Are You Dating A Dirty Mack? Game For Women Reema Edition

I’m back with some good game for the women. Now even though this is game for women, men can still soak this shit up. A lot of you are dirty Mack’s and you don’t even know it. What is a dirty Mack? A dirty Mack is a guy that just doesn’t respect the game. He manipulates women to get things from them. Whether its sex, money, gifts, etc. He will say and do anything to make this happen. I have no problem exposing these guys because they are against everything I stand for. The game is about honesty, respect, integrity and having standards. It’s not about lying and sex. As a man, you do have to be cold with your game. There’s a difference though. If a woman comes at you trying to put you in a simp or trick bag, you have to know how to deal with her from a logical and not emotional standpoint. That’s just being thorough with you game. A lot of men take things to the extreme. Either they turn their emotions off and keep them off (a dirty Mack), or they can’t be cold with women (Simp or Trick). They don’t want to offend women, or rock the boat. They think that will jeopardize their chances of sex. Women, you already know some men will throw everything out the window to have sex with you. Wait, just the thought of sex because they’re still not hitting it haha. All of you have dated a dirty Mack before. Well, if you’ve dated more than three guys in your life, one of them was a dirty Mack. Men that came across cool and did you dirty. Stole some money from you, banged friends & family members, ran up your credit. Just like with Level 1 players, a lot of you are dating men like this and don’t even know it. There are a few things I’ve notice that turn men into dirty Mack’s. Let me break them down.

1. Abused As A Kid– This a big reason why some men become dirty Mack’s. Being abused has made them emotionless. These guys take the abuse they had out on women. They project that abuse on to women. Their goal is getting over on women. Usually they were abused by their mother or grandmother so they really take that stuff out on women.

2. Drugs– A lot of times when a man is on drugs, they really don’t give a fuck. You’re not dealing with the man; you’re dealing with the drugs. A man with a drug addict mentality is going to be scandalous with his game. This is when the dirty Mack comes out of him.

3. Abandoned– You have to see if a guy was raised in foster care, an orphan or even dropped off at a church. Men who were abandoned have a me against the world mentality. They think they have to do whatever on their own to make it in this world. If that means being a dirty Mack, then that’s what it is. You have to look into these characteristics within the men you deal with. Guys if this is how you’ve been getting down, you have to look into your background and check that.

4. A Woman Did Him Wrong And He Didn’t Learn From It– Notice that I said didn’t learn from it because we have all been charged to the game. The average guy will learn from that. He will take responsibility for his game and make sure something like this doesn’t happen to him again. Now some dudes put a lot of energy and extras into women. When it turns out she’s cheating, some of them can’t recover. They become dirty Mack’s for the rest of their lives. They go out and play before they get played.

5. Survival Mode– A man in survival mode becomes a dirty Mack because they are in a situation where they have to think fast and try to get with someone to help them. A man in financial distress is a man you want to stay clear from. I know a lot of dirty Mack’s in these situations. Living with women they really don’t want to be with. The woman is helping them out. They’re not thinking in terms of compassion or moral. They’re just thinking of what’s needed to get back on their feet. This is why you NEVER get into a situation with someone who is needy or desperate. When someone is desperate, everything goes out the window. They’re just looking to get something for that moment. Lie, steal, and cheat whatever it takes.

Just like I tell the men, the game is not about trying to save anyone. A lot of you women have your capes on ready to save men. You meet a dirty Mack and you think it’s a challenge. You see the “good” in him and think only someone like you can bring that out of him. It’s time to charge that thinking to the game. You have to start holding the men you deal with to a higher standard. Get with a man who is going to be compatible with your style and who is going to upgrade your game. A man is either going to bring you up or down. Never anything in between. Stay true to the game and the game will stay true to you.

Afterthought: Don’t forget to check out the archives of game for women. This is where the game will save your life.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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7 Responses to Are You Dating A Dirty Mack? Game For Women Reema Edition

  1. serenityluv1 says:

    If any woman say they have never met a dirty Mack they’re lying! I thought this was the norm for dudes, they all set out to get what they want and will play all types of games to get it…These are usually the kind that don’t make it to the first date with me.
    In fact most of the ones I meet throw themselves in the trick bag for me trying to get some of my golden kitty! They will lie and say all that they will do for me just for a taste in so many words and I’m not trying to make myself look like a Diamond Princess because we all know you can be just average or hell sometimes outright ugly and dudes will still want to hit! My advice to women who run into these guys is lie back to their foot dragging ass and promise them the golden kitty, spend their money & do magic on their ass and disappear without giving them shit. Just my thoughts

  2. Yes it’s definitely the norm right now. I want to change that for the men and women that want more for themselves. The game for me is about integrity, standards, respect and valuing yourself. Manipulation is NOT part of the game. You don’t have to do any of that. Tricks, simps and dirty mack’s are always going to be apart of the game. The real question is as a man is this who you want to be? As a woman is this who you want to fuck it?

    What you’re saying will work but what’s the point? If you’re going to be a gold digger be the best gold digger you can be. You can find yourself a good trick and get some real paper.

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    The point is…maybe he will learn a lesson stop trying to trick on the sly. Hell just be honest about wanting to get some sex and willing to pay for it! I wouldn’t entertain this type on a regular basis but I have once took someone money and I am not talking about small coins and not gave them any…but now that I’m all grown up **winks** I really don’t have the time to be training this type.

    • I’m not knocking that. A lot of tricks in the game right now. I know a lot of girls who have a few tricks giving them money. Some are sleeping with them and some are not. I’ve always respected a money making girl. That’s the difference between sluts and hoes. Hoes fuck for money which make them hustlers and sluts fuck for bragging rights which makes them confused.

  4. bossymoksie says:

    You’ve got your own language up in here Reema! Love it. I sometimes use your words when talking (or writing).
    I’ve seen so many girls date guys and try to save them. So sad. Women with houses and their shit together with a lame dude, or dirty mack, lol. I did date a guy once who was in a foster home with parental issues AND used cocaine ( he got too comfy one afternoon and slipped and told me. It was over after that.)

    • You can pay me my royalties in wine and good conversation 🙂

      Some women like being able to dominate so they look for flawed men to control and it backfires when he’s a dirty Mack. Now you’re complaining that men ain’t shit. Men are either going to bring you up or down. Look for that upgrade!

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