Chivalry Is Officially Dead!

I’m just going to get into the game. Men, chivalry is just not the business right now. A lot of women will say, “I want a man who is a gentleman”, “I want a man who is chivalrous”, “I want a man who knows how to treat a lady.” Bullshit! Guys don’t fall for that. You cannot treat women this way because they will look at it as a sign of weakness. That’s a sad reality of the game right now. I’ve always had a rule that I don’t open car doors for women. Even in my super simp days, I didn’t open car doors. I don’t do that to be rude because I’m polite. You can be polite without being chivalrous. See women like to talk about how rude men are today and men don’t know how to treat women. The thing is, men don’t want to mistreat women. It’s just that a lot of women won’t appreciate you unless you mistreat them. A lot of women don’t respect a man who is accommodating and chivalrous. Women won’t date men for being too nice. Guys how many times have you heard that? Guys don’t play the nice guy role like certain women want them to. They know they won’t get respect like that. I’m not talking about the simps who love to roll out the red carpet. I’m talking about the guys women want to date. This is why certain guys are assholes and rude to women. I don’t agree with being rude to women. I believe in being polite to people. Again you don’t have to be polite to be chivalrous. Like if I’m leaving a building I will hold the door. That’s for everyone though. That’s just common courtesy. As far as me making an effort to open a door, I’m cool. The whole concept of being chivalrous is really an old school thing. Back then a lot of men knew they were stronger than women so they would do certain things to assist them. “You don’t have to lift that bucket of water I got it”. “You don’t have to move that piece of meat I got it”. It was that kind of vibe. It was a general respect thing. Back in my prospect days, I went out for drinks with this girl I met online. I went inside to get her. It’s time to go out and I just get inside my car. She’s just standing outside my car looking at me. She says, “Reema aren’t you going to open the car door for me?” I say, “Hell no. Girl get your ass in this car!” That’s the motto for all my dudes right now. Girl get your ass in this car! The funny thing about this girl is that I just found out she’s trying to get into porn haha. She’s just fun fucking and playing musical dicks like it’s nothing. I already knew her mentality, so I definitely wasn’t going to be cupcaking. Deep down women know that chivalry stuff is just a way to get sex. A guy stops being a gentleman after about the 3rd time to he hits it. Ladies, think about all the guys that were gentleman. After the 3rd time, that gentleman shit went out the window didn’t it? Women know the game. You have to let women know you’re not going to do all of that just for sex because that’s not the most important thing. You’re cool, she’s cool. We’re feeling each other and I’m not going to do any of that extra shit. Just let everything be. That’s the mentality I have with women. That’s the mentality you MUST have with women. What you guys need to know is that women don’t like simps, but they may need a simp down the line. Women like to know they have a simp on stand by. A simp they can control at their disposal. Just like men need sluts. You may not like a slut but when you’re going through a drought, you need her help to get your freak on. Guys LOVE to act like they love sluts. The thing with men is that we’re not good at being fake. A man will go out, see a woman and say, “You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Wow you are so beautiful”. The minute she says something he doesn’t like he says, “Fuck you then! You’re not good-looking anyway”. Men will switch it up real quick haha. Women like to hold on to the gentleman thing. You always hear women saying, “Chivalry isn’t dead”, “Real men open doors for women”. When women get around each other the truth comes out. “Girl this man was sucking up to me the whole night. He had flowers, he was opening doors and it was such a turnoff.” The real reason why I 100% know women don’t like chivalry is because there are more simps than true to the game dudes. And, women aren’t dating them seriously. They will keep them around on some trick shit. Hey my hours at work got cut, can you pay these bills? If women were so serious about dating men like this, why aren’t they dating them? Why aren’t women hanging out at these strip clubs? A lot of guys are tricking off their paychecks. It’s because women don’t like that shit. They like a man with a little attitude, with an edge and who is confident enough to not go out of his way to impress her. That’s what you guys have to be. Stop going out of your way to impress women. Stop running to her side of the car door. Remember, “Girl get your ass in this car!” It’s all about respect and being on an equal level. When a woman tries to pressure you into being a gentleman or tricking off some money, “Girl get your ass in this car!” Keep your game crisp and get off the chivalry shit. Doing this will keep you working towards becoming true to the game.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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8 Responses to Chivalry Is Officially Dead!

  1. Sunshine says:

    you’re totally right about women liking a man with a little edge to him, something to keep them interested. 100% chivalry may not be necessary but guys must have at little chivalry in them. Just like men, we want someone who will do a little something extra for us every now and then. Its just human nature to wanted to be ‘spoiled’ a little bit

  2. Yes, balance is key. Even through all my mackishness, I will do something chivalrous like let Little Lucille use my favorite pillow haha

  3. mp11312 says:

    Yeah, I have to agree to a certain extent. Growing up I was taught by my parents to be that way, but once I saw how women would appreciate that kind of thing, but then take advantage of it to the extreme, I changed my ways. Every now and then I’ll do something nice, but it’s no where close to how I used to be. Funny that the ex’s that took advantage of me in the past wanted the old me where I was just chivalrous all the time, lol.

    • The problem with men is that they’re not being chivalrous because they like to do it. They’re trying to do that for sex. Women already know that and that’s why it doesn’t work. Brown-nosing with women is just going to leave you in the friend zone or trick bag. Doing nice shit with women is not a bad thing. Personally I like to do fly shit. Whether I’m with a girl or not. So when I do those things with my girl she’s just joining me. I’m not going out of my way to impress. That’s the type of vibe you need right now. As long as you respect the game it will work for you

  4. SillyG says:

    Chivalry is not “opening doors” is about acting like a distinguished and ‘knightly’ way. For some reason we have used opening car doors and such bs as the sign of this. Men act awkward about it, do it to impress, and women use it as a test. Stupid. Nothing chivalrous about that at all.
    Lets define chivalry in a 2012 way…. you said it above Reema “do fly shit”.

  5. bossymoksie says:

    I agree, if a dude wants to do it, and consistently does it, then great. But it’s BS when he does it the first few dates then drops it. Lame. And we can tell it’s fake! But you know I like being spoiled so I will take it!
    I like this line ‘Women like to know they have a simp on stand by. A simp they can control at their disposal. Just like men need sluts.’ so true!

  6. haha I already know how you get down. That’s why I said the balance is key. Nothing wrong with doing those things it just has to be done at the right time

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