Ask & You Shall Receive- Response To Reader Emails

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving a decent amount of emails from the readers. Today I will answer a few of the most common ones. Let’s chop up game.
1. Do you have to be a certain age to start learning the game?

This is a common question that I get asked all the time. You do NOT have to be a certain age to start learning the game. Like I have always said, game is not all about sleeping with women. It’s a lifestyle, a movement. Game is going to help you become a better man in all aspects of your life. Of course dating attractive women will be apart of that. The younger you start learning the game, the better it will be for you.  

2. How do I give a woman my number without talking to her for a long time?                                                                              

To most of the guys that have been following the game, this may seem like stupid question. Like Ms. Taylor (my first grade teacher) said, no question is a stupid question. You have to be quick with your game. You have to make it seem like you have better things to do than to be talking to her all day. Use this next time, “Hey, I don’t have time to talk right now. Here is my number. Give me a call so we can talk.” Women like when you’re direct. You don’t have to start cupcaking around women for an hour before you give them your number. After today that shit is done. Quick and to the point will work just fine.

3. I’ve been broken up with my ex girlfriend for 3 years. She has been contacting me a lot lately. I’m exciting because I still love her. Do you think she wants me back?

No she doesn’t want you back. She probably has another dude. This is why you never move backwards with women. You have to understand that women like to come back and get reassurances from other men that they know will sweat them. You’ve already admitted that you still love her and I’m sure she knows that. You’re just going to boost her confidence to go back to the next guy. You’ve probably heard from her, “I really miss you”; “I really miss your vibe.” Don’t fall for that. Sometimes it is cool to just hit it for old time’s sake, but usually there is a lot of baggage that comes with dealing with an ex. Also people change over time. This girl is not the same girl 3 years ago when you guys were dating. Either hit it just because or just charge her to the game. Do NOT even think about being friends with her.

4. I recently had a disagreement with my girlfriend. Instead of talking about it, she just hung up the phone on me and has not returned any of my phone calls. What should I do?

Your girlfriend is being very disrespectful. First thing you want to do is read “Never Deal With Disrespect From Women.” Right now she is on level one. You need to resolve this now because it will only escalate if you wait. It seems like she has done some slick shit so she is trying to justify it by acting like this. You have to really cross-examine her and find out the whole story. Don’t take anything she says for face value because women LOVE to tell half-truths. You need to sit her ass down because you guys are at a pivotal moment. Find out if you guys are going to work this out or just move on. Keep me posted on this.

 5. I’m not looking for a relationship but every time I start sleeping with a woman she falls for me. How did I make sure this doesn’t happen?

You have to stop leading women on. A lot of guys start telling women extra shit just to sleep with them. Don’t start making promises and cupcaking with women just to sleep with them. As long as you are honest about it, women will respect that. Women want to have sex with no strings attached also. When you start doing all the extras, you’re just messing the game up for the next guy. You must be honest with your game.

This has been the first installment of Ask & You Shall Receive. Many more to come so stay tuned!





About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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25 Responses to Ask & You Shall Receive- Response To Reader Emails

  1. Sunshine says:

    I love this question and answer post. Especially the whole ex situation. An ex is an ex for a reason, and it should be kept that way.

    Love it. Keep it up Reema

  2. roxem says:

    #5 – holy fuck isn’t that the truth?!! I can’t tell you how many men have done this… if all you wanna do is fuck then just fuckn SAY THAT!!! But when you act like you want a relationship then we get emotions involved because that’s essentially what you’re telling us to do. Idk why so many guys think they need to fake like they want a relationship just to get sex, you really don’t need to go through all that. Be friends & just be upfront. Shit if you are upfront about just wanting to have fun, she’ll probly have MORE fun with you.. but when you act like a relationship when you don’t then she’s just gonna get pissed & that’ll be the end of it.

  3. Socialkenny says:

    Many good points but I’m gonna address the first one.I find that guys 35 and over have some sort of magical appeal to women.I don’t know if it’s a stability things opposed to guys like us in our 20’s.
    But I know a handfull of guys in their 40’s who have Game and they do their thing.

  4. roxem says:

    Idk, I’ve always been attracted to younger guys. I’m about 30 & I’ve recently been with guys as young as I’d say 20. Older guys really don’t attract me, but I am getting sick of the young guys. They’re immature, poor, don’t know what they’re doing in bed.. only thing they have going for them is being good looking. Sure most of them have a lot of stamina, but when you don’t know what you’re doing I’ve been known to just tell you to stop so I can pass the fuck out. Alone.

  5. offdadome says:

    great advice, you do know your stuff!

  6. serenityluv1 says:

    #3 Is absolutely on point! I have done this too many times. Women will be in that down slope with the main dude and fall back to an ex for a boost, damn you called it! LOL!!! Then soon as she get her boost, dude at home/main guy can pick up on the energy and he becomes more attentive and shit get back on track and all of sudden that Ex don’t get any more calls. (aww poor duck) LOL

    • haha you are not alone Serenity. This has happen to me before and it wasn’t a good feeling. I learned my lessons the hard way. I had one of my ex girlfriends come back around and we would hangout but nothing would happen. When I went to make a move she told me we should “just be friends”. After that, I knew she was looking for a boost. I just cut her off.

      • serenityluv1 says:

        Most men never figures this out. Hell I never even gave it a second thought while I was doing it…he was just always there and um still is if I need him! LOL!

      • Look at you just playing with his heart. This is why game is so important. He should already have a new woman. NOT waiting by his phone waiting for your phone call.

  7. serenityluv1 says:

    May I add here how I really enjoy your post. You present them on a mature level and always on point…You seem to have experienced alot in life or seen a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for that. At the old age of 26 haha, I have experienced a lot of different things and have seen a lot of different things. At a young age something crazy was always happening to me. I knew I would have a blog someday. But seriously, I’ve had the privilege of learning from a lot of great people and I just want to pass that to as much people as possible. Again, thanks for the love.

      • serenityluv1 says:

        Um, there’s nothing old about 26 as I am over 30! HAHA
        Yeah I have too. Being in the same relationship for 17 years and watching other couples and so on has allowed me to see a lot. I am no rookie when it comes to the Game of Life…LOL

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