Should You Take It slow Or Charge Her To The Game?

This post was inspired by the homie blackmenuncesored. Click the link and follow his blog. The other day he wrote a post talking about the difficulties with women meeting up for dates. Certain women who are showing you obvious interest but not trying to meet up with you. I get emails and meet a lot of men in this same situation. Here’s the thing guys, you MUST know the difference between women wanting to take it slow, and women who are just wasting time. I’ve always advocating closing the deal and putting your bid in EARLY! Especially in the summer months. The summer theme is about closing the deal and not wasting time with certain women. Of course some of you take shit way too far, go overboard with Twimping and being super thirsty. You don’t have to do all of that. I think the problem with a lot of guys is that you believe everything women tell you. You take everything women say and do for face value. You have to understand the hustle some women are running on you guys. Something true to the game is going to happen to you everyday. You just need to have your third eye open to catch these things. That’s what I’m here to help you guys with. Let me give you a few tips on when taking it slow is actually cool in the game.

1. She Just Wants To Get To Know You Better- This is probably the most common reason why women say they want to take it slow. Sometimes it’s really just that simple. She wants to get to know you better before you take it to the next level. When it’s presented this way, I have nothing but respect for the female. I say the exact same thing when women try to get me to buy them shit. “Look I want to get to know you better before I buy you anything. I don’t do things like that for women I don’t know.” The respect goes both ways on that. If a woman says that to you, you should respect that.

2. She Just Got Out Of A Marriage- If a woman says she wants to take it slow while she waits for her divorce to be final, that’s cool in the game. Some women don’t want to be married and messing with you because that could be considered cheating. It can also become this big ordeal. Men are more bitchmade than EVER! You don’t want some simp ex husband trying to bust through your windows while you’re enjoying some alone time. Not mackish guys. I know that sounds extreme, but this is where the game can save your life.

3. She Wants To Be Careful About Who She Brings Her Kids Around- I know a lot of you have heard women say this before. I always think back to the three strike post with the guy that wasn’t allowed to come over to the girl’s house because of her kids but she wanted him to help out financially. It’s obvious she was trying to put this guy in a trick bag. Sometimes it is really sincere though. I do think it’s ok to date women with kids (shocking I know). The woman was in a relationship or had kids with a guy she thought was going to be around long-term. You can make that work if she’s coming at you talking right. It’s perfectly fine to respect certain boundaries. Wanting to take it slow for the kids is understandable. If you find yourself in this situation, roll with it. What you should NOT be doing is dating a hoodrat with a gang of kids. You guys already know how I feel about hoodrats.

4. Intimacy progresses- I know you guys remember Little Mariah. She was a 26-year-old virgin I met online back in my prospect days (RIP). I tried to close the deal a few times and it wasn’t happening. My third eye told me something wasn’t right. She confessed to me that she was a virgin. I was faced with a decision. I decided to continue seeing her because the intimacy between us gradually progressed. It started with kissing, then hand jobs, then finger action, then her putting the lip stick on the magic stick and finally I went ahead and beat it up. I closed that deal in a few dates compared to the other guys she dated for months and even years. What made me different? Again, something true to the game happens to you everyday. I went ahead and took control. Plus, the progression made the wait worth it and the sexual tension was strong.

5. She’s Trying To Focus On School Or Career- A lot of times when a female tells you she’s busy, it’s because she is busy with the next dude. I’ve always told you guys to think this way so I take full responsibility for that. Sometimes though, she really is focusing on school or her career. If she has a legitimate project she is focused on that’s a good reason for her to want to take it slow. Also, you only want to date women who are bringing more than sex and looks to the table. You should always respect a woman about her paper. Sometimes a girl is in a situation where she doesn’t want any distraction. You want to just make sure her actions match up to what she’s telling you. Being involved with someone new can stop your focus. Don’t trip if she wants to take it slow to focus on some paper.

Now on the flip side, you have to know when to charge her to the game because she is just wasting your time. That’s a topic for another day.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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24 Responses to Should You Take It slow Or Charge Her To The Game?

  1. SillyG says:

    all good reasons to take it slow… but all can also be ‘excuses’ when they are just wasting your time. I’m very busy with work when I’m stringing along a maybe guy….

  2. mp11312 says:

    Thanks for the love man. On the last point, this chick would always say she’s busy but when I asked what she was up to she would say she’s on a date. So then I stopped communicating with her and she agrees to a date. Then I hit her up like 2 days later and she says she’s on another date. She got charged just because I’m not going to play the dating games.

    • Fuck that! Good thing you charged her to the game. She sounds goofy as hell man. I will keep stressing this a million times over and over. It’s all about cooperation when dealing with women. Since you’re busy with work and you don’t have time like that to go out, I suggest you start giving women your number and have them call you. It takes a lot of confidence to instruct women when to call you.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Totally. Just because she says she wants to take it slow doesn’t mean she’s not into you just like Liittle Mariah. Too bad she ended getting charged anyway

  4. serenityluv1 says:

    All very good as usual. Number 1 is a hot mess though, can I get a few gifts during the getting to know you better process? please…lol

    • Why do you need gifts? You don’t get to know someone by giving them gifts. Good conversation is all you need. Stop trying to put dudes in a trick bag.

      • serenityluv1 says:

        Blame the game, it’s what I am use to. I am not like most women though I am not very materialistic I don’t need all the gucci and all. I just need to know that you are looking for more than sex so it’s an investment. Unless you are straight up with me and saying I just want to sex you…

      • Listen I have no problem buying shit.The money part is not the issue. I just need more for me to spend my money. I don’t met women will my wallet out.

  5. serenityluv1 says:

    I can relate to all these but I have to say I do like my men to spend money on me, that makes me ready to give in…money make me wet! Sorry, so if dude act stingy with the funds we won’t make it. I’m not saying you got to shower me with gifts on the first day…but you will be required to spend money.

    • Reminds me of that Rick Ross song. Because I treat my game as being sacred I can’t just meet women and start pulling out the red carpet. That just doesn’t work for me. If we chop it up and everything is cool, I have no problem spending a little money. You just have to earn it.

      • serenityluv1 says:

        So now you putting the woman in the trick bag, we gotta work for the money?! LOL! SMH double standards again. Spend the money and sing this song **it aint trickin if you got it**

      • YES, you have to bring more to the table for it. If you want me to spend my money, you need to bring more to the table than looks and sex. Looks won’t do anything for me because getting dimes is the standard not the exception for me. That’s just the way it works when you’re dealing with someone that is true to the game. If you want someone to just spend money on you, go to the local strip club and use some game haha.

        It’s definitely still tricking if you got it because you have to have it to trick off in the first place! You can’t trick nothing.

  6. serenityluv1 says:

    Reblogged this on Love, Life and Relationships and commented:
    I have to reblog this one!

  7. I’m feeling this post. Those are good reasons to give it some time. As long as those reasons have expiration dates. If it’s some 6-month work project, you should probably let her know you’ll call her in 5.5 months from now. Same thing if she’s waiting for her toddler to start school.

  8. haha yes, you are a special contributor for the chronicles. That means I want to see more comments from you. Also, I can’t read some of your private post. You never added me to the list.

  9. bossymoksie says:

    LOL at number one! (And Serenityluv’s reaction)
    I would be so MAD if a dude said that to me, because there is no way I could argue with that. Damn.
    Those are some good reasons. Can’t wait for the sequel.
    This is also good for those guys that are used to girls dropping everything to be with them at the beginning, only to find out later how needy she is. Some girls have other things going on, and some guys are not comfortable or respectful about it!

  10. Serenity is always saying something haha. That response is really a great one because like you said, you can’t argue with that. I’m working on the sequel right now.

    It’s very important for your girl to bring more to the table than looks and sex. I’m cool with my girl living her own life and making money. I’ll always have the most respect for a women about her money.

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