Are You In Violation Of The Game? Man Up Part 6 Summer Edition

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I’m back from my mini vacation with Little Lucille (wifey). It was a GREAT time. Man I love doing fly shit! Ok let’s get into some game. Last time we went over some game rules, the summer was a few weeks away. I wanted you all to be ready and prepared with your game. The first few weeks of summer have passed and a lot of you are still not following any man codes/game rules. The game will always work for those who respect it. Time for some more summer game rules.

6. Date Out Of Your League- The summer theme is all about being bold with your game. For that to happen, you guys have to start dating women who seem out of your league. It’s time to upgrade your game. If you think a woman is too good for you, that’s who you should be going at. A lot of men have a fear of women, especially dimes. This will help you get over that fear. You’re going to see that she will not bite you. You will then realize that she is in fact, not out of your league. It’s going to calm your game down. If you’re going to be in the dating scene, you might as well go for the gusto!

7. Take Responsibility For Your Game- This is a MUST! If a woman puts you in a trick bag, or looks at you as a simp, it’s your fault. You have allowed that to happen. Women will put you in whatever category you allow them to. If women are coming at you like a simp, it’s the type of energy you’re giving off. I get emails from men all the time asking me what to say when women test them. How to avoid her test. I tell them all the same thing. You MUST take responsibility for your game. Women don’t test men that are true to the game. Women will always come at you with 100% cooperation. Also, women will follow your lead so don’t get mad if she’s not letting you hit it, asking you for money or disrespecting you. Look in the mirror and take responsibility. That’s one of the things needed to become true to the game.

8. Keep Your Dental Game Right- I’ve been running into a lot of dudes with fucked up teeth. Not mackish and this is a MAJOR violation of the game. You can’t be on top of your game with messed up teeth. Your teeth will say a lot about you. People will respect you more with your teeth on point. If you let your teeth go, people can’t trust you. A lot of you just don’t put value in your dental game. Also, fly, respectable women look for this. They want a man with his teeth right. Make sure your dental game is up to par.

9. STOP Twimping- Twimping is simping on Twitter. This is a major violation of the game. A lot of you get on twitter and start simping with women you don’t even know. Every time a woman puts up a picture of herself looking sexy, she gets a bunch of replies from thirsty dudes brown-nosing, cupcaking, offering money and dates. This is the saddest shit ever. I don’t think some of you realize how sad this really is. Women are in groups laughing at you. Plus your twimping is out for the world to see. You can Google that shit haha. Also STOP Facebook and Instagram simping. A lot of women just put up those pics because they know thirsty guys will contact them. They love the attention and you don’t want to waste time with attention whores. Remember, you have to treat your game as being sacred. Only worthy for a select few.

10. Have Knowledge Of Yourself And Your History- This is for all races and nationalities. Whether you are White, Black, Spanish or Asian, you’re going to have to start having a thorough knowledge of yourself and your history. This is going to help your game. I always have guys telling me, “That post was deep man. I just want to know about dating and relationships though. Let’s get back to that part of the game. Not that history and all that other stuff.” I will say this again and again. The game is not all about dating and relationships. The game is a lifestyle, a movement. The game is about being the best man you can be in all aspects of your life. Of course getting attractive women is apart of that. When I talk about history, it’s to help you step your game up. Understanding who you are historically will bring a certain level of confidence. Notice the guys with thirsty ass game. They don’t know who they are. They will take whatever is giving to them. That’s what happens when you don’t know who you are. Always stay on top of your history.

Look out for more of the Man Up Series!


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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33 Responses to Are You In Violation Of The Game? Man Up Part 6 Summer Edition

  1. Sunshine says:

    haha stop twimping!! they might have to add that to webster’s dictionary or something. too funny!
    but you’re right some girls do it just to be attention whores but others do it because they want to show off how fine their significant other is. 😉

  2. mp11312 says:

    Twimping, lol you are stupid. #7 spoke to me the most though because a lot of us don’t take responsibility for our situations. Not that I’ve had some bad luck, but still I attract a lot of needy women. Had to make a change in what I accept in order for things to get better dating wise. Hopefully it pays off in the future. Good work as always!

  3. i agree with all! except…what is simping/twimping :o)

    • A simp is a guy that is always pulling out the red carpet for women. He likes to brown-nose with women. He thinks spending money on women will make them like him. Your “beta” as some of the PUA’s would say haha

      • Mz. Bambi says:

        No sis texted me and was like…”sis..would you have sex for money?” and I looked at my phone as though that shit grew eyes! I had to go in on why she needed to respect herself more than to allow a nga to come at her that way and think that it was perfectly okay. She said dude told her he would pay all of her bills if she just had sex with him on a continuous basis. I don’t know wtf category of bitchshit that would fall into – but to me, that was his efforts to trick and her intentions to get tricked. I don’t know how chicks do it and I know, giving up the pussy for free is frowned upon but if I’m enjoying the sex for what it is, why should I attach some form of favor to it?

      • It depends on the kind of tricking. A lot of women are giving it up for blunts and six packs of beer. Then they call themselves “hustlers”. That’s just hoodrat shit. I can’t knock a woman that’s about her paper. If she has dudes that are going to give her money for sex, get your money. I just say if you’re going to do it, do it right. Don’t be fucken for $50 like a lot of strippers do (that’s for another day). Also, a lot of dudes are so quick to trick that you can get money without even sleeping with them.

        If you are going to take the emotional part out of the sex then that’s cool in the game. A lot of women can’t do that.

  4. bossymoksie says:

    LOL on the teeth! And the twimping! So predictable. But I do it anyway. :-

  5. SillyG says:

    totally agree on the twimping! simping on FB! makes a guy look like a desperate… and creepy.
    nice post!

    • This is a major violation of the game and guys are doing it all the time. I guess guys think it works so that’s why they do it. Let’s say it does work on a few girls, those girls are corny anyway. Women that respect the game aren’t messing with thirsty, desperate dudes!

  6. offdadome says:

    no.8 is something serious lol, had a guy cuss me with a mouth full of overlapping teeth recently smh, no 10 is great,a dude that is knowledgeable is a huge turn on.

  7. KuraGee says:

    hey ie great stuff and i lyc ur older posts where u urge men to kip the masculine flame burning and e game is sacred and shld be respected.i hv a question abt dirty talk,i keep hearing tht it turns women on and wats e right to deliver dirt talk and sme examples on dirt talk phrases ,.nid sme help

    • Yes, the game will always work for those who respect it. As far as dirty talk, its all about your vibe and your confidence level. If you have the right vibe, you can say and get women to do anything. Go back in the archives and read sex week. I did a week of post all relating to sex.

  8. serenityluv1 says:

    First of all I must address the trick bag! Um, I can’t lie! I’m about my money…like you said it’s chics out here sexing for knock off purses, beer, a pack of cigarettes. Hell if a man wants to pay my bills and I’m feeling him on that level…call it what you wanna but his money is good enough for my bank account! LOL

    • I will always respect a woman about her money! Guys are always willing to trick off their money. If you want to choose a trick, choose correctly. Again, you don’t have to sleep with these men to get money from them. You just have to have good game.

      • serenityluv1 says:

        For sure. I had an older guy once spend thousands on me…not bragging. I didn’t let him penetrate but um he had a few licks…but in the end he said I used him. I was so matter of fact with him and said…Nope you put yourself in this position by saying these are gifts with no strings…I told him you should have been honest about your intentions. Frankly I didn’t care if we never spoke again because I was well paid… Men play themselves like you say!! It’s all the game of life…I can put money on my game! (but I’m retired now) lol

  9. serenityluv1 says:

    Dental!!! WOW! Me and my best friend use to have a rule he must have white teeth and clean shoes! Simple as that…

  10. serenityluv1 says:

    When I was younger…I had guys tell me they never approached me because I was intimidating. WTH? I thought I was too skinny or something…Confidence is everything for both men and women! Confidence is such a turn on and will take you a lot further than you think! Great post as usual Reema…sorry I’m so late sir!

  11. First off, telling women you didn’t approach them because you think they’re intimidating is corny as hell. Why even say that? You are already approaching her. Doesn’t make sense to approach her and then say that to her. Confidence is definitely key!

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