And Then There Was One…Prospect Update!

Before I get into the game, another great weekend in the books. Little Cuzzo was in town for the weekend. My dude is getting good with the game. On Friday we met up with Little Tiki Sumpter and her bff. On Saturday we went into the city to help the homie Blaze move. After that we hit up a few spots. Little Cuzzo was back at it using club game. I realized how small the world really is when Little Cuzzo brings a group of girls over and one of them is Little Crumbs.  WOWZERS! I haven’t spoken/seen her in months. I’m not going to get too much into the detail because I have a post to write on it. Ok, prospect time. When I last posted on prospects, I was done to five. Little Lucille, A. Crumbs, Little Hilary Banks, Little J and Tennis Blondie. I have charged all the other women to the game and decided to go with Little Lucille Ball. I guess this is when the confetti drops from the sky and I jump up in celebration of the great news. I’ve found a wifey!

What Does This Mean For The Chronicles? Don’t freak out people! I’m NOT shutting down the chronicles or changing anything. In fact, Little Lucille is a supporter of the chronicles and sometimes gives me different topics to talk about. Yes I know the sex stories are not coming anymore and Girls, Girls, Girls is no longer going to be updated. Always look at the positive though. Wait, I have one last sex story to post (Little Innocent). Anyway, the game is still going to be crisp and coming from all different angles.

How Did She Get You? By drugging me and constantly showing me pictures of us happy together. HAHAHA I’M JOKING! Seriously, it was by bringing more to the table besides looks and sex. All my prospects were good-looking so that part of the playing field was even. I needed more. What girl would be most receptive to this upgrade? What girl would get to experience the great life that I have to offer? Little Lucille was the clear-cut winner. She knew that she was dealing with a man who was true to the game. All the other bull shit games she might have played in the past would just be a waste of time. Playing games with me would leave her charged to the game. This is why the game is so important to your life. When your game is crisp, you will not only get yourself a dime, but you don’t have to deal with a lot of the bull shit other men have to deal with. No test, no disrespect, not playing hard to get, not trying to control me, not trying to dominate me, she wasn’t playing musical dicks while we dated and she didn’t try to push a relationship on me. She accepted everything and rolled with it. I’m sure she will have her own reasons on how she got me. I think we need to get her a blog!

I’m back tomorrow chopping up more game. Just wanted to share the news with my blog family.




About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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22 Responses to And Then There Was One…Prospect Update!

  1. Sunshine says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. She’s a very lucky girl

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    WOW!! I’m happy for you…

    • Thanks…its been a few years since I’ve had a girlfriend. I’m so use to dating a group of girls at the same time. This should be interesting

      • serenityluv1 says:

        Apart of me wish I had dated more guys but standards are different for women. And I am afraid of the dating game! LOL! You will do good at it, I think **scratches head**

      • All women must go through a stage where they need attention from different dudes. Its just like our player stage. Usually women that get married early never get to experience this. Then they get older and want to go crazy.

        I’m going to be great at it. I didn’t have a girlfriend because I wasn’t ready.

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    Now you can write about how to keep a good woman once you find the one. Turn this blog into Game and the After life! LOL!! I am looking forward to this blog expanding into something bigger than it is now!

  4. serenityluv1 says:

    Yeah The CHOSEN ONE needs to start how own blog…smh! That might be drama tho!

  5. See she reads it ALL. It was never a issue between us. She likes that I write

  6. Mz. Bambi says:

    Congratulations Reema!! Relationships can be very beautiful and rewarding in its own eternal way…I agree with Serenity..maybe your wifey should get into blogging as boo is a subscriber to my blog and actually motivates me with writing..I tried to get him to do a sports section on my blog..that’s still pending lol…but a His & Hers wouldn’t be so bad afterall!!

  7. silly_G says:

    Good choice Reema! About time 🙂

  8. offdadome says:

    congrats Reema 🙂 happy for you both, looking forward to the new posts.

  9. mp11312 says:

    Little late man, but congrats….my girl reads my stuff sometimes so be careful with wording if you two ever disagree, lol….

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