She Calls Herself A Black Feminist! Wait, What?

Today I want to talk about Black Feminism and the Black Feminist movement. What made me want to discuss this topic was a recent conversation I was having with a few women that kept going on and on about being Black Feminist. I was shocked when I heard this because I thought this was something that died down a long time ago. I didn’t know there were still women holding on to that ideology. What surprised me even more, were the men co-signing this stuff. C’MON men, start VALUING yourself . Stop brown-nosing with women. You don’t have to do that. Put your capes back down and get the S off ya chest. Ok, back to the feminist. The problem I have with black feminist is that they’re on the “Black men ain’t shit” rhetoric that I just can’t co sign. See a lot of these Black feminist ideologies go uncheck. I’m already hip to their game. I can spot the bullshit from a mile away. I’m going to check that shit today out of love. No hate or contempt. It’s 2012 and no Black women should be calling herself a Black Feminist. In order for Black Feminism to exist, it has to align itself with the White supremacy establishment. The ideology of Black Feminism is such bullshit that you need something to enforce it. The only thing that can enforce that is the White supremacy power structure. A lot of the ideologies of Black Feminist are the same ones you see on White supremacist websites and ideologies of the first wave of White feminist. I found that very interesting. Again that just shows you who they align themselves with. One of the main ideologies of Black Feminist is something called Black male privilege. When I asked what this was, no one had a definitive answer for me. That’s because it doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as a Black male privilege. There is nothing in this country that Black men have, that Black women don’t have; NOTHING! The whole Black male privilege is not tangible. Wait, they did say Black male privilege is the privilege for Black men to not take care of their kids. That’s bullshit! A lot of Black men want to raise their kids but they are not allowed and even if they don’t want to raise their kids, their check will get garnished. I don’t see how’s that a privilege. Another Black feminist ideology is that Black men learned how to be abusive from slavery. Since they were abused, they now turn the abuse on to Black women. This is more bullshit and that ideology came from the first wave of White feminist. Women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton. They went around saying the same thing after Black men got the right to vote before White women did. Originally they started off as abolitionist. Basically they were on that fake liberal shit . They will fight for you when you’re on the bottom, but the minute you’re looking like you are going to be equal, the racism comes out. The first wave of White feminist didn’t care about Black women. Most of them were part of the Eugenics Movement. They wanted to actually sterilize Black women so they couldn’t have children. WHY in the world would any Black woman want to associate themselves with a group like this? I really wish Black women would do their research. Black men were not oppressing black women. That’s just a myth. That’s that Color Purple shit a lot of Black Feminist love to support. That wasn’t really happening like that. Yes you have abusive families, but that wasn’t the norm for Black men. It wasn’t then and it’s not now. Please charge this to the game. Black Feminist will also try to point out the sexism during The Civil Rights Movement and even that, they got from White women. Mary King and Casey Hayden wrote memos that talked about sexism during The Civil Rights Movement. The memo talked about how the women were just doing clerical and office work. This is telling half-truths because look at what we were going up against. Black people were getting attacked by dogs, beaten and sometimes even killed out there in the streets. The brothers naturally wanted the women to fall back. You didn’t want women in the front lines of that. That’s not sexist, that’s protecting you. I really get upset when I hear that. Let’s fast forward to 1979. Right around this time is when the “Black men ain’t shit” ideology really started. A book by Michele Wallace  called Black Macho and The Myth of The Superwoman started this. She literally came out of no where. The book became a best seller and Michele was on the cover of the famous feminist magazine called Ms. Magazine. Now Ms Magazine was co-founded by feminist Gloria Steinem. Figures that a Black woman is put on the cover of a magazine when she’s throwing Black men under the bus. After this, all the anti-black men movies like The Color Purple started coming out. I just don’t like the idea of Black women saying Black men ain’t shit and trying to throw brothers under the bus. Brothers really put in a lot of work for you. Brothers didn’t let you get messed up in the game like that. The Civil Rights Movement helped you get a lot of the things you have now. The feminist movement didn’t do anything for you. I always ask Black feminist before 1964 how were your rights as a woman being violated as opposed to your rights as a black person? No one has an answer because that contradicts itself. If you say your rights were being violated as a woman that means Black men got something that you didn’t and I want to know what that is. I don’t even know any feminist groups that even support black women right now. When someone says something slick about sisters, I don’t see any feminist groups coming out to support you. When Imus called you “nappy headed hoes”, it was silent from your feminist sisterhood. Wait, the media came out and blamed rap music (another way to throw brothers under the bus). I don’t see any feminist groups coming out to support Trayvon Martin’s mom. Let me end with saying this, Black women please understand when someone is running game on you. I know you think you have a feminist sisterhood, but you do not, did not and will not. You are trying to align yourself with an organization that doesn’t have you in mind. Don’t throw Black men under the bus just for acceptance. Getting caught up in these bullshit smokescreens is just going to keep making things harder.




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24 Responses to She Calls Herself A Black Feminist! Wait, What?

  1. Journey says:

    I’m a tad confused by this post. I never understood the Black Feminist Movement to be one that opposed Black men. My understanding has always been that the “Black” Feminist Movement stemmed from the Feminist movement, because black women (at that time) did not feel aligned with their white counterparts due to inequalities they faced as black women. It sounds to me like someone used the feminist movement to justify their opinion…that’s a shame.

    • This movement does oppose Black men. That’s really all it does. To call yourself a Black feminist really is a contradiction because Black women have never gotten anything in this country that Black men haven’t. Black women didn’t have any inequalities that Black men didn’t have. When you really look into it, Black women get more things in this country than Black men do. That’s a topic for another day though.

      • markski says:

        Another thing to keep in mind : Feminism was funded by the C.I.A. – look it up. Gloria Steinem’s feminist rag (yeah i called it “rag”) was funded by the C.I.A. and she worked with the C.I.A. for years during this time – and we all know the history between the CIA and all black people in America.
        Recently Assata Shakur is the first woman on the USA’s top terrorists list even though she has been quiet for almost 30 years. Where are the feminists marching in the street showing their outrage?

        Oh thats right.. shes black.

        There is nothing that feminism can gain or profit from by speaking out on Assata, so they are keeping their mouths shut. They are saving their energy for the next “Slut walk” (look it up) where they can compare the white womans struggle to “being black in the 1930’s”.

        >> for those unaware of this, here’s the link >>

        Open your eyes. Feminism is a “white” C.I.A. thing. If they are capable of throwing white men under the bus (which they do every day) without even batting an eyelash, you better believe they don’t give two flying hoots about Black people. None of them. Women or Men.

        • Black people as a whole are politically silly. We don’t know when we are being used. Black people have a lot of shit we need to work out. Starting with getting a economic base. I’m gonna go deeper into that in a future post. The Gloria thing is deep! I did read about that. I’m going to check out that article. Thanks for commenting

  2. mp11312 says:

    You went hard on this one man, impressive! Always hate to see a woman who does everything in her power to show her outright hate of black men….

    • Yeah man I had to! I hate this “black men ain’t shit” talk. It really upsets because I think about all the work brothers put in to help the sisters out. It shows a lack of loyality. Most Black feminist are either Lesbian or they only date White men.

  3. Socialkenny says:

    They got black ones too!!!?

    Well I know in the islands,that shit is deep(feminism) and pisses me off.

  4. Socialkenny says:

    Good looking out on the resources and your researching.You really delve deep into this to gather info.

    I never heard of any of those characters nor the books you mentioned.But that attitude of “(Black)men aint shit” is without a doubt feminism-pushed.

    • You know I got you. I can’t really say its without a doubt feminist pushed because all of their stats come from White supremacy websites. Its time for people to understand when someone is just running game. Its time to move on from that shit. I LOVE Black women and I want nothing but the best for them. Hopefully a lot of them read this and try to shape up

  5. Sunshine says:

    Black people have enough problems as a total group. We don’t need to be pitted against each other men vs. women.

  6. offdadome says:

    I love this post, it’s sad that in this day and age our people are still being led and fail to realize just that.

  7. I agree with Journey on this post. But, I do see your point. I agree generally with what you are saying. But that whole “Black Feminist” thing says that group is fighting 2 battles. Being a woman and being black. I am sure they are necessarily there to attack black men.

  8. There’s no being a woman battle. Black men aren’t doing anything to stop Black women. We don’t have anything in place for Black men that Black women do not get. Instead of working together with Black men, Black feminist make up terms like street harassment and Black male privilege. They have no interest in helping the Black family. Read Black feminist rhetoric. It sounds like white supremacist rhetoric. It’s word for word. Also, you never see Black feminist speaking up for Black women. What has Black feminism accomplished for Black women in the last 50 years? When other groups attack Black women they don’t speak up for them.

    • angelaroselle says:

      Black men have male privilege over Black women. We live in a patriarchal society where men are given privileges over women based on their gender. Sexism also goes back to the White supremacist system as well.

      • Can you be specific and name one privilege Black men get over Black women? Just saying being a male is a privilege without being specific doesn’t work. I look forward to seeing your response.

        • angelaroselle says:

          It is a fact that men have privilege over women in society. We live in a patriarchal society. Black men are paid 11 cents more than Black women. Black men don’t have to worry about street harassment, catcalling and are taken more seriously than their female counterparts in debates and other public discussions. Black men don’t have to worry about sexism in the workplace either.

          Most of all, the Black collective is very patriarchal if you haven’t noticed. All of these so called ”pro Black” spaces are centered on the needs and interests of heterosexual, cisgendered and able bodied Black men. Black women’s issues always take a backseat(why I have a blog centered on Black women’s issues). When Black men are killed by the police, you see all of these people coming out to march in anger and sadness over his death. Yet I have yet to see the same fervor in marching for Black women who have been killed by the police. Plus I see many Black people in the Black collective defend Black male rapists and pedophiles like Bill Cosby in the guise of ”Black unity”. No one can ever criticize or ”put down” the ”po Black man” because he is hated and disrespected constantly in society.

          The Black male is a protected class in the Black collective. The Black woman isn’t.

          • Black men are in no position to disenfranchise Black women as we are both powerless under the current prison system we BOTH live in. It’s never going to be about the collective in this country. Only a small few of us will make it and be about empowerment for both Black men and Black women. When I hear some of the terms you use it means you are looking at it as BW VS BM. My suggestion is to be around like minded individuals who are about empowerment not trying to using pretend black feminist or even white feminist terms. All the “issues” who speak about are directly because of the system we live in. For example the 11 cents an hour thing. Black men have the highest unemployment rate so what is more money if you’re not in the work place. I have been to events personally and hosted events personally dealing specifically with Black women. The dusty hotep dudes are just that. They are never to be taken seriously. I love Black women and I’m marrying a Black woman so I’m all about working together.

            • angelaroselle says:

              Black men may not have institutional power to oppress others however Black men have created a culture of anti Black woman misogynoir that devalues Black women. You should hear Rap songs calling Black women bitches and hoes for the past three decades. You have Black male celebrities and even everyday Black men putting down Black women. Tommy Sotomayor is an example of a Black male who debases Black women and contributes to the anti Black woman misogynoir culture. I know not every Black men is like that but enough of them are misogynist to the point that this anti Black woman misogynist culture is prevalent.

              Statistics have shown that 60% of Black girls are raped by the age of 18. Majority of these penetrators are Black men that these women know. For every White woman that reports her rape, 5 of them don’t. However, for every Black woman that reports her rape, 15 of them don’t. Interpartner homocide is the leading cause of death for Black women between the ages of 15 and 34. Black women are also a growing number of victims of gun violence as well. Most of these penetrators are Black men along with a few non Black men.

              I get that Black men are oppressed by White supremacy but why not take responsibility for the harm that the Black men has done to Black women and children?

              • How can you create a culture when you have no power to enforce it. That doesn’t make sense. No power means no power. Have you been to a rap concert? Women are in the front row screaming the lyrics which include bitches, hoes and everything else.

                You really bringing up Sotomoisture? This clown is a paid youtube coon. He has been exposed for the fraud he is. He doesn’t even pay his child support. Why would anyone listen to him? You get game from people who are already doing the things you want to do. Why do you think men and women listen to me? My proof is there. To listen to someone who doesn’t even support his own family and runs gofundme scams to then trick that money off on white women is LOL. Please never mention Sotomoisture in a serious conversation.

                Here we go with the pretend stats. How can you have a stat for rape that DOESN’T get reported. You mean these women didn’t report the rape when it happened but then decided to report that they didn’t report the rape? That doesn’t even begin to make sense. Rape is never okay and usually rapist are prosecuted and taken to jail. Especially if you are a Black man who rapes a Black woman. Nothing is saving you from that.

                Take responsibility how? Why would me or anyone who has nothing to do with that take responsibility for it. Are you taking responsibility for all the hoodrats and rachet Black women who embrace this nonsense? I’m going to say no. You have Black women who talk bad about Black men. Where does that leave us? Right where we started. Again, your focus should be on building with likeminded people. Black people who don’t want to be apart of it wont and feminism or anything else will always be just a smoke screen for how they really feel. We are both in the same position and can only get out of it together.

  9. Teddy says:

    This article is old I know and I hope the OP has been enlightened since. The truth is black women are overly sexualized and objectified in our culture. All women are victims of misogynistic treatment but black women especially have a hard time being respected not only in the black culture but in american culture in general. The fight is not to bring one gender down or raise another one up. If you feel you can be brought down, you may want to check yourself.

    • I 100% disagree with this statement. Right now there is a war going on against BLACK PEOPLE. Not just men or women. All black people. Right now is not the time to fight for men or women. It’s time for all Black people to fight together. Calling yourself a Black feminist by definition doesn’t make any sense because that would imply that Black men have rights and opportunities that Black women do not have and that’s just not true. Black men aren’t in a position of power to stop Black women from doing anything they want to do. Also what is your definition of our culture? If you’re using hip hop as our culture then you are sadly mistaken. Who owns hip hop? Who owns the media outlets? The number one rated show for Black women is made by a Black woman. Do some research and come back man. I don’t even believe this is a guy fyi

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