Dealing With Her Past

Newly wifed up Reema is back in the building 🙂

Let’s jump right in! When you are dealing with a woman who has a checkered past, you have a few ways you can deal with it because it really depends on how crazy her past was. Usually for a woman to have a checkered past, it comes down to the amount of men she’s been with. If we find out you’ve had a large dick intake, that’s a problem. That’s usually a deal breaker for a lot of men. I always say it depends on the circumstances. It depends on how she handled the situation and how she stop doing what she was doing, or how she changed. You have to remember that none of us are innocent. Everyone has a past. Everyone has done something in their lives where if they looked back, they would probably change it. All you can really do is learn from certain experiences. You want to get a woman who has learned from her past. See I can understand a woman with a slutty past. I say you don’t hold that against her guys. There are really women that are reformed sluts. You can’t hold things over people’s heads based on what they did in the past. People change over time. Keep in mind that you know your girl better than anyone. If you are with your girl, she’s cool and you find out some slick shit about her past, talk to her about it. See how open she is about it. If she’s honest, all you can do is respect that. As a thorough dude, you’re not even going to want to get into the details. You understand you did what you did and she did what she did. Don’t be an insecure simp and ask for details. “You did WHAT? You messed around with another bitch! Did you like it?” You act like you’re over it, but you’re not. “You had sex with a guy on the first night. Why? OMG YOU FUCKEN WHORE!” haha relax simps. Acting this way is so unmackish. Again, understand that the past is the past. Also you have to define what you consider as a slutty past. Sometimes a slutty past can mean different things to different men. A woman could have been with two or three guys, and some of you may get upset about that. For my white girls, many times a checkered past can just be that you slept with a black guy. A lot of white guys don’t like that shit. The white girls know what I’m talking about. Your dude starts asking questions, “Hey Katie I see how you’re dancing to that Lil Wayne. You must have fucked a black guy.” Or, “You had sex with a black guy in college? Fuckkkkkk man. You’re worst than Kim fucken Kardashian.” hahaha not mackish guys. Let me say something else to my ladies reading this; If you know you’ve done some slick shit in the past, don’t use that as a weapon. Don’t get into a fight with your dude and start talking shit. “I’m tired of you. When I was younger, I sucked a dick and it was WAY bigger than yours!” I already know how some women get down. No need for that ladies. Like I said earlier about the circumstances, you have to find out what made her stop doing the slutty things. If your girl was a slut back in the day, what made her stop? Did she change on her own? Some women will wake up and be done with banging a bunch of different dudes. It’s like an epiphany. She’s ready to move past that. Other women stop being slutty because the opportunity to be slutty no longer presents itself. Like when a woman is in college the opportunity is there. Drinking, partying, drugs. All that equals wild behavior. When you leave school the opportunity isn’t there as much. A lot of women just don’t have that opportunity to be slutty. That’s what you need to watch for. You don’t want to be dating a woman and she jumps at the first opportunity to be a slut. You don’t want any women with slut relapse potential (future post). Keep your game crisp, the past in the past and you will be good.  

Afterthought: When in doubt, just learn how to identify slut behavior.


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7 Responses to Dealing With Her Past

  1. serenityluv1 says:

    Aww damn, I might be one of the ones that jump at the first opportunity to be a slut! LOL!!!

    • Well at least your honest about that. Usually that happens with women who got married at a young age. They haven’t had the chance to go through that attention whore stage. You may just have to get that out of your system and not tell anyone. I don’t judge!

      • serenityluv1 says:

        I seen a potential project the other day! LOL!! I was surely having whore thoughts but umm that might be a post later! HAHAHA

  2. Sunshine says:

    What’s in the past is in the past. But you’re right, it does become a problem if she tries to bring that past behavior to the present. That’s not cool and very disrespectful

    • word sushine. Some women really try to bring up the past to upset her new dude. Not the best way to settle an agrument. She might mess around and get charge for that. Guys are starting to catch on and are not dealing with any form of disrespect

  3. snarkatussin says:

    This was interesting to read; mainly because my ex is Black and it’s something that I worry about coming up with guys I date. Especially because I date mostly White men. I guess if someone is going to judge though, I’m better off finding out sooner than later.

    • Don’t worry about that. When you meet a man that’s true to the game, he won’t bring up the past. He understands the past is the past. If you meet a guy and he’s trying to find out the amount of men you slept or wants you to list the men you slept with, just charge him. That’s just one step in all the insecure shit you are in store for!

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