Don’t Be A Dusty Dude

Today I’m going to talk about Dusty dudes. Dusty dudes are like zombies and that’s an epidemic we have around the country. A dusty dude is a guy that life has just beaten down and they have accepted defeat. They have accepted a dusty role in life. No ambitions, no goals. Everything is low-level. Black men are always lumped together with the dusty dudes. Dusty dudes are separate from the average everyday brother. In our society, the dusty dude represents the Black male. Everything negative that you see is really just a bunch of dusty dudes. We have to know how to separate that. A lot of dusty dudes have that coon, plantation mentality. They live for rims, sneakers, smoking and fucking. We have to stay away from men like this. Especially my younger dudes. I know the media makes being dusty cool. If you’re dusty and you rap or play a sport, you can come up. If you’re loyal enough, we will give you a break. That rarely happens so a lot of these guys stay dusty. Also, a lot of dusty dudes are low-key crack heads. I know that’s something people try to ignore. This is why you see a lot of ignorant and dumb shit. You read about a family getting robbed for 100 bucks. You read about kids trying to rob a sneaker store by jumping through the roof. That’s crack head shit. They’re functioning crack heads. Just doing crimes to get high. Let me give you guys some history game. Before the 1960s you had dusty dudes, but it was at a minimum. The Black community wouldn’t fuck with you. Women wouldn’t fuck with you. Back then women really looked at men as providers. That was the main criteria women looked for and men took pride in taking care of their family. Now in 1964, the government started passing civil rights bills and started giving black women different benefits (welfare, section 8). On top of this, the government made sure men were not allowed in these homes. That was a stipulation of receiving these benefits. People really don’t know how impactful this really was. The government would literally go into these housing projects and make sure a man wasn’t in the home. They would look for clothes, shaving products, look in closets and under beds. A thorough man couldn’t deal with women like this. The only type of men that would deal with women in situations like this, were men that really didn’t have anything going on. Men that was just in and out. Dusty dudes found a way to get women. For the women getting government assistance, you didn’t need a man to be a provider anymore. The government is now the provider so you only need a man for sex. Nothing more, nothing less. There’s plenty of dusty dudes around for that. This is why a lot of women lowered their expectations. Women are part to blame for dusty dudes because you give them a place to grow. It’s normal in the Black community for women to allow dusty dudes in their home. There’s no criteria and women started the “I’m miss independent”; “I can do it on my own”. Well guess what? That’s what you get from a dusty dude. We have to take the historic aspect of the dusty dude into consideration. I don’t want any of you to be dusty anymore. Here are a few types of dusty dudes. Women if you’re dating someone like this, shame of you! Men if you are like any of these guys, its time for you to upgrade your game.

$200 Drug Dealer- This is the dusty dude that gets $100 worth of drugs, flips it one time and now thinks he’s Niño Brown or Scarface. He made $100 and now thinks he’s in the game. He thinks he’s a real hustler. These types of guys are very low-budget and stay dusty. He’s making the same $100 every time. This will be the guy with the alarm system and a gun waiting for someone to rob him. They have these delusions of grandeur. I’ve said a million times to leave the drug game alone. The game is NOT the same and the streets just aren’t in most of you. Step it up guys.

Dusty Stick Up Kid- This is the guy that you always see getting into some shit. He tries to be the world’s biggest gangster. Always trying to rob or set someone up. What a lot of people fail to realize is that these rah-rah type of guys in your neighborhood, are the MAIN INFORMANTS. Do NOT get it twisted. This is why they can get away with doing all that crazy shit. You always read and see the cops having the confidential informant. That’s the dusty stick up kid. He earns everyone’s trust. People trust him because he’s acting crazy and you think he’s just a down ass dude. Nope, he’s dry snitching.

Dusty Aspiring Rapper- This is probably one of the most common dusty dudes. There’s really nothing wrong with being an aspiring rapper because there are people with real talent. The thing is for everyone guy with real talent, real drive and can make good music, you have a million guys that just want to smoke weed and do what they see in rap videos. They really don’t have any skill and look at rap as a lazy hustle. Just a lazy way to come up. It’s time to charge this type of thinking to the game. Focus on more.

Dusty Baby Daddy- Another common dusty dude. The dusty baby daddy is the community baby daddy. This is the dusty dude that has nothing going on so he tries to knock up as many hoodrats as he can. He just lives off the hoodrats. He knows they will get government assistance so he lives off that. He’s not worrying about child support because he doesn’t have any money. If he has a job, it’s some $100 a week part-time shit. Basically nothing you can live off of. For him, knocking up hoodrats is a come up. This is a major problem because all it does is keep the dusty cycle going.

I can’t keep stressing how important it is to step your game up. You want to be a man about everything you do. Living a dusty lifestyle is not going to cut. Want the best for yourself people, I know I do.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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15 Responses to Don’t Be A Dusty Dude

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Funny thing you mentioned the how they used to check in the pj’s for men.

    I never knew that, but on MSNBC just yesterday, I heard a woman talking about it.

    The wanna-be rapper is 1 of the worst dusty dudes.

    Drug dealing is so played out and so 1990’s. I really can’t believe ppl still hussle.

    • Yeah that was a big thing back then. Even to this day to get certain government benefits (section 8) you can’t have a man living in a house.

      Yup, you probably seem them in your facebook/twitter/instagram feed everyday. Spaming music all day.

      With everyone dry snitching, the game is NOT the same.

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    I was just talking about the Dusty Baby Daddy situation the other day. Someone I know got one of those living off of her assistance and proud about it…it pisses me off!!!

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    One other thing..women holler I am Independent I got this and so on to justify why they be laying up with these broke down dusty ass men, instead of telling their sorry ass to go get a damn job at least look for one. Hell when I leave my house for work every day, every body getting the hell out, either you going to school (kids) or work or looking for some! ***I can go in on this one**

  4. It’s really a fucked up mindset to have. It’s a low budget mindset to have. A lot of being just get too comfortable. I’m trying not to keep sounding like a broken record with these post.

  5. mp11312 says:

    Good stuff man. Like I’ve always said, this is another epidemic that exists because there are women out there with low standards that accept these dudes in their lives. These dudes can single handedly handicap a woman’s life for years depending on the situation.

    It almost goes back to that state of black male culture we talked about a while back. We gotta have bigger aspirations than rims, Jordan’s, and clothes.

  6. bossymoksie says:

    I didn’t know about that section 8 rule!
    I think women confuse the independence with letting guys off the hook. I completely agree with you that women have lowered they’re standards with men and if they only raised them, men would rise to the occasion!
    I don’t think independence is bad in and of itself. And living off welfare isn’t being independent! You are letting people’s taxes take care of you!

    • Yeah a lot of people didn’t know that about section 8. Like I told Kenny, that’s true to this day.

      Yes, the same could be said for men. Overall, it’s time for people to wake up. These programs can’t be around forever. That’s for another day.

      Independence is GREAT! I’m motivated by independence. hahah welfare is not independence. I’m not against government assistance because some people really do need. Some people need help with their situations. It bothers me when people are comfortable with just getting assistance. It’s suppose to assist to get on your feet and you can be on your own.

  7. offdadome says:

    dusty dudes and their delusions of grandeur lol, always teaching me something Reem, wasn’t aware of the Section rule.

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