My Thoughts On The Trayvon Martin Shooting

 Just like with the Koney phenomenon, I want to chop up game on the Trayvon Martin shooting. It’s been all over the media. For all of you that don’t know, Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old black kid in Florida. While he was walking home from the store, a neighborhood watch volunteer by the name of George Zimmerman followed him, they got into a scuffle and George shot and killed Trayvon. Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged. Keep in mind that the police have said Zimmerman is white. People are now trying to get justice for Trayvon. I’m actually glad the situation has gotten some steam and has been on every news outlet. Here’s the thing people, we are hustling backwards. When I say we, I mean black people. Let me talk to my black people for a second. We have allowed an atmosphere for things like this to happen. Black people are just not as organized as we should be. Black people in America are so disorganized that people think they can get down like this. We have to look at ourselves. I’m not letting Zimmerman off the hook or the police department off the hook because they covered up for Zimmerman. I want people to really look into this story. You have 911 tapes that have been released. This kid is crying for his life, it’s just horrible. I just heard about some more 911 tapes which have Zimmerman saying racial slurs, so a lot of stuff is coming out. I’m a little surprise someone from his family hasn’t run up on Zimmerman yet. Sometimes you have to be on some vigilante shit. I know that sounds radical, but sometimes it calls for that. There is a fear that many black people have of whites. Black folks will do the most horrific things to each other but not even think about doing something to a white person that would do something horrific to a black child. With a lot of black people out here bull shitting, it creates an environment for scrum bags like Zimmerman. It makes people like him think its ok to do things like this. This is going to be a wake up call. I hate that something like this would have to be a wake up call for black people in America to really stop bull shitting. I’m just keeping it 100, black people like to bull shit. I think it’s to not face reality. Facing the reality of white supremacy and racism is a difficult thing. You have to understand white supremacy and racism and how to counter it. This shooting happened on February 26. Where is George Zimmerman? I don’t think anyone knows where he is. He could be out the country by now. I did hear about a black militant organization that was talking about finding Zimmerman and doing a citizen’s arrest. I did co-sign this at first because it sounded like a good idea. I did some research on the organization, and I think they’re low key attention whores. I don’t even want to put their names out there. I don’t want them to go to Florida just to get in front of the news cameras. Also, I don’t see too many whites coming out about this shooting. Wait, let me take that back. They are coming out. Look at a few comments on the fox news site. “Good shot Jimmy! lol” “I’m just glad Zimmerman didn’t miss and hit an innocent bystander.” WOW, just WOW. Just like I said with the Koney situation, whites aren’t into joining hands with black people to demonize other white people. These same whites that were rocking the “Koney 2012” t-shirts are now silent. This is why I was upset that black people were quick to jump on the hate the Blackman bandwagon. Now everyone has found out how much of a fraud the Koney thing was. Look at the director of the film. He’s running around the streets naked in broad daylight. He’s in the middle of the street doing the river dance, jerking off and just saying crazy things. That shit was funny though. He must have got a bad batch of shrooms or something. My point is though, a lot of our white brothers and sisters don’t join in to demonize a white face. You different strokes ass black people will join hands at the blink of an eye. I’m not surprised or offended that white people aren’t coming out about this. If you put race aside, this is still police corruption all day. Withholding 911 tapes, you don’t arrest someone when they clearly shot another person and admit to shooting that person. This is even a child advocacy case. Where are all the child advocacy people at? With that said, black people need to recognize all this stuff and see who is down and not down. We are really all we got. We are going to have to start with teaching our kids about the realities of racism and white supremacy. You are going to have to teach them the truth about it. We really don’t teach our children what we need to teach them. Black kids are usually taught “Cumbaya everything is going to be all right.” That is a very honorable thing to teach your kids, but you are going to have to teach them the reality of racism/white supremacy. THIS SHIT IS REAL! You don’t have to give them fear, but give them awareness. They need to know that if you’re a black person in a white environment, you are going to be the focal point. Positive or negative. That’s just the reality and you will have to learn how to deal with it. I’m not saying to not get along with other races. I have friends of all races. I date/bang girls of all races. I’m saying that you should recognize the game for what it is. This whole race thing is a hustle. The unjustice of Trayvon Martin SHOULD NOT be happening in 2012 and black people should not be allowing this to happen. We must organize so when/if something like this happens, we don’t have to beg for justice. We can go out and take justice.  



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13 Responses to My Thoughts On The Trayvon Martin Shooting

  1. Sunshine says:

    This is story is absolutely horrendous. As the story unfolds there are so many signs of injustice like the phone call with his girlfriend saying that someone was following him. It’s a really crazy story and I’m glad something is finally happening even though it’s been a month.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    A simple search turns up that Zimmerman is apparently not white. You should’ve researched this a bit better yourself before posting, especially after making references to the KONY video:,0,5792590,full.story

    • The cops identified Zimmerman as white. If you think that has nothing to do with the way things are being handled your crazy. I can’t be mad at Robert Zimmerman (his father) coming out saying he’s hispanic and his son has black friends. I do think that’s funny though

  3. offdadome says:

    It’s really unfortunate that this shit still happens present day and I really feel you on educating the younger ones on the realities of racism, it’s 2012 and it stills exists so we should definitely enlighten our own.

  4. Socialkenny says:

    Can’t believe I missed this one.

    I feel where you’re coming from totally.

    And the funny thing is,people generall have been under the false notion that white ppl are afraid of blacks.Bullshit as you said Reema!Blacks have a weird fear of whites.It’s justified of course(for us to have a psycological fear of white because of racism,KKK,slaver,etc.),so we have good reasons to fear whites.But the American media brings it across as if whites should be,and are afraid of blacks.BS.

    Black is the only racial group not respected in America.Whites aren’t shooting Chinese,Koreans aren’t shooting Mexicans…but unfair crimes are perpetrated against blacks.Why?I guess that’s the million dollar question.But it all comes down to we(blacks)not stepping up on a different level that’s deserving of respect by others.

    • I can’t say having a fear of whites is justified. Blacks have absolutely no reason to fear whites and whites shouldn’t fear blacks. I agree that the media likes to play into little racial subconscious fears. That’s why I use my third eye and recognize the game for what it is…I agree with the respect thing. I do think its because a lot of black people like to bull shit around. If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t expect other people to respect you. It’s a damn shame that things like this have to keep happening for people to start waking up.

  5. This is TRUE! Let it would have been my child…George would have been dead that same fucking night and it would have been some unheard of shit that I would have done to him….And I would not have gave 5 fucks about going to the pen doing time afterwards.

  6. serenityluv1 says:

    First of all people have to stop acting like racism doesn’t exist anymore…Like Reem said this shit is REAL! I work side by side with damn undercover KKK everyday but my eyes are open to this. I don’t want to hear any bullshit about Zimmerman being Hispanic or how many black friends he has…bullshit he killed that baby in cold blood, point blank! And I can’t wait to see the outcome because the spotlight is on our justice system now…the media is pointing out so many cases where the shoe was on the other foot and there was not a question on should someone be charged. SMDH…

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