricks. Those guys are so happy to have a woman talking to them, they will be jeopardize everything for sex.

      That dude did it correctly.

    • serenityluv1 says:

      Now Mz Bambi you are dead on point here…And I have to raise my hand of being guilty of the feel test! Lawd…lol

    • cocomama81 says:

      Damn Straight Mz.Bambi

    • P-Money says:

      Hold up thats whats up I gues I did the right thing! Whaaaa this dime was trying to put me in the friend zone and I was like “P if your going to hit then you need to speak up, if you want to be her friend and be jealous then let her rant…. FUCK THAT SHIT. Im packin got a good job, and can fuck for dayssss. I told this chick (also a porn star…just found out 2 days ago) look can I be honest with you T(my nickname for her) I dont want to be hearing about some dude, im not in the friend zone and dont wanna be. She really didn’t get what I was saying(dumb as a bag of bricks, but I only mentally fuck her brains so no big deal). SO I randomly started talking about how if something happens in bed I buy plan B quick as fuck, yadda yadda yadda I fuck hoes, dirty shit, dirty shit… Like she was one of my boyz. Yea she cut me off real quick and was like I dont want to hear about that shit. HA! I totally flipped the script and said exactly BITCH! Haha needless to say, bitch is a trick and I chalked her up as experience, and a last min fuck when I feel like it. But dont worry I got mad respect for women, meaning physically and all.

      • hahahaha! You always want to be bold with your game so I give you credit for that. You have to tone it done a little though. Once you get out in the friend zone, you have two options. Just be friends and get with her friends or just charge her to the game and move on.

  3. Mz. Bambi says:

    Very good post! As exemplify game to its max lending a helping hand to those still unsure on why they’re not landing on home base!

    • Not closing the deal was frustrating as hell for me. I was getting so close but so far. Plus it was with attractive women. That really drove me crazy. A big part of the game is to not let your ego get in the way of learning something. If something isn’t working, I sit back and analyze my game.

  4. #s 2 and 5 hit home. Women are so used to being lied to that the honest man will throw us off guard, especially if he’s telling us stuff we don’t necessarily want to hear. And epecially because many of us say “why can’t you just be HONEST with me?!” The honest man makes you feel like “oh shit, this is what it feels like.” And it also sheds light on why SOME men lie – because they know a lot of us can’t handle the truth well. Romantic lies seem more soothing. I can’t handle lies well (once I find out).

    As far as #5, the patient man is smart enough to allow the woman to dictate when it happens (or at least let her think she’s in control). Because the boss woman is not gonna be controlled sexually or entertain whining and pressure from a man.

    I might have to write about the rare honest man now! Lol.

    • That’s why I wanted to stress honesty. That’s like a lost part of the game. A lot of guys just don’t know how to talk to women. They are so caught up on not messing up sex. They don’t understand that being honest is going to get you the quality women. A woman who respects the game can handle the truth. Whether she likes it or not.

      I’ve always believed that the women should dictate when sex happens. Women know when they are going to sleep with you. As long as you play it cool, you will get some. Shit backfires when she agrees to come over and you have the condoms just chillen on the coffee table haha.

      Yes, I’m waiting for that post!

      • True. If men and women were honest at the outset, a lot of drama would be avoided and when you lay things out and give the person a choice whether to accept it or not, you may win more often than you expect. And if not – next!!

        That’s funny re condoms. Hell naw! I mentioned something about honesty in my post :a love poem – in the interest of sharing.” Will entertain it more though.

        I’ll take honesty over a beautiful lie any day.

      • hahaha I made that condom mistake. I was 10000% sure I was going to sleep with this girl. As soon as she saw them, the vibe changed and I was left watching some porn and making a grilled cheese. I learned a valuable lesson that night.

        I will check the poem out.

  5. serenityluv1 says:

    I really hate reading this because it makes me upset that Ive been that girl who really thought dude cared about what I was saying…Like he probably was on the other end of the phone like blah blah blah give me the ass already! Men are too much work…

    • There are some who do care. I can attest to that. But their actions should prove it. Not just words or listening skills. Don’t let this post discount your past relationships entirely.

    • haha yeah don’t blame me for anything! Seriously like myfemalepersuasion said, actions will always speak louder than words. It’s actually not even worth going through all that just to have sex. This was meant for women you were actually interested in dating. That’s why I put this is for getting dimes.

      • serenityluv1 says:

        Trust me, I won’t blame you! I know how the game goes…I’m just saying in my younger days I would have been that girl but now I can pretty much tell what a man intentions are the question is can he tell what mine are?

      • You should know what a man’s intentions are. If he’s like me, he is just going to tell you upfront what the deal is. You can roll with it or not.

  6. mp11312 says:

    First hand I can attest honesty throws women off. I don’t come with a lot of slick talk or attempts to get some ass off gate, so women are initially confused and trying to figure out am I really telling the truth about wanting to be in a long term relationship.

    Listening to what a woman says and asking personal questions definitely builds trust. That’s because a lot of guys don’t have the patience to really do that kind of thing consistently like Serenity mentioned.

    • I’m all about trying to close the deal as quick as possible. I feel like if you don’t at least try, women will try to put in a simp or trick bag. Women won’t think anything less of you if you try sleep with them on the first night. That doesn’t mean be thirsty though. If she says no, just fall back and continue like nothing happened.

      I do agree with that. A lot of men don’t know how to lock a woman damn with their game. You lock a woman down mentally. This is why I stress conversation, personality, being on top of your knowledge.

  7. dollm says:

    The thirst is so very real out there. #1 way to make sure our legs stay closed. Women are not blind to the game; You barely know me -as you have not asked nor have I offered up any personal info. Yet you are displaying the ultimate thirst? Please go and stand upwind!

    I know you said your points were made with regards to getting dimes but I think it still stands for guys dating, or starting a new relationship with a woman. We woman would have long decided that you gone get it uh huh the ‘feel test’ is real lol but when you gone get it? Well that depends in the points you laid out above

    We do love to be chased, but most women after the deed don’t wanna feel like the gave it up because the were chased down or tricked. We want to be comfortable enough that we feel we can show you that we want it as much as you. Like it was our plan all along 🙂

    • When I say dime, I mean a woman who is bringing more to the table than looks and sex. Most women who are bringing more to the table, aren’t going to sleep with you on the first night. Even if they want to they just won’t. With that said, you might as well put the work in with a woman of quality. Building trust with an extra avergae woman is a giant waste of time.

      When women say they liked to be chased, they really mean they like a man who is bold with his game. Someone who lets them know from the start what he wants. Then they can get with you and say you “chased” haha.

  8. cocomama81 says:

    I have to say that everthing you stated is all so true. You already know how I feel about the thirsty guy… back up and give me 50 feet….

    Honesty is the kicker for me. Tell me the truth and add a little vulnerabilty to the mix and you have sealed the deal. If I detect a hint of misleading all cooperation comes to an instant hault.

  9. bossymoksie says:

    So. True. Though I think honesty is number one in building trust! So many guys are willing to say anything that when a guy is straight with you, you respect him much more. And he seems less desperate. We don’t like to hear it, but we appreciate it! And if she’s gonna walk away at the truth, she’ll eventually walk away when she finds out the truth anyway, and probably with a lot more drama. May as well get it out of the way. Bullshit and desperation, two HUGE turnoffs.

  10. It comes back to a lack of game. My real dudes already know you don’t have to put any extras on anything. A lot of guys just don’t get that. They pussy worship, they let women do and tell them anything. They deal with all different kinds of disrespect. Women that respect the game will respect the truth. I’m trying to build something great with you and for me to do that I MUST be honest with you.

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