Make it Rain With Conversation! Why Dimes Are Easy To Get With…Part 2 Of Getting A Dime Reema Edition

Now that you know what a dime is, you need to know how to get her. What a lot of guys fail to realize is that dealing with attractive women is really so much easier. Let me elaborate. A lot of men are really not trying to get dimes. Most men are settling for the extra average female. I want you to upgrade your game so you can upgrade her game. Remember, women WANT to be upgraded. One of the main reasons why it’s easier to talk to an attractive woman is because attractive women are familiar with their flaws. They know, but people see beauty in them. She may think to herself, “Men think I’m beautiful but I think my lips are hideous.” They think if you focus on their perceived flaw, you won’t like them anymore. This is way attractive women have a need for reassurance. They are very self-aware and need approval because they don’t want anyone to see the flaws they see in themselves. Now with unattractive women, they know they’re unattractive. This is why they focus on attitude. “I’m not fly physically but I’m a diva. I have a lot of attitude, mouth and sass.” This is how they overcompensate. A lot of you see this and look at it as confidence. When you lower your standards and get with extra average women, they put the Jedi mind trick on you. You think they are doing you a favor. As a man that’s becoming true to the game, YOU use your spidey senses and not go for that. Another reason dimes are easier to talk to is because dimes really don’t have a problem getting men. They attract dudes without even trying. Not only dudes, but true to the game dudes. They are used to that. Because they attract all these different men, they also attract gifts. People just give them stuff because they think they’re cute. This is why when you get with a dime, you don’t have to trick your money to impress her because she is used to that. Dimes just want good conversation. That’s something you CAN’T buy. This is learned so they appreciate that. Also because they get so many things, sex is not a bargaining chip. If they like you, feel your conversation skills and your game is crisp, they will sleep with you. On the flip side, an extra average female is not used to that. They get a dude and try to play little bullshit games to get shit. She might say, “If we go out, you have to take me to dinner and shopping. Before we do anything I need something from you.” They try to dangle the sex carrot. Sex becomes a bargaining chip. They know they have to work every relationship they can. I think that gets played out after a while. Again, they use the Jedi mind trick on you. Now you think it’s a good thing that you had to do all this shit. Extra average women have a couple different guys doing this. It’s like a rotation of men. You see them with this guy and then texting low-key. You can’t hear from them until Sunday after 5. This is why extra average women are the biggest flakes. Like I said earlier, a lot of men really don’t go after dimes. With extra average women, a lot of men whose game is not good enough (in their mind) will just talk to them. This upsets the extra average female because she gets to hear extra average game. She hears every lame, corny pickup line. All the men scared of dimes save their game for the average female. This makes then very objective and superficial when dealing with men. Forget about them, step it up and go after the dimes. Before I forget; when you get a dime or upgrade your girl to dime status, don’t be one of these guys that start acting insecure. Don’t start flipping out on her and handcuffing because you think she’s going to leave you. That’s lame, sucker shit. You have to remember to be a leader.

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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8 Responses to Make it Rain With Conversation! Why Dimes Are Easy To Get With…Part 2 Of Getting A Dime Reema Edition

  1. Sunshine says:

    Conversation is the key. Every other guy is going to compliment them on their looks and trick in them, the guy that doesn’t is the one that’s going to get all her attention

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    Yes I agree Conversation can make or break the deal. I mean first of all let’s be honest with ourselves as women…a lot of men tell every woman they talk to how pretty, fine and sexy they are rather she looks like a duck or a dime…so when you know you are an attractive woman you just blow that part off…(now we still love compliments but they don’t hold any true value after some time)! So if you are not intelligent enough to hold a conversation- good bye!

    • You couldn’t have said that any better. This is why I don’t compliment women on looks. If I’m trying to get with you, I think you are attractive. I don’t have to sit here and tell you that. This is where your conversation skills come in.

    • roxem says:

      So true, compliments just lose their value when you hear it all the time. Get our attention by being able to have a valid conversation, not by just throwing compliments at us. A guy who can hold a real conversation is very attractive!!

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    WOW!! Cracking up at the ugly chic playing the Diva role…damn so many of them came to mind! I see that all the time on facebook- their status be like **you see me, yes I am fly, I stay Gucci** Haha! Bullshit…chic be ugly as hell…

    • hahaha they know they’re not fly. This is why they overcompensate with acting sassy and saying I’m a diva. I’m already hip to the game so that won’t work. BUT you still see thirsty ass dudes that are just happy to have some girl talking to them. This is where valuing yourself as a man can save your life. Dating the wrong woman can turn your life upside down. The same can be said for women dating the wrong man.

  4. roxem says:

    Damn I can relate to both sides…. which makes me wonder: Am I a dime or extra average?? o.0

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