Ask & You Shall Receive- More Responses To Reader Emails

Continued From Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

Before I get into the game, my condolences go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. As many of know, I live in NY and this storm was a beast. Places look like war zones. It’s really sad. People going crazy for gas and some lines have 10 hr waits. Thankfully no damage was done to my spot. I’m safe and back to chopping up game. Thanks for the emails and calls to make sure I was good. Ok, let’s get into some game.

“What’s up Reema? Love the chronicles and what you’re doing with the game. I just met up with a girl from an online dating website. On a scale from 1-10 I would say she’s a 6. She does have a nice body though. I met her at the club with some of her stripper friends. Her friends were acting a little too slutty for me. Overall I had a good time. We kissed but no sex. She always hits me up about plans but then she always flakes out. I have to admit that she doesn’t really have her shit together but I’m not judgmental. I still want to get with her. I’m very confused right now. What should I do next?”

You’re dealing with a flakey 6 with stripper friends and you want to know what to do next? You have to STOP trying to save women. You found a flawed woman who is flakey and you still want to wife her up? That’s a lost cause man. I could kind of understand if she was a dime, but this girl is a 6. Also her friends are sluts. A lot of women try to play the square role when they have slutty friends. Guess what captain save a ho? She’s exactly like her friends. Sluts of a feather, flock together. “What’s that in the sky? What’s that running to the ATM machine? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Able to cash a check with no ID. Able to pay 8 sluts rent in 2 months. Its captain save a ho.” Put your cape back down. You shouldn’t even be thinking about a woman like this. You should put zero energy into non dimes. Non dimes are for banging only. Personally I wouldn’t even bang a 6. My game is too good for that. That’s what you should want for yourself. Women should only be stepping to you with 100% cooperation. Nothing less than that. Immediately charge this girl to the game and upgrade your game. Want more for yourself!

“Yo Reema I need some help with the game. I have this girl that I work with that has been giving me low-key cooperation. She does have a dude and things have been moving slow because of this. We have been going back and forth a year. I haven’t been sweating her though. Recently, she sent me some sexy pics. I do think she wants to stay with her dude but still get her freak on. I’m trying to close the deal but I can’t get the timing right. What can I do?”

Fuck the timing man! You’re falling into the same trap a lot of other guys fall into. You’re not valuing your time. All this girl is doing is wasting your time. You guys are going to have to learn how to value your time. Women will use up all your time like pre-paid phone minutes. It’s been a year of going back and forth with this goofy shit. She’s just teasing you with the pictures. You’re talking about closing the deal? You’re supposed to close the deal within the first week! No more than a month. It’s a sexual tension thing she’s getting off on. She’s getting off on the attention. She’s not going to have sex with you. This is classic simp denial. You think it’s so close and all simps think this way. That’s what women do to simps. They make it seem like if you simp just a little bit longer, you will hit it. Keeping giving me attention, keep buying me things, it’s just so close and it never happens. Now you’re frustrated and angry. You’ve allowed all of this to happen. STOP wasting time with half way women. It’s time to be honest with yourself when it comes to the women you’re dealing with. Also, how many times have I told you guys about trying to mess with the girls at your job? As someone who is true to the game, you never want to do anything that is going to mess with your money. What happens when it doesn’t work out? She can go to human resources, say you are making it difficult for her and now you don’t have a job. Sex is NEVER the end all be all man. If you have a dime at your job, just be cool with her and get with her friends. Stop being so damn thirsty. You don’t have to try to bang every woman you come in contact with.

“I’ve been dating this girl for about two months now. The problem I’m having is her male best friend. It wasn’t an issue at first but now it is. A few days ago he picked her up and took her out for drinks. She didn’t tell me until after the fact. I’ve never met this guy either. Should I be concerned?”

Yes Sirrrr! You should 100% be concerned. A lot of red flags here. I keep telling you guys about women hanging out with “male friends”. Especially the ones you never meet. I think she’s low-key banging this dude. I think she’s been banging him before she met you. That was a date he took her on. I’m sure he hit it that night. Don’t even ask her if she’s banged/banging this dude. She’s not going to be honest with you anyway. You need to check her on this TODAY! Go see her right now and tell her she’s not going to have any male friends. Don’t be afraid to charge her if she doesn’t listen. Keep me posted on this.

“I’m 18 and having some girl troubles. I’ve been really good friends with this girl for about six months. She tells me that she loves me and we’ve had this weird boyfriend/girlfriend relationship even though we are good friends. She’s been dating this guy and she recently broke up with him. She’s been upset and wants to get back with him. I had my friend call her to try to hook us up so I don’t lose my man hood. She didn’t really say yes or no. Can I make this work?”

You are wayyyyy past losing your man hood. That shit was lost a long time ago. First off, this isn’t a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. That’s something only in your mind. Boyfriend/girlfriend relationships involve some type of intimacy and that’s not what you guys are doing. She can’t be your girlfriend if she’s with the next dude. You are living in a fantasy world. Immediately smack yourself homie! You’re having your friend call women for you? That’s sucker shit man. Not mackish! You have to step your game up. At 18 you still have a lot of game ahead of you. This girl is just using you as a confidence boost. When things aren’t going good with her dude, she uses you for confidence. This is girl game 101. Immediately charge her to the game. Remember, 100% cooperation. A new girl turns 18 every few seconds. Like I told the other guy, you MUST value your time. Have more confidence and get you a girl who is cooperating.

Keep the emails coming. Again, my condolences go out to everyone affecting by the Hurricane. I’ve always been about giving back so you will find me at the soup kitchen tonight. I have full power so if you’re in NY and a cute chick you call me for a hot shower haha (half-joking). Seriously, be safe everyone! For everyone else, go give back to your community.

Afterthought: Today is Election Day so go get your vote on. After the election, I will get a little deeper with the game. I haven’t broken down the history/intelligence part of the game in a little bit. Also I’m getting a lot of request to talk about books I read and talk more about making money. I’m working on all that stuff.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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6 Responses to Ask & You Shall Receive- More Responses To Reader Emails

  1. egointhesea says:

    Agreed with pretty much everything u said, haha

  2. bossymoksie says:

    Okaaaaaay, I dont even know why that first guy even emailed you. Why is he even interested in that girl?! damn! I thought girls only pined over obvious losers.
    As far as the best guy friend, that girl should have told her boyfriend first, cuz that just looks shady. She definitely wouldn’t like it if it was the other way around. That’s how I look at it. (I do have male friends btw, and probably have pulled this stunt, but am not surprised when guys is upset.)
    And the 18 yr old…smh. You cant have a girlfriend/boyfriend realtionship with someone who has a boyfriend! And now that she’s single he wants to make it more official with him, even though she’s still trying to chase her ex? Why? Does he want to hear her complain and pine about her ex? What is he thinking????

    • I can’t say I’m surprised that he sent me that email. I meet guys like this ALL the time. They want to find the good in every woman and the dating game is just not like that. You can’t save women. The same thing goes for women.

      As soon as she didn’t say anything about it, that’s a major red flag. Why hide something like that? That makes me think something more is going on. My girl doesn’t have any male friends. I just can’t co-sign my girl having male friends. I checked her on that from the jump.

      I have to just leave this to not knowing anything. My dude is 18 so he will make mistakes like this. Some of this does go to common sense though. I’ve actually sat down with this guy and he wants more from himself so let’s see what happens.

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  4. Pingback: Ask & You Shall Receive- More Responses To Reader Emails | Reemachronicles

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