The Real Truth About The N Word

Today I want to talk about the real truth about the N word. What made me want to discuss this topic was a recent NY Post article about the Nets moving to Brooklyn, the new team logos and the Jay-Z connection. The writer of the article was saying the team should be called the New York Niggers since they are letting Jay-Z call their marketing shots. This is what I call racial Tourette’s syndrome. A lot of white people get this syndrome where they just have to say the word nigger. You really don’t know who is next. I think I need to start a racial Tourette’s pool. Who’s down? He goes on to defend himself by saying, “My kids never heard the word until folks such as Jay-Z came along. I suggest you talk to him about it.” HAHAHA what a bunch of bullshit. Another way to throw brothers under the bus with the, “If blacks say it why is it a big deal if we say it?” (More on this later). Ok, let’s look deep into the word nigger. Where did the word come from? How did this word evolve? I’m going to jump into my time machine for a second. Now the N word started in Europe. The Spain, Portugal area. The word Nigger is a variation of the word Negro. Negro means black. The word was used for different things. In Europe, you had a group of people called the Moors. The Moors were noble black men of North African ancestry. They were well refined black men. I recommend you read Golden Age Of The Moor by Ivan Van Sertima. The Moors went into Europe and got them out of the dark ages. They brought in science, mathematics, astrology. They brought in a lot of civilization when Europe fell off after The Fall of Rome. Now around 1492, the Spanish Inquisition took off. They Spanish started to dispel the Moors. It was a religious thing. The Moors brought in Islam. A lot of Moors who were Europe at the time were Islamic Moors. Remember, Moor was a word for black people at the time. The Moors power dwindled down and a few years later the slave trade popped off. Follow me people! During the slave trade, Moor becomes Negro because they needed to objectify these people they were enslaving. They had to take away any emotional disconnect. The word Moor had a noble meaning. Everything you have been taught about Africans is miss education. All you think about is people in mud huts picking flies off their asses and walking with chains on. That is NOT the case. The only thing some black people think they know about themselves is that they were slaves. You were not slaves in Africa. You had vast empires. The Ghana Empire, Sunga Empire, Mali Empire. Also, the Moors were royalty. You had Moor kings in Europe. A lot of the castles were built by Moors. Google Moor Castle. There’s a lot of books and research on this stuff. When the Moors were taken to the states, they were objectified even more. They were just property and had to be treated that way. Quick side note: When the Europeans came to America, Moors were already here. Read They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima (one of my fav authors). Look up some of the old documents. Real deep stuff. The point is you had an identity black people. You had a nationality and that was Moor. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. The slave trade tried to change the nationality of African people. You started getting different titles. Negro, Black, Nigger. That’s where that comes from. Nigger was a variation of the term Negro. Nigger meant inferior. All these terms really doesn’t describe African nationality. We use terms like Colored, Black, Negro and African-American. Those are not nationalities. African-American was a term created by Jesse Jackson during the 1980s (How many of you knew that?). So what’s our flag? This is what the Dred Scott decision of 1857 was about. When Dred Scott went to the Supreme Court to establish his rights, they said Blacks just don’t have the same rights as Whites. Black people were permanently second class citizens. The legal argument was valid because Black people didn’t know what their nationality was. If you look into old documents, the people who classified themselves as Moors had certain rights. They had the same rights and privileges as Whites. Check out the Moors Sundry Act of 1790. This is why during slavery; Black people weren’t allowed to read because you weren’t supposed to know your history or law. You would read this and say, “Wait I’m a Moor. Let me get my rights. Damn all that nigger shit you’re calling me.” If you were educated, you would know you were not a nigger. Even till this day, Black people will shun reading, shun knowledge. The illiteracy rate is higher now than it was back then. That’s just sad! Black people have gotten too damn comfortable. Black people have internalized being a Nigger. See White America’s identity was based on the second class status of Black people. You have to understand for years in America, White people could do ANYTHING to Black people. Openly call them Nigger, put up signs that said no Niggers here, Niggers leave after dark, etc. They would wear that racism on their sleeve. You could literally kill a Black person, take pictures and send it to your friends. Check out this website called It shows old post cards of lynching. To a certain degree, they get away with it now. This isn’t all White people because all White people don’t get down like this. But, Black people couldn’t do anything legally and socially to Whites. That was what that whole Kramer thing was about. Back then, you weren’t allowed to challenge Whites at all. When Kramer was doing his comedy show, he was bombing and some brothers were heckling him. That’s why he went off on his Nigger rant. Racism is really a sickness and as a society, we don’t like to talk about it effectively. We keep having these stupid Black in America shows. I challenge them to do a White in America. You will actually start getting some real answers. Back to the N word. Today, the word hasn’t gone anywhere. Black people have just taken it and tribulized it. We stripped the venom out of it and made it a non sequitur. That’s one of the problems. Nigger has always been there trump card. You ever notice when you have certain White people backed into a corner during a discussion, they will just say, “Well you’re a nigger.” Some Whites really hate that the word is socially acceptable for Black people to use but they can not use it. The argument of its so confusing that we can’t say the N word is bull shit. It’s really not confusing. White people know exactly what the deal is with that word. Black people, if anyone ever asks you, “How come you can say Nigger but I can’t?” Your response should be, “Why do you want to say it so bad? Why is it so important that you say that word?” The thing is white supremacy in their minds is the most important thing. This is why people risk their careers and livelihoods just to say the word Nigger. A lot of Whites don’t like being told what they can’t do by a Black person. That questions their identity. It’s a white privilege thing. They want the privilege to be able to say it. That’s the power of white privilege. If Obama came out right now and said I have jobs for every White person in America. Some Whites would still hold out. They would hold out in order to maintain white supremacy. You know Black people don’t give a shit about any Black Nationalism. Black folks will sell you out at the drop of a hat! You give a Black person enough money in this country and they will disown everything black. The real reason why White people complain about not saying the N word is because saying the word Nigger is really the only thing Black people can do in this country that White people can’t. This is from a social standpoint. Do you understand that? Think about this for a second. This is the only thing Black people can do that Whites cant. White people can live anywhere they want; blacks can’t (crazy shit happens to your house). You can drive anywhere you want; black people can’t (get pulled over and locked up). A Black person can go on the street and yell Nigger all day and night. If a White person does that, most likely they will get beat up. Or, if they say it at their job they might get fired. It’s just socially unacceptable. I know some people try to use the whole reverse racism thing when it comes to the N word. This is not reverse racism. Whites are not being disenfranchised by not being able to say Nigger. Racism is when a particular group is being disenfranchised and the other group is benefiting or getting privileges based on the disenfranchised. Legally White people have NEVER been disenfranchised for the benefit of Black people (If you say affirmative action, slap yourself. White women benefit just as much as Black people). Black people couldn’t have certain jobs; live in certain areas, etc legally. It’s not a comparison for Whites to not be able to say the damn N word. I don’t have any sympathy and it’s a cop-out. NO you can’t say the N word. I already know some black people are going to say, “If we say it we shouldn’t get mad at whites for saying it.” Any black person that says that, I want you to get a Banjo and start Buck Dancing. Buck Dance for your White daddy, but I digress on that. I hope you all have learned something for this information. Until we meet again…


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14 Responses to The Real Truth About The N Word

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Your history is on point Reema.

    The funny thing is,I’m kinda on the fence with the N word.What I mean is,same as you pointed out that nigger derived from negro.So in essence,nigger is NOT a derogatory name.It osnt a bad name.

    Whites call us negros:and it’s all good.But when they call us nigger,it’s a bad thing,although they’re the same thing,same meaning and all.

    To me,it’s hypocrisy on blacks part.

    Same as Moreno(the Spanish word for black)is a derivitive of the word Moor(as you pointed out),meaning black.Moor and Moreno are accepted terms for blacks.So Negro and Nigger should be accepted terms for blacks.

    I really don’t know how the name got a negative connotation.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Hey Reema,let me find out you know some Nuwabu knowledge from Dr.York’s knowledge?

    That’s where I fount out about the Moor thing.

    The Moors weren’t slaves in America.They had same rights as the whites.In fact,the whites respected them totally.

    • Growing up my dad schooled me on the game. It was MANDATORY that I read about real Black history and understand who I was. Usually when you see something on Black History it’s about slavery and the civil rights movement. Black and African History is MUCH deeper than that. I think it’s important for every person, not just Black people, to understand their REAL history. This way when I see the crazy images of Black people on TV and movies, I understand the BS of it and it doesn’t mess with my mind. That’s a major thing. I’m sure you’ve seen The Blind Side, The Help, Precious and many many more.

  3. mp11312 says:

    Damn man you went deep on this one….but I don’t use the term myself and I always made my players do extra conditioning if I heard them say it….

  4. serenityluv1 says:

    Wow! This was good stuff here. I agree I am not good with the term Negro too close to Nigger. Looks like I better get to doing more reading on my history and all. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sunshine says:

    I love this post and im glad you included the background information. It puts everything in perspective at how crazy it is that we are still dealing with the same issues.

    p.s. withoutsanctuary is crazy, cant even handle it

  6. dablockbeats says:

    A lot of people don’t no that during the slave trade of the 1800’s, the Spanish had to go to Africa and buy slaves, because in Africa there were kings an empires that were more powerful than the kingdoms and empires of Spain. At first Spain tried to go to war with Africa and lost HORRIBLY!!

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