Hoodrats And Why You MUST Stay Away Part 1

Man, I hate Hoodrats. First off, Hoodrats make up a very small percentage of Black women. All Black women are not Hoodrats. Hoodrats do NOT reflect the everyday Black woman. I don’t want anyone to use the behavior of Hoodrats to bash Black women or throw them under the bus. People are going to have to start recognizing the Black women who have it going on from the Hoodrats. Hoodrats are messing up the game right now. Hoodrats are not only dangerous towards men; they’re also dangerous towards women. Hoodrats are always threatening other women. See back in the day women could co-sign this behavior because it was this whole “You can’t call out another woman” sisterhood. These Hoodrats have become so ratchet, that their main thing is messing with other women and now other women aren’t fucking with them. Hoodrats are disruptive to the Black community as a whole. Hoodrats are Dusty Dude factories. The offspring of a Hoodrat is going to prevent any mass Black leadership from rising up. You don’t think other people know this stuff? This is why they get away with doing so much. You always see them in a fight with someone getting stab or killed, and Hoodrats never get in trouble. Hoodrats have diplomatic immunity and are government funded. That’s by design. Hoodrats help fuel the Prison Industrial Complex. Prisons are making billions of dollars from locking Black men up. Many studies have shown that a Black person is no more likely to commit a crime than a White person. Hoodrats are used as a way to suppress the Black community. Law enforcement use Hoodrats to snitch on other Black people and keep everything in line. Hoodrats are their eyes and ears. Law enforcement knows how disloyal Hoodrats are. Hoodrats are some of the biggest snitches in the game. This is why I keep telling you guys to STAY AWAY. Some of you are going to have to learn the hard way. Hoodrats are the main reason why a lot of you are in jail. A lot of brothers LOVE cupcaking with Hoodrats. You dudes love you some Hoodrats. That’s because they’re very easy to get with. All you really need is a blunt or something to drink. They don’t have any real standards for themselves. What you don’t get is that they’re turning you in. Some of you are out here hustling for Hoodrats. “I gotta get this money for us.” She’s looking at you as the $200 dope dealer that’s going to be her come up. She can roll with you, turn you in and get herself 10 grand. Then hit up All Star Weekend to find her a new dude. That’s the mindset of these women. You guys have to understand the game. You’re telling these Hoodrats all your business and now you’re wondering why the cops know all your business. I read/see this happening all the time. You and your boy are doing 5 years and your Hoodrat girlfriend has on a 3 grand lace front weave and some red bottoms on hahaha. They came up by turning you guys in. This is some real shit. Again, you’re going to have to be able to tell the different between  Hoodrats and Black women. A lot of people really can’t tell the difference. Part 2 will break this down. Until we meet again….

Afterthought: This is probably going to be my only post of the week so I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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17 Responses to Hoodrats And Why You MUST Stay Away Part 1

  1. serenityluv1 says:

    As always right on point!! Its really sad that alot of Hoodrats dont know thats what they are…lol! They will be calling another person one when they are the leader of Hoodrats.

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    Oh so you going away for Turkey Day?!? Happy Thanksgiving to you too

  3. mp11312 says:

    Good point on most hood rats not even knowing they’re that way. Ignorance is bliss lol.

    • It really is. It’s important for women to really look at themselves and also men need to start having more standards. The women would have to change if they couldn’t get men. Hoodrats have A LOT of men trying to bang them. Why change?

  4. Kai Scribe says:

    You know what, I’m happy you said not all black women are hood rats because I’m so fed up of people calling ‘hood rat behaviour’ a black woman attitude! This post was wicked!

    • A lot of people like to associate Hoodrats with Black women and it’s just not the case. Most Black women are NOT Hoodrats. They can’t stand them. You do have a small percentage that put a black eye on the game. That’s really all they show of Black women so people just assume.

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  6. bossymoksie says:

    Low standards. That says it all! Men should want more than an easy lay. Easy come, easy go.

    • You’re absolutely right. What’s worst than a raggedy female is a man that will still fuck with her. Nothing good comes from messing with Hoodrats. They’re very dangerous. You will either get locked up, robbed and sometimes even killed fucken with them. It’s pretty funny because Hoodrats don’t even like me. They say I’m stuck up. Also a lot of Hoodrats are low key. Most guys don’t find out before its already too late. Part 2 is going to be my Hoodrat test.

  7. Mike says:

    All black women have hood rat in them. That’s why i would not date them

  8. Haha I can’t take you seriously saying something like this. Get the fuck out of here with that. I know you’re trolling so I will leave it at that.

  9. dee says:

    great article & well written. kudos. http://www.kissthagirlz.weebly.com on twitter @kissthegirlz

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