I’m not falling for the Kony 2012 propaganda

Today I want to talk about this phenomenon that has been all over the news and Internet about this short documentary that has over 20 million views within a short few days. The name of it is Koney 2012. This documentary is about this African rebel leader named Joseph Kony and the film is showing all the crimes he committed with genocide, recruiting children as soldiers and just killing people. This guy is being showed in a negative light and some of it is justified, but most of it is propaganda. All the liberals are coming out in droves. A lot of celebrities are coming out co-signing the film. A lot of black people are coming out supporting it also. Right now we have a lot of different strokes black people who deep down really want to be accepted by other races. This is why they are co-signing the film. There have been atrocities in Africa going on for a very long time, so why are you just now getting on the bandwagon? When you look at the film, you see that they’re soliciting donations. They show all this crazy shit and then at the end, its like give us donations so we can put a stop to this. That sounds good and all but I like to look at everything with my third eye open. First let me say that I’m definitely against any type of genocide. For the people who want to be against that and help children, that’s cool in the game. Kony 2012 goes beyond that. It’s just propaganda. It’s now let’s all got together and hate this guy. The public is being told who to hate. Let’s look at the whole picture here. Let me talk to all my black people reading this. Black people, don’t be so quick to join hands when people want to put up a black face to hate. I’m always suspicious of that and most black people should be suspicious of that. Black people are quick to joins hands with everyone else to hate on another black person. I’m not saying that this guy is a saint and what he did wasn’t wrong. He did some bad shit but that’s not the point. Some many of you different strokes black people are so quick to jump on the hate the black guy bandwagon. You have to understand that this Kony 2012 documentary is a propaganda piece. I don’t think the public really cares about some African children being killed. That has been going on for decades. Kony has been doing these so-called atrocities for years. This guy has been around for over 30 years. Why now is this stuff being brought up? Out of the blue Joseph Kony is so evil. A big issue I have is that the whole truth is not even being talked about with Joseph Kony. This is why I stress having intelligence with your game. What you are not being told is that Kony hasn’t been around in six years.  The film talks about 30 thousands kids kidnapped. What it doesn’t talk about is that this happened over a 30 year spam.  He has an organization (LRA) that now only has a few hundred members. This stuff in Uganda has dwindled down. When you watch this you think, “Look at all this stuff going on in Uganda. We have to get to Uganda and STOP this!” Another issue I have is the showing of old footage. A lot of the pictures and video are from the early 2000’s. Again, this guy hasn’t been seen in years. This is why you have to question things and not look at everything for face value. When you see this film you think this is going on right now. Look at the name; Kony 2012. Keeping it 100 and calling the film Kony 2008 wouldn’t have the same effect. This is why I don’t co-sign this bull shit because a lot of details are being left out. When you tell half-truths there are usually alternative motives. The most interesting part of this film is when you see this little white kid and he is being shown Kony the “bad guy”. As soon as I saw this, I knew it was just game. When you make it seem like this could happen to a little white kid, you can play on little racial subconscious fears. The direct quote is, “Kony abducts kids just like Gavin.” Basically what is being said is this evil black guy in Africa could come get your innocent white kid. We all know that is a bunch of bull shit, but it plays into subconscious racial fears. Some white people really have a fear that some black person is going to come get them. We have to understand that part of the game. A lot of people really don’t understand this dynamic of their subconscious mind. Just don’t be so quick to jump on the bang wagon. Again, old footage is being shown in this documentary. If all you show is some war shit going on, people will think that’s the norm. It’s like the save the children commercials. They show little African kids with flies and shit on them. You get to watch little Asim walking 10 miles to get water. Then you seem him bathing in the river. It’s really some sad shit. What you have to recognize is that it’s been the same commercial for damn near 15 years. That kid in the commercial is a grown ass man. He probably doesn’t even live in Africa anymore. As a matter of fact, I think I saw him at the mall shopping the other day. But seriously, it’s just old propaganda footage. A lot of you probably don’t know that Uganda has crazy oil resources. Central Africa has so many resources. America wants to occupy that. That’s all it is. Recognize the game for what it is. For all my white chronicle readers; don’t let the propaganda play on your subconscious racial fears. This stuff that you see in this documentary is NOT what is going on in Uganda. I’m not saying it’s a love festival over there. It’s just not as messed up as this documentary is making it seem. Let me end with saying this, everyone needs to use their third eye and do their own research before jumping to conclusions.



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16 Responses to I’m not falling for the Kony 2012 propaganda

  1. Socialkenny says:

    I never heard of this actually.But I’m never the one to jump on the bandwagon to go against shit like this because most times it’s just propaganda by the west.

  2. Sunshine says:

    I’m all about people standing together and supporting a food cause but you’re right, you must do your reasearch. Uganda just recently found a huge source of oil. We aren’t going in there solely to support, of course we have our side motives people don’t see.

    • I agree with that sushine. If you want to support children suffering that’s cool in the game. Don’t be on that different strokes shit and start hating just because you want to be accepted.

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    I have been hearing so much about this as well, but haven’t took the time to dig into it. But I get the basics of what you are saying here…And on that note I can’t agree more. I am going to watch this for myself so that I can really see what all the hype is about!

  4. serenityluv1 says:

    Generally speaking though…we as black people are too quick to go against one another. I feel like this right is right and wrong is wrong and I don’t give a hoot what color you are…but for real I hate a lot of these old movies because they always try to portray a bad image of the Black Man…just saying…

    • I call that the different strokes theme haha. A lot of black people really wish they had a white daddy. They will pretty much say or do anything to be accepted…I do have a problem with black images in movies and television but I know its just game. The Kony 2012 film is more than race. The race thing is the smoke screen.

  5. offdadome says:

    my faith in humanity to be proactive overrides my skepticism on issues like these, great post nonetheless.

  6. there is only one race; the human race.
    I haven’t heard about Kony in years but none the less if you know one kid that has been a child solider you wouldn’t make this about color. Many people with white skin hates george bush because he was a bad guy even if he is not around anymore.

    And what is this shit “for all my white readers”. You just assume that all people with white skin are afraid of people with black skin. W T F. I don’t know where you live but people are afraid of people living in the next village, not because of skin color. But some people though are racist and we have to deal with that intelligently because something is obviously lacking in someones mind that think people with different skin color are different.
    Plenty people see people as people and you obviously don’t

    We should not hate at all. Period. It is as easy as that.

    You are right in one thing, we should be aware and stop this kind of mess when it happens. At that time world leaders and so called rich countries (read USA) don’t care. Just look at Rwanda when USA bailed out quickly just because there was no oil there.

    At my time in Uganda (very near to the north) everyone knew what was going on but did someone do something about it? Yes, many local organisations and some international tried.

    If something could be done today it is making sure that someone was a child solider knows that you and I will not hate him for what he/she has done, just so he/she can get some forgiveness and move on.
    If you knows someone that has been a child solider you will know the regrets and guilt that is tormenting many souls and minds.

    But hey, if you want to talk about skin color, that is your perogative

  7. I’m currently in New York…You say what you want about it only being one race. That’s not the way the world is working. I’ve been to Africa so I know all about child soldiers. I didn’t assume that all white people are scared of black people. I just said that some white people have a subconscious fear that a black person is going to come get them. That’s just the reality of the situation. I did say, “Uganda has crazy oil resources. Central Africa has so many resources. America wants to occupy that. That’s all it is.” I know its not all about race that’s what I wanted people to see but, I’m not going to sit here and say that race has nothing to do with it because I know it does.

    • Well maybe Ny is the problem. In the USA you fill out in all forms a box which says race so off cource for you that is the way the world looks like. in the country I live in that is not the case. Skincolor says exactly nothing about a person. If i go to the hospital and receive blood it does not matter what skincolor the person had. The blood types are the same in people with white or black skin.

      So your world might look like that until people start refusing ticking in this box and start seeing that tha outside tells you nothing but where the persons ancestors might have been ftom.


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