Uncle Reema Is Back! Game For The 18 & Younger Ladies

I couldn’t chop it up with my young homies and not do the same for my young ladies. The chronicles is all about equal game opportunity. The young ladies are about to get put on to some good game. First things first young ladies, you should always have big expectations for yourself. I know for some of you it’s all about being the best dancer and shaking your ass. You got positive reassurance from shaking your ass all the time. That means NOTHING! Shaking your ass will only get you thirsty dude attention and two dollar tips. I hate to see these little girls shaking their ass all the time. That shit is corny to me. Your mom might be encouraging you; just ignore her. Always have big expectations for yourself. Young ladies when you decide to start dating, it’s VERY important that you choose correctly. You can complain and say, “Men ain’t shit.” I know you might hear your mom say stuff like, “Men aren’t worth anything”, “Men will get you pregnant and leave you”, “Men are cheaters”, “and Men are dogs.” At the end of the day, YOU have to take responsibility for the men you deal with and the decisions you make. If a man is whack, you chose him. Choose correctly and stay away from losers. Another thing about dating is that if you are not physically discipline, the man you get with will not be financially discipline. Always keep your weight in check. Don’t fall for the big is beautiful bull shit. If you become too many pounds over weight, you will get whack men. I know this may sound shallow for me to say. People might say, “Look at the person’s heart”, “Look what’s in their minds”. “What’s in their souls.” When a lot of women are overweight and they’re not physically where they want to be, that reflects on their mind state. The way a person looks physically is a reflection of what’s in their mind. The way a man is financially is often times a reflection of what’s going on in his mind. I’m not telling you to all be stick figures. I just want you to be as fly as you can be. Don’t be a lazy, sloppy girl and expect a true to the man to come along and save you. Another thing ladies, don’t just date men to impress your friends. This is a major mistake that women make of all age groups. If you want to be single, roll with it. You don’t have to have a man to impress anyone. A lot of women just have boyfriends just to have one. That just turns you into a relationship war veteran (future game for women post) and that is not a good look. Remember that the man you deal with will either bring you up, or down. Don’t get caught up in the peer pressure. Another important rule about dating is that a man does not have to like you to have sex with you. I know women are emotional so you think sex=love or like and it DOESN’T. Men are cool with just banging you. For all my young ladies that smoke weed, PLEASE STOP! A female weed head is not the business. Smoking weed slows you down and makes you lazy. Usually people who are weed heads really have nothing else to do. Like I said earlier, always have big expectations for yourself. You have so many things you can be doing to work on your overall greatness besides getting high. If you live in the hood, do what ever you can to get out of there. Don’t ever be comfortable living in the hood. The hood will ruin a woman. I’ve seen it. Being around all that dysfunction will wear you down. The hood is hell on a woman. Let me end with this, you MUST watch how you carry yourself and what you say in the streets. All that acting sassy, being obnoxious and being loud needs to be checked. You have to check yourself on that. We have a lot of women that talk real slick to men and a lot of women think they can get away with it because in many cases they do. The problem with doing this is that you put yourself in a negative situation; a potential dangerous situation. You will run into the wrong guy and its going to be too late. I’ve seen instances where a woman was  blatantly disrespecting some man and she got smacked around. Just be careful out here. Ok, soak up this good game and be the best woman you can be.

Happy Easter to my blog family! Have fun and be safe…


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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One Response to Uncle Reema Is Back! Game For The 18 & Younger Ladies

  1. Sunshine says:

    Yes it is definitely important for a woman to have high expectations for herself. It will motivate her in different aspects of her life and make her stronger in the game

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