Are You A Lion Or Hyena? Strong Men Vs. Weak Men

I was watching the National Geographic Channel (don’t judge) and they were showing something on Lions and Hyenas. It talked about how Lions and Hyenas are mortal enemies. Lions and Hyenas have been going at it for years. This got me thinking; Lions and Hyenas represent what’s going with men right now. This represents how men are interacting right now. Quick jungle history lesson. Lions represent the king of the jungle. Lions represent strength and courage. Lions have a patriarchal society. This means the male Lion runs the show and the male Lion is the boss. The male Lion is the most respected animal in the jungle. That’s because the male Lion demands that respect. Lions have always been well-respected because of the structure and order they have. Then you have Hyenas. Hyenas are completely different from Lions. Hyenas have a matriarchal society. This means the female Hyena runs the show and the female Hyena is head in charge. Whenever you have women in charge of a population that will pose a threat. That weakens the population. Not to say women are weak, but where there is not physical strength at the gate, it can be infiltrated. This will then cause the population to scavenge. Hyenas are the scavengers of the jungle. Hyenas run in packs, get leftovers from the Lions and there only strength is in numbers. There’s a shit load of them. In today’s society, the Lions have been out numbered by the Hyenas. Weak men have outnumbered the strong men. There are a lot of Hyenas running around and not enough Lions. There aren’t enough men right now stepping up to the plate with manhood, having rules, having integrity and having standards they will uphold. Having their women in check in a positive way. What we do have is a bunch of thirsty ass dudes out in the game. We have a whole society of men without standards, rules and integrity. Just running a muck and taking leftovers. This is a BIG problem. Are you a Lion or Hyena? Guys I want you to really look at yourself and ask yourself, “Am I a Lion or Hyena?”, “Am I going to step up my game?”, “Am I gonna have rules?”, “Am I gonna be the king of my domain?” Or, “Am I gonna be a trick?”,”Am I gonna follow my woman?”, “Am I gonna follow other Hyenas ass dudes?”, “Am I gonna fuck hoodrats?” Men, what are you going to be? The Hyena tendencies really need to stop. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a bunch of thirsty dudes. You go to a club and you can’t even get in without a bunch of men sweating women before they get in. That’s Hyena shit. You go to the mall and see 10 guys around 3 girls. That’s Hyena shit. I think it’s the worst online. Unfortunately, Twimping is at an all time high. A girl can’t even log on to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter without having 30 guys brown-nosing and sweating her. “You look good”, “Damn girl you fine as wine”, “Yup you bad!”, “Let’s fuck”. C’mon guys, that’s Hyena shit. Be a Lion, king, boss, true to the game and keep it mackish. This is all one in the same. They all represent the same thing. People always ask me, “Do you teach men how to trick women?” Absolutely NOT! Women already have too many Hyenas trying to trick them now. Women are choosing Hyenas but that’s for another post. Everyone that reads the chronicles and chops up game with me will tell you that I’ve never told guys to trick or deceit women. It’s all about having standards, integrity, rules and respecting the game. Being the man of your domain. Don’t be afraid to be a man about your shit. Bottom line is we have to get rid of Hyenas. I think I’m going to start my own day. Reema’s National True To The Game Day. This day will represent what being true to the game is all about. You will NOT be able to go to the strip club, chase after hoodrats, Twimp, or do any of the sucker shit men are doing right now. This day will be about handling business like a man and valuing yourself as a man. Let me go do that right now.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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20 Responses to Are You A Lion Or Hyena? Strong Men Vs. Weak Men

  1. Sunshine says:

    Love this comparison…makes a guy realize that its kinda like one or the other.
    You’re definitely a lion.

  2. Sunshine says:

    I really like the compasrions between the weak “hyenas” and the real men “Lions”, like hyenas “the weak” don’t have too much standards, they go after the weak, the dying, or the dead, nothing they have to work for. A Lion is definitely something someone should want to be catergorized as :)…interesting post 🙂

  3. mp11312 says:

    Amen Reema, that’s a great analogy. That’s why women have been on this power trip as it is because Hyenas, as you put it, are allowing this to happen. Something has to give at some point, cause I’m just tired of it too lol.

  4. Us true to the game dudes need to stand up and fight. No Simps, No Tricks. No Simps, No Tricks ahaha

  5. bossymoksie says:

    Twimp! That cracks me up. Also Hyenas are annoying. If only they knew. But it must work for them because so many of them keep acting that way.

  6. offdadome says:

    Nice comparison, I’ll choose a lion anyday! but I’m cracking up ‘cuz I’m picturing some dude with low self-esteem standing in front of the mirror asking himself “Am I a lion or a hyena?” lmao,

  7. Women should be choosing only lions!

    hahaha good! That should help them step it up

  8. Kui Gee says:

    great stuff-only strong man can win about your old post abt game,sex -picked a lot of lessons.i have a question -this girl we talk,i lead e interaction,do al tht sex eyes bt wen it comes escalation she resists ,even on the hand she might brush your hand and say sorry.smtimes when am teasing her she hits my shlder,playfuly slap ma face ey say thz are (IOI) bt when try simple escalation she says no.yes i lead on everything bt any physical contacted is resisted is she into me..nid help!

    • No she’s not into you. The game is about cooperation. You said yourself that when you try to get physical, she says no. You haven’t even kissed her yet. All the teasing and shit doesn’t count. It sounds like this girl has you in a trick bag. Are you buying her shit or paying her bills? Immediately charge her to the game and go get at women who are cooperating. Also your energy may be off. You might be coming off as being thirsty. Scale it back, focus on good conversation and women will start choosing you.

  9. serenityluv1 says:

    Love it…

  10. Kui Gee says:

    hey man thanx for the clarification the good thing is i wasn-t in the trick and am going to charge her the your game posts u talked attracting wmen with body language and its calming effect bt i didn,t quite get abt the voice shld it be a deep voice and why?where your photos? ..jus want to keep my game mackish.

  11. hahaha you’re funny man. Should your voice be deep? Don’t try to fake a deep voice homie. That’s just going to be fake and women can spot that from a mile away. Just go with your natural voice. As far as my pictures, aren’t you a dude? You shouldn’t be asking for my pictures. Keep your game mackish by not asking other dudes for pictures.

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