Ask & You Shall Receive- More Responses To Reader Emails

Continued From Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

1. Does height matter with getting women? I’m only 5’5 and I feel like women over look me because of my height. I was thinking of buying these shoes that make you taller. Thoughts?

Height doesn’t matter. It’s all about your confidence. It’s about being comfortable with your height. If you’re insecure about your height, that insecurity will come out and be a turnoff to women. I’m not just saying that because I’m 5’9 and the game works for me. Yes, I’ve mastered my look and I’m best dressed. That doesn’t change anything about my height though. NO, you SHOULD NOT buy any shoes that make you taller. That actually sounds moist. True to the game men don’t wear heels on any other shit like that. That’s a major violation of the game. You don’t have to do any of that. My game crew is all guys over 6 ft tall. When we go out, dimes choose up on me all the time. Women that are taller and shorter than me. My confidence and vibe make women want to be around me. Even if I was a midget, I would still have the same confidence. I would still pull dimes. Don’t let your height mess with you.

2. What’s up Reema? This kid from my job told me he was fucking my girl. I didn’t believe him at first but he showed me flicks of them together and everything. I’ve been with her for four years. I took her to the movies so we could talk about everything and she tried to put everything on me. She told me I don’t give her enough attention. Where do I go from here?

I remember this one. Yeah I told him to let you know about your girl. Wait, you took her to the movies? I don’t believe you man. HAHA I think you’re just fucken with me. You find out your girl is banging the homie and you take her to the movies? I’m playing some Keith Sweat for you while I type this. This girl is taking you through a merry-go-round. You have to let a slut be a slut. There was nothing you could do. The problem with a lot of guys is that you want to save women. You see a slut and you want to change her. You CAN’T save women. That’s not what the game is about. Also, don’t think this was a reflection of you. Women like this get off on doing shit there not suppose to do. That’s just slut behavior. Don’t think about what you should have done better because it doesn’t matter. She was going to do this to whoever she was dealing with. You will be fine. You have to step your game up before you get back in the dating field. Hit me up with your progress.

3. I’m 18 and my girl is 18. We’ve been dating for a while and she went away to go to college. She use to call me every night and now she doesn’t. She says she still likes me but I always think negative because I think she has other dudes. I want everything to go back to normal. I really like her and I don’t want to charge her to the game for now. I don’t see why she treats me different because I have a lot of girls on my dick and she thinks I’m fucking them. I want to learn how to handle this situation. What should I do?

Ok, so you guys were hanging out and she went off to college. Now she’s acting brand new on you. This is a common thing that a lot of guys will be going through in the next few weeks. I’m going to do some game for my college guys. What you have to understand is that when women go off to college, their whole vibe changes. They’re in a new environment and being exposed to different things. People just grow and for any relationship to work, you have to grow together. It sounds like you’re still doing the same shit. You really shouldn’t be in a serious relationship anyway. You can’t get into a serious relationship at such a young age. A lot of you young guys kill me with relationships at 18 and 19. You have to go through your player stage and she has to go through her attention whore stage. I’ve said this a million times already. Just let this one go and charge this situation to the game. Also, I got the picture you sent me. STOP belly aching over non dimes. You shouldn’t even be messing with a chick like this. Keep your standards my dude. As a man, your stock is going to increase with age. Don’t worry about relationships right now. Just focus on your game and you should be ok.

4. How many times should you call a girl if she doesn’t answer her phone?

This is a good question. If you call a girl once, she doesn’t answer her phone and you leave a message, you have to let her call you back. If she doesn’t call, move on. Now if you’ve been hanging out with a girl and you have established a vibe with her, the max would be three times. Anymore than that and you’re just one of her followers. She’s ignoring you. You have to remember that if a female is this hard to get at; she’s not even worth it. The game is not about competition, it’s about cooperation. You can call her a million times and it won’t matter. This is why I’m not big on getting numbers. Women will give their number out like its nothing. It’s really not hard to get a woman’s number. It doesn’t mean anything. Some women like to have a bunch of dudes sweating them. Some women like the fact that they can play goofy phone games and screen their calls. See a lot of guys get caught up in the thrill of the chance. You want to win a woman over. You want it to be difficult. I don’t like all that shit. I like cooperation. Come at me cool and we can roll together. I have too much important shit going on to be chasing after women. That’s the mentality you need to have right now. You have to value your time. Start using this strategy and you should be good.

5. I have a boyfriend and when I go out, guys still try to get my number. How do I turn down guys without seeming stuck up?

It really depends on where you are. You can be as diplomatic as possible and some guys are still dicks about it. It’s like a catch 22 because if you’re too nice, some guys will keep trying and if you’re too mean, some guys might bug out. The best form of security is prevention. You have to hangout in better places. Stop hanging around thirsty ass dudes. Stop being an attention whore, you have a dude. If you hangout in classier places, you won’t even have to worry about that. Next time you’re in this situation just say, “Hey you seem cool. I have a boyfriend and he doesn’t like me getting other guys numbers.” Men will respect that and leave you alone

This has been another installment of ask & you shall receive. Keep the emails coming guys. I LOVE chopping up game with you all!


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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16 Responses to Ask & You Shall Receive- More Responses To Reader Emails

  1. Sunshine says:

    Good job sir reema! This is all really good advice. And I cannot believe that guy took his girl to the movies. I’m sure he paid for it too which is crazy cuz she’s probably hoe-ing plus there is just no place to have a talk like that.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Only have time to respond to the 1st-guy’s e-mail.

    I’m 6’2,so I generally don’t have this height complex,so I can’t speak from a short man’s point of view. I don’t even have any advice to give him apart from what you said Reema. I just didn’t know height was an issue for men.

  3. aneroidocean says:

    “Height doesn’t matter. It’s all about your confidence.”

    I understand what you’re saying, but the guy might not completely. Height matters. It matters to some small subset of women, just like the color of your skin might, or the color of your hair/eyes. Things like this you cannot change, and you shouldn’t take it personally if a girl doesn’t like you. What if a girl was a blonde and you like brunettes only? Should she be offended? No.

    Do you have it a bit harder than men of average height or taller? Sure, but how much harder is entirely up to you. I have a friend who’s 5’5″ and he’s constantly surrounded by and fucks hot girls. As Reema said, it’s ALL about your confidence. Improve what you can about yourself, women are WAY less concerned with one specific physical attribute than men.

    “This is a good question. If you call a girl once, she doesn’t answer her phone and you leave a message, you have to let her call you back. If she doesn’t call, move on.”

    Good advice overall. I’d still send a text if you don’t get a call back from her. Most women don’t check their voicemail and it’s totally possible to be in an area with bad reception and not ever get the “missed call” notification on your phone.

    “Women will give their number out like its nothing.”

    Young girls (12-16) in my area for some of the bigger events at the beach will actually write their real phone numbers in sharpie on their backs above their asses. It’s fucking sad.

    “5. I have a boyfriend and when I go out, guys still try to get my number. How do I turn down guys without seeming stuck up?”

    I’m flattered, but I’m not interested and I have a boyfriend

  4. This is all good game aneriodocean! I’m not surprised about the young girls doing that.

  5. bossymoksie says:

    I can’t believe that dude even wanted to talk to his girl after seeing proof that she was cheating on him!
    Good advice on the phone. I hate it when guys call and call and call. And yes, I tell ALL my friends about how I’m being harassed.

    • You know somethings just don’t surprise with the game anymore. A lot of men are in situations like that. Most of them end up getting back together with the girl. This guy is looking to make a change which is great. A lot of guys love to talk about how they don’t need game. Those are the same ones with whack chicks.

      You already know how I feel about cooperation. Once I started using that technique and it started working, I can never go back.

  6. mp11312 says:

    Great stuff as always man. Especially like your response on number 4 out of all of them!

  7. serenityluv1 says:

    Yeah most short men have a complex. I don’t date short guys I’m too tall. LOL! But alot of them will surprise they don’t lack length where needed. **well from what I’ve heard or seen by flashers** lol

    • Fuck that! It’s all about your confidence. A lot of women always say they don’t date short guys. If you keep your game crisp dimes will choose up on you regardless of your height. You won’t get all women but the game is about cooperation. I’m only 5’9 and women of all heights like me haha.

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