Identifying The Undercover Freaks

In keeping up with the summer theme of closing the deal with women, I want to help you guys identify the undercover freaks. You should and need to know how to spot them. A lot of men don’t know how to spot the undercover freaks. You go out and look for women who are dressed the sexiest. You sweat the girl with the booty shorts on, low-cut top and the tightest dress. Women like this are usually just looking for some type of validation. Most of them already have boyfriends and are just looking for some thirsty guys to give them attention. When you’re thirsty and you try to put your bid in, these women aren’t really cooperating. In their minds they aren’t even doing anything wrong. They are just dressing the way they like to dress. Now you are wasting valuable time on women who are not going to be receptive to your game. Remember, you have to treat your game like its sacred and only worthy for a select few. That’s really the mindset you need to have right now. Too many simps, tricks and brown-nosing going on in the game right now. I’m going to help you identify the three main types of undercover freaks.

1. Teachers- This is also for women that work with kids (day care, nanny, au pair). This is something that I figured out at a young age because I lost my virginity to my babysitter. This is a job with a lot of freaky women. I’ve been dealing with women like this for years. This type of job forces women to maintain a disciplinary mentality at all times. To work with kids, a woman has to conduct herself a certain way. The job requires them to have an upscale character at all times. I’ve actually met teachers who are low-key hustlers. Fucking for money. A lot of teachers are freaks! The rebellious nature in women takes over. When you have to keep something in, when it gets out it’s in overdrive. That’s why you see all these teachers sleeping with students. Some of these teachers are dimes too! It’s not like the teachers we had back in the day. The old golden girl teachers. The teachers now are looking better than ever. The code of conduct is much different also. They really have to suppress the rebellious nature and these fine ass teachers have the freakyness bubbling in them. A lot of men are scared to go after teachers and women who work with kids. You think she’s going to try and treat you like one of the students. That can be furthest from the truth. They’re just looking for some good conversation and you can get your pretzel on (What up Little Lucille?).

2. Military Women- When I talk about military women, I’m not talking about the stud-dish ones. Not the women that get into the military because they want to do a masculine job. Much love to them, but that’s not for today’s topic. A lot of women go into the military to get some type of discipline. A lot of women that are forced to have discipline become more rebellious. I really want you guys to understand women. See women have a natural rebellious nature. When a woman is rebellious, this is a low-key way of her getting power. Everyone wants a sense of power. Most women can’t be physically rebellious so they may do it with their character, by saying slick comments. Some of them decide to be slutty out of rebelliousness. We already know society tells women they have to conduct themselves a certain way (I’ve said the same things many times before). By being slutty, it’s a way of going against the grain.  Some of the biggest freaks I’ve met have been in the Air force, Army and Marines. Don’t sleep on women in the military. Most men meet women in the military and they think they are not going to give up sex. Now you know that should be a green light for you.

3. Skinny Women– When I skinny, I really mean like boney girls. A lot of you dudes sleep on them. You want the thick girls with all curves (not fat girls thirsty). That’s cool in the game. Nothing wrong with a nice ass and nice breast. Again, don’t sleep on the super skinny girls. See a lot of women are lazy in the bedroom right now. Too many dudes cupcaking during sex and messing the game up. You’re so excited to be hitting it that you don’t even care what’s going on. You guys are simping while you hit it, “You feel so good girl! Let me make love to your girl.” The woman is just laying on her back. Some of the best sex I’ve had was from boney women. They have to compensate. They have to put in extra work. I had this one girl (I’m about to expose myself) we’re at the spot and that 112 CD is on (a must have). It’s about that time for us to do what we do. She stops me and puts on her own CD. It was a reggae CD. She gets on top of me; put her hands on my chest, raises up and starts doing this dance on my dick. Little Reema’s everywhere 🙂

Use your third eye of game to identify the undercover freaks. Normal game rules of good conversation is still in full effect. You will have a great time, I guarantee it. Have a happy fourth everyone! I will be enjoying the sun and spending time with Little Lucille in Montauk. I’ll be back next week to chop up some more good game.

Afterthought: Don’t forget to use club game if you decide to hit the club up.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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16 Responses to Identifying The Undercover Freaks

  1. Sunshine says:

    All I can say is good post lol

  2. Mz. Bambi says:

    Sooooo…Important not a teacher nor am I in the military…nor am I skinty…you’re list is missing a few people sir!!

  3. aneroidocean says:

    MOST women are freakier than you’d think, they just need a confident man who can turn them on and make them feel comfortable enough to let it all out.

    Just sayin’!

  4. mp11312 says:

    Very true about teachers and skinny women….I just met a pre-k teacher who’s very much into church according to her, and she already admits affection is her weakness, and we have a date Saturday. You know I’m going to try….lol.

  5. serenityluv1 says:

    Well I am lost on this one…because I’m clueless on the freak thing! **giggles**

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  7. Mommy23 says:

    I am an undercover freak and proud of it, a.k.a “The Nice Girl.” Little miss prim and proper. Long skirts, buttoned up tops, with a pair of sky high stilettos (there’s the give away). Soft spoken, sweet, cute. Once I am behind closed doors though…

  8. That’s right! See a dude on top of his game can pick up on that. A lot of guys get caught up going after women wearing nothing and those are usually attention whores. Like you said once the “nice girl” gets behind close doors…

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