Are You Lying To Yourself About Your Relationship?

One of my favorite bloggers Serenityluv1 spoke on this briefly today. Another reason why I wanted to chop up game on this subject was a recent conversation with an old college buddy and a conversation with a female friend. Let’s start with my college buddy. When I last spoke to him, he was dating this girl we’ll call her Crazy A. Crazy A had a long history of not only being a jump off to multiple dudes, but she was crazy as ever (look at her name). She would want to fight your new girl, talk shit about you to whoever would listen and even stalk you. Crazy A was known for her great sex game. Her sex game was definitely known for turning dudes out. I, along with multiple men that knew her, told him to stay away. We knew what she was capable of doing and didn’t want him to get caught up. She even had a kid now (not his). When he told me he had to get a restraining order out against her, I wasn’t surprised. Why would you even get into a relationship with a woman like this? Why would you think she would do anything different from what she’s doing now? A lot of men deal with women like this and lie to themselves about the relationship. You see what a person is like but then you lie to yourself. I’m not even criticizing Crazy A. She’s been very consistent in the person she is. She’s not doing anything different. I’m concerned with the men that would try to get into a serious relationship with someone like this and get upset when you have to get a restraining order. What are you dudes thinking? I know when you’re getting some good sex you lose all rationale. You have to pull it together guys. When I was talking to my buddy, he brought up her kid and how much he wanted to be a good father figure. That’s why he was dealing with her. Stop the bull shit. He doesn’t give a shit about her son. That’s just an excuse. I’ve been turned out by a crazy woman excuse. This dude and a lot of other men are playing the double captain role. You’re captain save a hoe and captain kangaroo. You can’t save a slut and her kid. There is nothing you can do. Child services is going to have to save her kid. You just like that she fucks you with that crazy mentality she has. Don’t lie to yourself about why you’re in a situation like this. The same thing applies to women. A female friend was telling me about her current “relationship” that’s been off and on for two years. They have been through all the ups and downs. She thinks he’s coming around to wanting to be serious. He invited her over to his place and they had sex. After sex he left the room and went to sleep on the couch. She asked him why he would invite her over to his place and leave her alone. He told her he would come in the room. After an hour, she got fed up and left. He never stopped her from leaving at 3 in the morning. He still has not called her (it’s been 6 days). She really likes him and really wants to be with him. She wanted to know if she was in the wrong for leaving and acting like this. WOW! Its time for some tough love for her and any other women in situations like this. Ladies, you have to STOP being oblivious sluts. If a guy invites you over to his place, runs game, he fucks you, goes in the other room and goes to sleep, what do you think he thinks about you? Then you lie to yourself about being in a relationship. You say, “We’ve been off and on for two years.” You are NOT in a relationship off and on. You’ve just been getting fucked off and on. If we ask this dude, he’s definitely not claiming you. You’re just the girl he’s fucking. In your oblivious slut mind, you’re in a relationship. GROW UP LADIES AND GET REAL! Its time to accept reality because these guys aren’t even coming up with good lies. No dude is going to respect a woman he can run weak game on. A man will respect you more if you’re honest about being a jump-off. Ladies there’s nothing wrong with wanting to just fun fuck. A lot of times you want to fun fuck but you need to justify it by saying you are in a relationship. Then you start bull shitting yourself, then you let the guy bullshit you and that makes you look weak. I’ve been with women that would come over, we do our thing and she would tell me she would call me next week. I could respect that. I didn’t run any game on her and she didn’t run any game on me. A man can respect that. What men don’t respect is when you come over for sex and now you want to cuddle and make it more than what it is. You don’t see that it’s just a booty call. Ladies you have to accept when you’re just a jump-off. I know it may be hard but you have to face reality. Here is a quick test. If every time you hangout with a guy and he fucks you, you’re just his bust it baby. You’re his jump-off. If that’s all you do, you are a jump-off. You can accept that or deny it. Again, some women are cool with that. Don’t be in a one-sided relationship thinking something is going to materialize from you being a jump-off. Remember, a man doesn’t have to like you to fuck you. Sex= love to a lot of women. That’s weak ladies. If you are the type of woman who gets turned out by every guy that fucks you, you just become everyone’s bitch. Everyone can run game on you which makes you weak. If you can’t handle being a jump-off or handle having a sexual relationship, STOP fucking for a while. Get your mind right first. I know a lot of you believe in the double standard, “if men can do it, women can too.” A lot times you can’t mentality handle that. Some women can though. Some women can detach themselves emotionally but a lot of you can’t. You have a problem just dealing with one guy you’re sexual with; let alone three or four. Sometimes you just have to fall back. Whatever you do, don’t lie to yourself especially in a situation with someone who doesn’t give a shit about you. All they’re doing is banging you. Stop letting men run whack game on you. Then when you’re in your late thirties, all you say is “Men ain’t shit”. Now you are bitter because your game wasn’t crisp. Stop lying to yourself! Men and women stop bullshitting yourself. Men put your cape downs. Stop trying to save women thinking you’re going to wife them up. A slut is a slut is a slut. Women if you’re going to be a jump-off be honest and men will respect that. If you want more for yourself you will get more for yourself.


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14 Responses to Are You Lying To Yourself About Your Relationship?

  1. Sunshine says:

    I was just having this conversation with a friend of mine too. And your so right, people have to realize that some ‘relationships’ are meant just for sex

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    Well damn…I don’t know where to begin. I’ll start here…first of all if a man leaves you after you just gave him some sex and sleeps in the other room…he wants your ass to leave, that’s why he didn’t stop her! LOL! Now what a woman should do in a case like this is cut her losses and realized she’s played the fool but next time he call send his ass straight to voicemail!

    • The way this situation has played out, it’s definitely time for her to charge him to the game. In general women have to either accept that they’re a jump-off or not be a jump-off

      • serenityluv1 says:

        I agree totally! But most women never want to admit that they are a jump off. They be running around talking about their man and dude be like shitted we just fucking…LOL **sorry to be so blunt** LOL

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    Second women make too many damn excuses for men and then we love to take the blame. Notice how she asked was she wrong for just leaving like that, hmm! Why would you even go there? But that’s what we do… I got a friend right now who says her guy been hurt so bad until he won’t show any emotions, but he sure likes to fuck alot! **scratches head** WOMEN PLEASE PLEASE Recognize this GAME!

    • I was not surprised when she turned to take the blame. Its time to STOP bullshitting yourself and lying about the relationship. hahaha it sounds like your friend is in the jump-off category. Its easy to recognize this game because its not even good game. Women are falling for some 1980 Lionel Richie lies.

  4. serenityluv1 says:

    Oh and as for MR SAVE-A-HO, umm yeah you can’t make those types wifey unless they have been through rehab and then you still better sleep with one eye open because at any moment they are subject to relapse! LMAO

  5. Women just need to learn how to fuck with their pussy and not with their heart–shit, they’d probably have more orgasms.

  6. Meemi says:

    I just found out I was his jump off, not happy about it. Sex gets old real quick to me I need more than sex. So if he won’t give me what I need, fuck em.

  7. That’s definitely the mentality you need to have. No one is above being charged to the game. Now that you know what you want, you have to position yourself to get it. Keep your standards up and require more from the men you deal with. You know I’m here to help.

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