Keeping It Mackish During Simp Season

Before I get into the game, I want to say that you can have a little simp in you. Nothing wrong with that (blackmenuncensored haha). It’s all about having balance. You should be doing fly shit with your girl. That’s when it’s ok to simp. It’s cool in the game to cupcake a little with your girl.  It’s not ok when you start pulling out the red carpet for ALL women you meet. You have flowers and chocolates on the first date. That’s not mackish and against everything that’s true to the game. With that out of the way, let me get into some game. It’s about that time again. The annual simp season. Simp season starts around late September. This is the time when guys that had crisp game during the summer, start having simp relapses. You guys are falling off the wagon and getting into simp behavior. Listen, I understand that things slow down during his time. A lot of events aren’t going on like they were during the summer. Also, most of the dimes are locked down. The guys that found a dime locked her down. This leaves you with less options and that’s why the simping comes out. A lot of you get emotional and lonely. You have to know how to get over this. You never want to become a power simp. These are the most dangerous simps. These are the simps that stalk and kidnap women. These are the guys making YouTube videos, angry at the world and bitter. I know a lot of you don’t think you’re power simps. You have to self reflect and look at the energy you’re putting out there. It takes a lot of energy being a simp. It’s easier to just be true to the game. As a simp, you’re doing unnecessary things to keep women interested. You do unnecessary spending, unnecessary calling and text messaging. You spend a lot of time buying ski mask and stalker gear. You’re always checking up on women and writing poems to your favorite Brian McKnight song. That shit takes a lot of time. This is why I say its easier being true to the game. We don’t go through all of that. We just do us. We’re not putting any extras on it. We’re not bitter, angry at the world and telling women we can’t live without them.  We don’t say we don’t need game. You try to put these guys up on some game and they will say, “I’m cool on that game shit”, “I have all the game I need”. These are the same guys bellyaching over women. Bellyaching over non dimes and women they haven’t even kissed or slept with. Guys, you MUST have a certain level of game. You CAN’T avoid the game. Not only do you have to know the game, you MUST respect the game. Knowing the game is one thing, respecting it is another. The game will always work for those who recognize its power and respect it. Lack of respect for the game will always come back to bite you. A lot of men want to learn this shit the hard way. That is what makes you a simp. A real true to the game dude will fuck with something on a logical level. If it sounds like it makes sense, he will roll with it. Simps try to put a round peg into a square hole. All that does is bring baggage. You get mad when the simp shit is not working. I don’t care how much of a “good guy” or “friend” you try to be. That shit doesn’t work. Don’t try and go against the grain. Even if you’re true to the game, you have to reinforce your game. This means hanging around other guys with game, educating yourself and knowing who you are. That builds real confidence. You know what? Let me break down a few reasons why you will be a simp, stay a simp or have a simp relapse.

You Don’t Listen- Listening is very important to your game and a lot of you have a hard time doing it. You let your ego get in the way of your game. I always say ego has killed many guys game because you think you’re fly, the shit and you know everything. You think women can’t run game on you. What you fail to realize is that women will use this against you. My female readers know exactly what I’m talking about. Women will use your ego against you. Women will run good ass game on you because of this. This is why you’re in a trick bag, friend zone or both. Keep your ego in check guys.

You Can’t Control Your Emotions- I would say this is the main reason why men become simps. This is a female characteristic and this doesn’t work for a man. As a man, you can’t make decisions that are dedicated by your emotions. What makes you a man is how you control your emotions. To do that, all you have to do is think first. Emotional men think with their emotions first and think about the consequences after. This is a recipe for disaster. Now you’re following your woman, she doesn’t respect you and you know respect is A MUST! Think first and control your emotions.
You Are Sheltered- Travel, travel and travel. You have to go to different places and different events. A lot of men put way too much value in the women in their neighborhoods. When you don’t travel, you don’t see the options that are available to you. Options keep your game crisp and you don’t sweat women. When you travel, you see that your game works better with certain women than others. This builds real confidence. You will start to treat your game as being sacred and only worthy for a select few. You will start to only deal with women who are bringing 110% cooperation to the table. This means stepping to you with her shit together or ZERO baggage so you can teach her what to bring to the table. Fuck chasing after women and trying to convince them how “great” of a guy you are. Value yourself as a man!

If this still doesn’t work, have an intervention. What you have to do is invite your simp homie to the strip club. Tell him you guys are going to “make it rain”. Of course he will be excited and have his singles all ready to go (usually a pay check worth). Instead of the strip club, take him to a room with friends and family. When he gets mad and says, “I thought we were going to the strip club.” You have to pull out your written intervention statement which should say, “Dear (simp homie), we have been boys for a long time. You are spending way too much money on hookers and strippers. You buy flowers, chocolates and write poems to women. You sleep with your cape on so you are always ready to save women. Even though you do all this simp shit, WE STILL LOVE YOU!” You might have to shed a tear or two to make it work haha. Seriously though, the game is real guys. Keep your ego in check, respect the game and stop power simping. You will get through simp season the elite way.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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29 Responses to Keeping It Mackish During Simp Season

  1. egointhesea says:

    Yes! I had to learn this the hard way, and it cost me a year’s worth of time when I could have been learning about women and working on my game (I’m pretty inexperienced, since I was focused on studies and weed in high school, haha). Unless she’s given something back (besides interest), we can’t be throwing anything except game her way.

    Great post! (Could you split it up into more paragraphs or something? Reading so many lines makes it a bit difficult to concentrate.)

    • bossymoksie says:

      So glad you read this!

    • You are still a young guy so that’s cool. Your game is always going to get better as you get older. You want to get your game to a point where you’re only dealing with women who are coming at you with the most cooperation. You don’t want to be dealing with women who are confused about what they want to do.

      I will think about switching the theme up. This is one of the longer post.

  2. Don’t be out here giving these beta ass dudes game… Whose going to buy my dinner when I get bored during the fall? And who will I have to ignore when it’s too cold to be bothered in the winter?

    • bossymoksie says:

      lol. Don’t worry, plenty of dudes won’t listen to Reema!

      • haha bossy is right. Plenty of guys won’t listen to this. You have more guys that are ready to trick than are true to the game. Hit up your local strip club or just follow my gold digging rules. This game is for guys that are ready to leave that life behind. I can’t knock you for getting your hustle on. As long as you’re not banging guys for red lobster you should be good.

  3. I would Love the paragraphs too. But if someone suggested changes to my format I would be annoyed, so I can live with you decision to format your entries however you choose. Unless you make them on word per line the I would have to stop reading.

  4. Kui Gee says:

    nice post.i have a question -the issue is there is a girl i been seeing i used the game we spend a nyt together but did not have sex but we touched,kissed coz she was bringing out her boyfriend issue.after the nyt she says she feels it for me,lyc and care 4 me but she can,t keep up with me coz she loves her boyfrìend.she want to avoid seeing and getting close becoz she fears to lose herself in me.i knw u always say chics lyc thz who don,t knw what they want shld be charged to e game.hwever my question is what is e problem with e girl,she knows how she feels towards me but wants to suppress it and what do u recommend i do

    • bossymoksie says:

      She’s too hung up on her boyfriend. She’s gonna string you along to make herself feel better. You should leave it alone until she gets over her boyfriend. Unless you want to be the guy that she complains to about her boyfriend.

    • Immediately charge this chick to the game. This girl is admitting to you that she has a boyfriend. You never want to invest in another man’s girl. Plus she’s very scandalous if she’s spending the night with you and going home to her boyfriend. This could potentially be dangerous because you don’t know what she’s telling him. Stay away from love triangles. Too many single women you to be messing with her. Focus on women who are coming at you with good cooperation.

  5. bossymoksie says:

    Good post. The ego thing is the BEST way to get a guy going. Once you see he has one, all you have to do is feed it and he is puddy in your hands. Ha ha!
    And I think one of the sexiest things about men is when they can control their emotions and handle their business. I actually admire and respect that, even though I don’t do it myself.
    And traveling is great to expand your mind in general, not just with the girls.
    I think the tips you gave could also apply to women. If they expanded their minds, knew their true value, and learned more about themselves instead of chasing dudes all the time and doing whatever the dudes want, they would do better in the ‘game’ as well.

    • I use to get caught up in this samething. I was letting my ego get in the way of my game. I thought that I was so fly that it didn’t matter. I still think that to a certain degree but I keep it in check haha.

      Like I wrote about before, being a man is about controlling your emotions. Women are very emotional so I understand why that’s hard for you. That’s not a good look for a man though.

      When you expand your mind, it brings real confidence. Like you said, the same thing could be said for women.

  6. Kui Gee says:

    hey bossymoksie good advice i know u are a lady so tel me what wil be happening like the girl knws she loves but also feels for another true that women enjoy their ego being boosted more than anything.

  7. Kui Gee says:

    i appreciate your advice but u know this simping behaviour can take over me sometimes and i don,t want it.i wil jus keep reading the mackish advice .

  8. You should have a little simp in you. It’s all about controlling it and using it on women that deserve it. If you simp with your girl that’s perfectly fine. I encourage you to do that. Just don’t waste valuable game on someone who is not worthy of it. You will be fine homie.

  9. mp11312 says:

    Lol I’m behind and late as hell but good shit as always. Are women Simps also?

    • No! Women that don’t want to learn the game are just single and bitter. The “men ain’t shit” types. Those are the female simps. The women that wanted to fun fuck until 30 and get mad when only whack dudes step to them.

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  11. offdadome says:

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont wisen them all lol

  12. offdadome says:

    curious have you led any ‘simp interventions’ lol?

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