I’m A Misogynistic Pig! Wait, What?

I’ve been getting emails from women who have been trying to get on my case. They’ve been reading a lot of my old post and they keep saying, “Reema I love the chronicles but you’re so hard on the women!” “I read your old stuff and you disrespect women so much.” “I’m disappointed in you Reema!” WOW ladies! You guys are really trying to go in on me. I actually take offense to the women taking offense. I have never disrespected women. I love women, especially Black women. Other races can still call me maybe (if I was single of course haha). My grandmother was a beautiful Black woman, my mother is a beautiful Black woman and my girl is a beautiful Black woman. I really do take offense to women saying I’m disrespectful towards women. The thing with me is that I don’t like Hoodrats and I don’t like Black feminist. These two types of women don’t represent all women. The minute I criticize these two types of women, I’m a woman basher. That’s 100% bullshit. I will fight Hoodrats and Black feminist until my last breath. Black feminist and Hoodrats are disruptive to the Black community as a whole. A lot of women with these characteristics get offended and I don’t really care. Ladies, sometimes the truth hurts. I know a lot of the people in your life don’t want to tell you the truth because they don’t want to upset you. With the rise of Hyena ass dudes, a lot of women aren’t use to dealing with a real man. I’m what you would call a REAL ASS MAN! I don’t have a problem telling you the truth whether you like it or not. When you hear some real shit, it shouldn’t upset you. A woman who understands the game can always respect the truth. The women that like my stuff are all attractive. The chronicle female audience consists of top-notch women. Women that don’t like me are women that aren’t about anything. So of course they’re going to be mad. Women that like the chronicles respect the game and don’t have a chip on their shoulders. The game is threatening for Hoodrats and lackluster women. Hoodrats and lackluster women get over on hoping men don’t know the truth; hoping men don’t know their true value. They don’t want guys like me breaking this game down. They know you won’t be messing with them. I have a thing about being phony. I’m just not good at it. It’s easier from me to just keep it 100. I keep it mackish at all times. Also, I don’t like men talking shit about the game either. These captain save a ho ass dudes. Every once in a while I get a few dudes talking crazy. I have a problem with men like this because they put a black eye on the game. Guys like me try to help men like that out. They don’t appreciate it and have a feminize mind-set. These are the guys saying, “I don’t need the game”, “All that shit Reema talks about I know that already.” That kills me when I hear shit like this. Usually these guys have an ugly ass chick and no game. I got an email from this one guy saying that his friends read the chronicles but he doesn’t need it. He just wanted to say much respect to what I do. He already has a girl and the game is not really for him. He was just bragging on his women. I seen this dude’s girl and it was a hot mess haha. These are the main guys that need game. I see some of the women you dudes are dating. The women you guys are brown-nosing with aren’t even 5s. They’re 2s and 3s. A lot of you say my stuff is “common sense” and I 100% agree with you. It’s all about game, intelligence and common sense. The dating game is all about using common sense. Common sense, intelligence and game. The problem is a lot of you aren’t using common sense. Wifing up hoodrats is not using common sense, banging anything is not using common sense. Tricking off your money is not using common sense. We have to take care of the common sense part before we get into game and intelligence. The game and intelligence are going to go over your head if you’re not grounded in common sense. Some days I talk about common sense, some days I talk about game with strategies and techniques and some days I talk about intelligence which is the history part of the game. Don’t send me anymore crazy emails. For my real men and women that respect the game, we’re going to keep this movement going. We’re making history and I want you guys to be a part of that. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about true to the game day!


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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20 Responses to I’m A Misogynistic Pig! Wait, What?

  1. Sunshine says:

    Lol you went in mister but I dig it. You definitely always keep it 100%. Sometimes it may not be what we want to hear but it’s the truth.

  2. LizEccentric7 says:

    Question: What is the definition of a hood rat? This term is not used where I live. You have a right to your own opinions. It’s your blog….

    • A hoodrat is a woman that’s a damn loser. She has nothing going on in her life and doesn’t want to do better in life. She’s ok with a government check every month. She will have a lot of kids just to keep getting more government assistance. Basically someone all men should stay away from. You have to read some of my archive stuff where I go a little deeper into it.

  3. mp11312 says:

    Say it with yo chest Reema!

  4. serenityluv1 says:

    First of all you have to keep in mind most women are not honest with themselves, it’s one our biggest downfalls, therefore, they can’t handle when someone else is honest with them. Only the guilty will be offended. I been reading your material for quite some time and I haven’t thought of being disrespectful. Hey but you gotta love their opinion. They are entitled to feel how they feel, I guess…shrugs…#TEAMREEMA

    • #teamreema is right! Like I said before, a lot of women aren’t used to dealing with a real ass man. A lot of guys now are scared to say certain things because they don’t want to jeopardize their chances of sex. Some women have to realize that the truth doesn’t mean disrespect.

      You respect the truth and the game that’s why we can chop up game and keep it 100 with each other. Most of the women that like my stuff are dimes and women with their shit together.

    • bossymoksie says:

      I agree. I see girls arguing with SocialKenny on his blog posts on things we all know women do. Of course we will take advantage of free drinks. Of course we will talk to you , if we really like you, even if you don’t buy us drinks…etc.
      Reema is hard on women, but on guys too (and all in the same post!)

      • Yes I am. But that’s the way I have to be sometimes. The women that respect the game and like myself are dimes, have their shit together and are just cool. The women that don’t like me are all messed up. No one wants them anyway. They want to hang on to whatever simps they can get. I say keep them. Let us all chop it up without you guys 🙂

  5. serenityluv1 says:

    I love the fact that you noted your love for Black WOMEN and why…your mother & grandmother are black women and your women. Hoodrats are only good for entertainment! LOL

    • Hoodrats and Black feminist always try to say, “he only likes White women”. Just because I won’t fuck with you guys doesn’t mean I don’t love Black women. You guys don’t represent all Sistas. That’s a big problem in this country. The Black people are always judged by the worst kind of Black people (hoodrats, black feminist, dusty dudes). I digress on that. That’s a post for another day

  6. SillyG says:

    Love your posts Reema! Don’t always agree with you but rarely have felt you disrespect. Only thing that makes me mad is the feminist shit…. you use a broad stoke and talk about the extreme, and my bet is you are talking about women who spew feminist lines but know little about it. If you love women, like your mom and grandmother and all black women then you have to have to agree that they should be treated well in this world! (love you respect the ladies here!!)

    • Yes, I 100% agree that black women should be treated well in this world. The problem I have with Black feminist is that they’re on the Black men ain’t shit and I just can’t co-sign that. Also, to call yourself a Black feminist would mean that Black men have something in this country that Black women don’t have and I can’t think of anything. If someone can show me that, I will not have any issues with Black feminist. I don’t see any Black feminist even coming out to support Travon Martin’s mom. Again, until I see some proof of what Black men have in this country that Black women don’t, I will fight Black feminist.

      • SillyG says:

        Okay, I usually keep my mouth shut when you talk feminism for a few reasons…mostly cause im a white chick 🙂 but need ramble back here
        “Black feminist” Ethnicity and woman are both at play. Two things discriminated against for. You should be proud they don’t just say “feminist”! It means they are fighting for the rights of both. It really shouldn’t be against black men specifically – but against a society that discriminates. Maybe its just that black men are the easiest targets at at this point in history, maybe those are the only men around, maybe they are extra angry because no one is paying attention? And there probably are gender inequities. I don’t know. But I will tell you, in my mind a black feminist should have fought for the Martins. They should recognize that young, black, poor men are the most disenfranchised part of the US population and fight for that. If they aren’t then they are just a “feminist”

  7. Every race is welcome to chop up game here. I know a lot of thorough White cats that understand the game. I chop it up with them all the time. Black feminist are useless as far as any progression in the Black community. They’re totally used to keep the Black community in check and keep a negative mindset with Black women. Black men are demonized all the time and I don’t see any Black feminist coming to our defense. They usually join right in. I’m not trying to create a negative vibe or stigmatize anyone. I just call out what needs to be corrected. I’m a equal opportunity offender. I get at everyone. We have to see the real disrespect that comes our way. I’ve come out and talked about movies like The Blind Side, The Help, Precious and talked about how negative they are to Black women/Black men. I’ve talked about understanding the whole race hustle and understanding real Black history. Again, until I see Black Feminist and Hoodrats make any positive contribution to the Black community, I will fight them.

  8. bossymoksie says:

    “I seen this dude’s girl and it was a hot mess haha. These are the main guys that need game. I see some of the women you dudes are dating. The women you guys are brown-nosing with aren’t even 5s. They’re 2s and 3s.”

  9. offdadome says:

    keep calling it as it is Reema, those chicks are fretting because they feel like you’re speaking directly to them!

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