Women And Age Groups

A lot of guys have been asking me about how to deal with older women and what age is best for dealing with women. First things first, you should be talking to the homie Kenny about older women. He’s an expert in that field. What up Kenny? Ok, let me get into some game. I think the first thing you need to ask yourself if you want to deal with older women is why do you want to deal with an older woman? There are many reasons why men want to deal with older women. Really think about that guys. Now some guys might want older women because they may be more experienced and some men just have a mommy complex. They just want a maternal figure to lay up with. I’ve already talked about the mother child like relationship. Also if you want to get an older woman, don’t get her too old. I don’t want to see you banging Betty White. That just won’t look right. Before you start dealing with older women, you should know that the ideal age to get a woman is between 23-28. 23 is the perfect age because a woman has her mind just right at this age. She’s out of her attention whore stage that most go thru between 18-22. Don’t even waste your time with women under 21. If you’re trying to be serious with a woman under 21 good luck. They want to be seen and get their party on. That’s absolutely fine because she has to get that out of her system. You don’t want to get into a relationship, then she’s 40 going through a mid-life crisis, in the club with a cat suit on. 23 is a great age because she hasn’t accumulated any baggage. Now when a woman gets around 29, 30, she’s out of the attention whore stage but baggage sets in. This is why you want to get her around 23. The age group you should DEFINATELY STAY AWAY from is women in their early thirties. Women in their early thirties are damn near undatable. When women get around 30, their mind shift to some bullshit. Women who are single at this age are usually bitter; they have a lot of baggage and a lot of drama. These women become real big haters. The blame is projected outward. Society places a lot of pressure on women to get married and settle down by 30. When a woman is not settled down, she has a tendency to blame the world. Everything is messed up about the world except them. This is called the blame game. Also those looks start dwindling down. Especially when they are not taking care of themselves. Even the great Sidmen Frod (the father of psychoanalysis) said women usually become psychologically frigid by the age of 30. Meaning these women aren’t ready to learn anything new. They just become set in their ways. If you want to date older women, I would start with women in their late thirties. When a woman gets into her late thirties, she starts to accept responsibility and hopefully she tries to get her shit together. Once you get to 40 and over, these women have their minds right. They’ve accepted whatever is going on, they have let go of some of the bitterness and they have charged that shit to the game. Remember guys if you’re going to get with an older woman, go with late thirties, early forties. Fuck it if you can get with a banging 50-year-old, go with that haha. The only ones I would stay clear of would be early thirties. That’s a transition stage you want no part of. I’m just giving you a certain mentality to have. Just use the same game principles of good conversation and she will roll with you.

Have a great weekend, keep it mackish and go get laid Winking smile

Afterthought: Yes I know there are exceptions to every rule. I’m just generally speaking to my dudes out there.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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15 Responses to Women And Age Groups

  1. silly_G says:

    Good calls Reema. 30s I’d say is where lots of the hangups are. Late 30s and 40ish is where we got our shit together and pure confidence sets in! That’s my take based on my girlfriends anyway 🙂

  2. roxem says:

    Hey now! As a woman who JUST turned 30 yesterday I feel I should be offended by this!! >_<
    Meh, I'm still hot as fuck & at least I have all my shit together & NO BAGGAGE. Yes, I'm rare, I know.

    • Then I guess you won’t have any trouble finding a man. Unless you are bullshitting yourself????

      • roxem says:

        I AM hot… have all my shit together (my own place, even if its just an apt, pay my own bills, buy my own things, have a decent full time job, etc etc)… and I have zero baggage. No kids, no ex husband, no crazy ex’s still lurking around. Completely baggage free.

        So, no, I’m not bullshitting myself.

      • roxem says:

        And I don’t have trouble finding a man at all… I just have trouble finding the RIGHT man. I’m not gonna settle for less than I deserve.

      • Well if you have all those things going for you and still CAN’T find the RIGHT man, you need to charge your city to the game.

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    SMH>>>whelp! I am not offended by this post but find it very interesting, being that I am over thirty and have some baggage and is probably likely to need to have a hoe season in my life! LOL

  4. mp11312 says:

    Man…..early 30’s is my age and they are some drama-laden nut cases!!! Damn you on point, though Betty White is fine for her age lol

  5. Stephania says:

    Do you really feel all girls under 21 need that attention whore stage? Makes me feel like maybe I’m doing something wrong… I just want a relationship lol

  6. Stephania says:

    What does the attention whore stage even constitute of?

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