“You Have A Lot Of Demands. What Are You Bringing To The Table?” Game For Women Reema Edition

I’m just going to get into the game. I wanted to talk about this because I’m noticing a troublesome trend right now. A lot of women are having all these demands but nothing to offer. Listen there is nothing wrong with having demands. I always talk about women requiring more from the men they deal with. The thing is if you have all these demands, you need to have something of equal or greater value. Women you have to wake up and really understand this. You have to be able to bring something to the table. The only thing some of you are bringing to the table are forks and spoons. I really want you to look at yourself ladies. Grab a mirror and say, “Self? I’m trying to get a man with his shit together. What does a woman like me have to offer?” Also, I’m tired of women saying they can’t find a decent man. That’s 100% bullshit. Personally, I know a lot of men who have their shit together and they are getting into serious relationships, so I’m not falling for that. It’s really not unfair that you can’t find a decent man. Life is VERY FAIR. Forget about all the times you’ve heard life isn’t fair. In life you get what you work for. Life is all about physics. For every action, there is an equal or greater reaction. If you are the type of woman who has worked hard and put in the time to build character to maintain a real functional relationship, you will have one. Now what doesn’t work is you out here playing musical dicks and fun fucking. You want to bang a bunch of different dudes without any repercussions. I know a lot of you think it’s unfair for men to be promiscuous and you can’t do the same. WOMEN YOU CAN’T BE LIKE MEN! Get off that penis envy shit! Then you bullshit yourself and say, “Nothing is wrong with being a slut”, “I’m sexually free”, “I’m having fun and I protect myself, “It’s a double standard used to control women.” Men and women are made up differently. We can’t do what you do and you can’t do what we do. Certain things are just not biologically acceptable. Playing musical dicks just leaves you with physical and emotional baggage. I really don’t think some of you know the seriousness behind this. Collecting different dicks isn’t impressive. Anyone can do that. You have to remember that men aren’t try to get into relationships with women who have their hand wrapped around a bunch of different dicks. Your dating value is going down. Some of you women have bad reps in your city. Men already know this. Men keep a mental database of all the known sluts. The last thing a man wants is to wife up the neighborhood slut. That’s going to make him look weak. You have to take all of this into consideration. You can’t bullshit around and want what other people have worked hard for. Always want more for yourself ladies. Talking about how strong and independent you are is not going to work either. Women have brainwashed themselves into believing this is what men like. When I hear women say this, it’s a major turnoff. A lot of guys will just listen to this because they don’t want to jeopardize their chances of sex. See a lot of women try to think like men, but you end up just thinking like women. Women like a man who is strong, a leader and independent (instinctively). For some reason socially, women have been told not to date that. Instinctively though it’s in a woman’s nature to date that. For a lot of women, you think that men like the same thing in women as you like in men. It doesn’t work the same. Men are NOT attracted to that. Men that are true to the game want to know if you’re loyal. They want a woman to show respect. I’ve always said that respect is number one in relationships. I know this may be the hardest thing for some of  you to do. You should also have nurturing qualities. This lets us know if you would be a good fit as the mother of our child. We don’t want you having our kids on You Tube doing twerk videos. It’s not just about having kids; you need to have the nurturing qualities. Men also want a woman who is about her money. We want you to be financially responsible. Lastly we want a woman who is street smart. There is a very thin line between being street smart and a hood rat. You can still be street smart and refined at the same time. Now a lot of you are too damn street. You’re like a damn dude. You have to learn how to balance that out. When you have respect, nurturing qualities, you show financial responsibility and refined street smarts, YOU WILL BE A GREAT CATCH. Now go get yourself a man who is true to the game. It will be one of the greatest thing you do!      



About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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20 Responses to “You Have A Lot Of Demands. What Are You Bringing To The Table?” Game For Women Reema Edition

  1. Sunshine says:

    True post. It all boils down to giving a little to get a little especially in a relationship. Bringing something to the table and respecting when your man does his part as well

  2. aneroidocean says:

    Hahahaha, youtube twerk videos. A girl showed me these recently. Hilarious.

  3. offdadome says:


  4. mp11312 says:

    Hell yeah Reema once again you on point…..can’t remember how many times a woman has told me that being with her is the prize – man you better get outta here with that bullshit!!!

  5. roxem says:

    Well damn, I’m definitely not nurturing. I had a friend actually point this out to me the other day. Wtf IS nurturing?? What are some things women do in the beginning of a relationship that are nurturing or that show that she’s a nurturing person? From a man’s point of view. My definition of nurturing & a man’s definition could be pretty different, & apparently I should really be brushing up on these skills lol. 

    Btw, damn with my last post I almost feel your post is aimed at me!!?

    • For me it’s a personality thing. Women by nature are nurturing. Over time that has changed drastically. You don’t have to show all of this in the beginning. It’s all about cooperation and accpeting the upgrade.

      I know a lot of women that always say they can’t find a decent man and they don’t know why. It’s not fair that they can’t find a decent man. I also know a lot of men with their shit together and these are some of the things we talk about. When I do game for women aimed towards whoever is ready to soak up some good game. If this will help you be in a better position, great!

      • roxem says:

        Hmm well I agree there are some good guys out there with their shit together. But its not just about you having your shit together. There still has to be that spark, ya know. The single guys I know that have their shit together are either super ugly or super slutty. Or super NEEDY… I can’t stand that shit >_<

      • You definitely do need a spark. Having your shit together and being needy or slutty doesn’t really work. Either you are a bad luck chick or you need to charge your city to the game.

      • roxem says:

        I’ve already learned I need to charge my city to the game. The Melbourne, FL area is a fail for potential relationships, which is why I figured I’d go back to school to get my bachelors, then move the EFF outta this place!!! But, if I’m gonna be wasting my time alone, I might as well do something productive lol.

  6. serenityluv1 says:

    This is very true. Me and my guy has talked about this often. I am a pleaser by nature as long as it doesn’t compromise my own happiness so I think it is key to know if your mate feel that you are bringing just as much to the table as them.
    Alot of times like you said we just throw so many demands but in return all we bring is blah blah blah! **looks in mirror** pops lips **well I don’t fall in that category** HAHAHA

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  8. Kai Scribe says:

    Awesome ass post dude! It’s true. Women are walking around trying to be the man and the woman and then wondering why their ass can’t get a man. Well if a man wanted to date a man then that’s what he’d do. Women needa play their role in relationships and allow a man the damn space to do the same! I’m self sufficient don’t get me wrong, by that I mean I CAN lead, I CAN look after myself, I CAN get by without a man; but am I incapable of allowing a man to be the man in our relationship? No not at all. I love sitting back n letting him lead.


    Good post though xxxx

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