You Should AT LEAST Have A Three Strike Program For Women!

Standards, standards and more standards. This is something I’ve talked about since day one. To become true to the game, you MUST have a certain criteria and standards. Certain things you will and will not tolerate when dealing with women. I was chopping on game with the homie over at blackmenuncensored and he was talking about how his standards have increased since his divorce. I applaud him for that because a lot of you guys are doing the complete opposite. Let me share an email I received:

“What up Reema? I just started reading the chronicles and it’s starting to help me understand the game better. I have a situation I need help with. I’m 25 and dating a woman who is 39 with 3 kids. She doesn’t allow me at her house at night because she says that will be disrespectful to her kids to see me in her bedroom. It’s weird because she wants me to help her with the kids financially. To be honest she really doesn’t bring anything to the table. She’s extra average as you would say and she’s a bad luck chick. Her lights are always getting turned off; she can’t ever pay her rent, etc. I want to upgrade to dimes. I know you say to find a dime or a woman with dime potential. Should I just charge her to the game?”

When I read shit like this, I always wonder why a man would ever date a woman like this in the first place. There are so many strikes here it’s insane. Here’s the thing guys, you have to start implementing at least a three strike program for women. Personally, I have a one strike program (more on this later). A lot of men now have no criteria when dealing with woman. I know if she has a big ass or big tits, you say fuck it. It doesn’t matter what she looks like, how broke she is, or how many kids she has. My thing is if a woman is not bringing anything to the table, she better not have any baggage. She needs to have a clean slate so I can teach her what to bring to the table. Look at the guy in the email. He should have struck her out a long time ago. He’s 25 and she’s 39; Strike! She has three kids; Strike! She’s broke; Strike! She’s playing sex games; Strike! This woman is a goner. You really can’t feel good about yourself dating women like this. If you don’t have standards for yourself, women won’t really respect you. Women know when they are raggedy. Women know themselves better than anymore. What’s worst than a raggedy woman, is a man who will still fuck with her. Not mackish guys. I think the main reason why we have so many lackluster women right now is because a lot of you will still fuck with them. It’s hard for me to blame the women. Why should they step their shit up if you have a bunch of dudes who don’t require anything more of them? It’s a bad cycle. The men have no standards so the women have no standards. It’s time to step it up guys. The women are going to follow you. If you tell yourself that you’re not messing with any raggedy women, they will step it up. We could really get rid of a lot of lackluster women. This is why I have a one strike rule when I deal with women. There are a lot of technicalities that go into that one strike. I need something to compensate for that strike. Let’s say I get with an older woman, she has to 1000% be a dime. She better have her mind right and be smart as hell. If she has a couple of kids, I wouldn’t even date her. If I ever did, she would have to be Halle Berry, Stacy Dash, Vanessa Williams or someone like that. Also her attitude would need to be like Mother Teresa. I strike women out quickly because I expect 100% cooperation at all times. I really have a zero tolerance for bullshit. Let’s say I meet a woman and she is a few pounds overweight, she needs to have a dime face and wear her weight well. That’s really how you have to look at the game. A lot of you are dating woman with nothing redeemable about them. Stop taking these women so seriously. A lot of you have women flaking out on you, playing goofy sex games and you are dealing with a lot of test. A lot of women will try to draw you in with their goofy bullshit. Don’t deal with shit like that. Tell them, “Get away from me with that goofy shit.” See I try to make the game really simple. I know not to take women so seriously. That’s the mackish part. If you’re not talking like you have some sense, I’m cool. I’m not going to think of the perfect line or perfect text to send a woman. If you’re not coming at me talking right and having your mind right, strike. Charge them to the game and keep it moving. Remember, you have to look at your game as being sacred. The game is all about cooperation. I always talk about this. When you’re true to the game, women won’t test you, flake on you and play sex games. They know they have to come at you with 100% cooperation because if they don’t, another woman will. Start implementing a three strike program. You will see a drastic change in your life. Keep it mackish and do things the elite way!


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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16 Responses to You Should AT LEAST Have A Three Strike Program For Women!

  1. silly_G says:

    1000% dime! Yep that me 😀
    Great post and yikes. How many strikes against him for being a dummy!

  2. This post right here is sound advice. Invert the genders and it’s solid advice for people who date men too. Dear God stay away from people who bring nothing to the table, taking but never giving.

  3. Socialkenny PUA says:

    Not sure I follow you on this one Reema.

    I get the idea,and I agree with it.But I thought you would’ve broken it down bit more with examples.

  4. mp11312 says:

    Great shit and even better than I thought when you first told me about it. That’s exactly why I’m about equality I’m just tired of doing everything all the time

  5. mp11312 says:

    Reblogged this on Black Men UNCENSORED and commented:
    My new philosophy summed up right here….

  6. Sunshine says:

    Haha gotta love this email. It’s just so funny and he definitely needs to charge that girl. Asap

  7. bossymoksie says:

    He can’t be there at night out of ‘respect’ for the kids, but she wants him ot financially provide for the kids? (Side-eye).

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