Ask & You Shall Receive- More Responses To Reader Emails

Continued From Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

What better way to start off 2013 than one of my favorite things to do; chop up game with the readers. 2012 was a GREAT year! Thank you all for the love. I’m even more excited for 2013. Ok, let’s get into some game.

1. On NYE I was at the club with my boys. This girl came up to me drunk. I complimented her on her shoes to get everything started. I gave her my number and instructed her when to call me. She told me she had a man and would call me if it didn’t work out. I told her that she should call me anyway. She went on talking and she said she would hook me up with some of her friends but then she said she might want me for herself. I told her to just get rid of her dude. She wanted to dance but I declined. Should I have been more aggressive since she was drunk?

You complimented her on her shoes? Wait, what? Ok, two quick strikes here. First one is she told you has a dude. The second one is she’s drunk. You want to stay far away from drunk girls at the club. Drunk girls are goofy because they will pretty much talk to anyone. They usually get drunk to be on some goofy attention whore shit. A lot of guys try to get women drunk so it’s easier for them. Not mackish! You can get a woman at the club who is on top of her game, looking for good conversation and not being a drunk attention whore. Plus, this can be dangerous. When she sees her dude and he confronts her, she can blame everything on being drunk. You don’t know what type of guy she’s dealing with. Avoid bullshit love triangles at all cost. Women are more scandalous and dangerous than ever. Don’t even deal with drunk girls at the club. Also, go read my club game part 1 and part 2. A lot of good game in those posts for the club.

2. What up Reema? I’ve been reading a lot of books and focusing on my game. I want to start getting dimes. I know dimes have a lot of options so what kind of bargaining chips do I have. I want attractive women! Please help!

I can’t believe I haven’t answered an email like this before. A lot of men have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to dealing with dimes. This is probably the biggest one. What you have to remember is that dimes have a lot of thirsty ass dudes trying to get with them. That is not necessarily options. It’s like when you go buy a suit. You can go to a lot of stores selling suits. You want the best suit though. Something that you can’t just get from anywhere. You don’t really look at those other places as options because you’re above that. Dimes are the same way. Dimes have a bunch of thirsty guys trying to get with them with horrible conversation. A man who is thorough with good conversation is rare and that’s where you come in. This is why you focus on your game, focus on what you’re going to say and focus on your personality. A good personality with good conversation is hard to find. Focus on that. Being true to the game is not the norm right now. A real woman will appreciate that. Don’t worry; I’m going to give conversation tips in a future post.

3. I was dating this girl a couple of years ago and she was really feeling me. I was still in my player stage so we broke up. Now I’m ready for a relationship and want to get back with her. I hit her up and I think I put myself out there too much. She’s brushing me off and flaking on me. What should I do to get her back?

Personally, I never move backwards with women. If we break up, it’s done. I move on and never look back. With that said to get her back, you have to move on with your life. You made yourself too available. Chasing after women NEVER works. The more you chase, the more she will stay away. What will make her want to come back is when you have your shit together, you’re moving on with life and you don’t need her. Women want to know you’re not dependent on them. Right now you’re emotionally dependent on her. She’s going to use that to get an ego boost from you. When something isn’t going right, she will hit you up. Focus on your self-esteem, start getting your shit together and she will come around.

4. I recently moved back into my old neighborhood and I notice my next door neighbor is looking really good. Back then she was under age so I wasn’t really paying attention to her. I’m 21 and she just turned 18. I added her as a friend on Facebook and we exchanged numbers. We’ve been texting back and for about a week now. How should I go about closing the deal?

Just have her come over playa. I don’t even know why you’re texting a girl who lives next door. You should be talking in person. Stop wasting time with text messages and Facebook. I’m assuming that you both stay with your parents so here’s what you should do. When your parents go to work tomorrow you need to light a few candles, clean up your room including changing your sheets and have her just come on over. No more wasting time and proceed to hit that. You’re over here Facebook chatting with your neighbor when you should be hitting It. You should have hit that shit yesterday. What are you waiting for? Stop over thinking everything.

This has been another installment of ask & you shall receive. Keep the emails coming guys. I LOVE chopping up game with you all!



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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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9 Responses to Ask & You Shall Receive- More Responses To Reader Emails

  1. R1J2 says:

    To the guy that wants his ex back, been there, done that. Go watch the movie “Swingers”…

    MIKE: And what if I don’t want to give up on her?

    ROB: You don’t call.

    MIKE: But you said I shouldn’t call if wanted to give up on her.

    ROB: Right.

    MIKE: So I don’t call either way.

    ROB: Right.

    MIKE: So what’s the difference?

    ROB: The only difference between giving up and not giving up is if you take her back when she wants to come back. See, you can’t do anything to make her want to come back. You can only do things to make her not want to come back.

    MIKE: So the only difference is if I forget about her or pretend to forget about her.

    ROB: Right.

    MIKE: Well that sucks.

    ROB: It sucks.

    MIKE: So it’s almost a retroactive decision. So I could, like, let’s say, forget about her and when she comes back make like I just pretended to forget about her.

    ROB: Right…or more likely the opposite.

    MIKE: Right… Wait, what do you mean?

    ROB: I mean first you’ll pretend not to care, not call – whatever, and then, eventually, you really won’t care.

    MIKE: Unless she comes back first.

    ROB: Ah, see, that’s the thing. Somehow they don’t come back until you really don’t care anymore.

    MIKE: There’s the rub.

    ROB: There’s the rub.

  2. that sums up everything that I was saying. I actually never seen that movie. That has to change

  3. bossymoksie says:

    1. That drunk girl was just giving him the run around. He needed to move on to someone else a lot faster.
    2. So true!!
    3. Just shaking my head on that one.
    4. LOL. Girl lives right next door. There’s no excuse for some face to face time!

    • You know how some guys get around drunk women. They see it as an easy opportunity. I can’t front, I use to think the same thing. I now know it’s just a waste of time in a club setting.

      He set me an email telling me he did close the deal. Finally!

  4. Mz. Bambi says:

    I’m going to say this much…the neighborly thing…I’d tread that water with a scuba mask in hand simply because granted it is convenient…but once one of their emotions get involved, it can take an ugly turn. Someone is going to start wondering who you had over your crib…why were they there..yanno…taking on the whole role of ‘what am I to you & why are you still seeing other people?”..this can make it complicated..sometimes having a little bit of distance gives you both that privacy that we all need.

    Very good post Reema!

  5. True! At that age though, it would just be sex. You’re not suppose to be thinking about anything serious when you’re so young.

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