“You’re LUCKY I think you’re hot” My Night With Tennis Blondie

Occurred Feb 2012
The homie TMZ was having a charity event at this hotel bar. He and a few other kids would be bartending and serving food. I have to support my boy, so I’m in. Wait, let me check the facebook event. This list has it all. Dimes, average, extra average and slump busters. I know most guys are scared to talk to the dimes anyway, so I knew I was good. Hold on, is that Miss Independent confirming. Yup, it is Miss Independent. Time to call Blaze. “Yo Blaze did you see this list of girls coming to the charity event.” “YESSSS SIRRRRRR”, Blaze says. “The real question for you Reema is what are you going to do about Miss Independent? You know she’s coming.” “Do what I have been for the past few months. Ignore her for a little and use her attractiveness to me to help me get a girl I really want.” “HAHA that shit does work all the time for you. I will be at your crib in a few hours.” I stalked looked at a few facebook profiles of the best looking girls. I had my eyes on a short black girl with a body like whoa. What should I wear to this thing? Tux, three-piece, two piece, vest? I definitely wasn’t calling Blaze to color coordinate outfits. I decided to wear fitted grey pants, purple cardigan, light purple shirt, grey/purple stripped tie, black tie bar, black dress watch and black loafers. Blaze and my brother get to my crib. We take a few shots and head to the spot. I see TMZ at the bar and make my way over. I take my usually patron shot and grab a greenie. Immediately, I’m getting looks from different women. Nothing worth me calling over to get to know better. I’m looking around and noticing a terrifying theme. All the girls in here and either fat or just not attractive. What happen to the good-looking girls on facebook that confirmed? It’s still early so I have to be patient. We stay by the bar with TMZ feeding us drinks. Fast forward a little and the theme is still the same. Blaze says to me, “I don’t think any of the girls are coming son. This event might be a bust. Its time to make moves.” “I’m with it. Let’s give it another half hour or so”. Sometimes you go out with great intentions and the night just doesn’t go as planned. Oh well, it is what it is. I was ok with getting dropped off by Blaze and doing what I always do when the night doesn’t go as planned; porn sportscenter and a grilled cheese. I did just buy cinna raisin English muffins and Munster cheese. First, let me run to the bathroom. When I get back, I see Blaze and my brother talking to a group of girls. I observe from a far just in case it was a few fatties who got the courage to approach them. Ok, these girls are actually good-looking. It looks like we will be staying after all. I go to TMZ for another shot and another greenie. I don’t enter the group right away. I knew Blaze will call my name when the time was right. A few minutes go by and I hear my name. I make my way over to the group and introduce myself. “Hey, I’m” Before I can finish my sentence the good-looking Blondie interrupts with, “Wait your Reema!” “Yes, how did you know that?” Shocked she says, “OMG you don’t remember me?” I just give her the side eye. I really have no idea who this girl is. I take her hand and lead her away from the group. Time to turn on the cockiness charm. “Wow, you’re a serious fucken stalker. Wait, did you follow me here?” She playfully slaps my arm and says, “You’re so crazy.” I continue to turn on the cockiness charm, “You came here to try to take me home. You’re not getting any that easy PERV.” “You’re lucky I think you’re hot.” I think to myself, fuck it go for it. I pull her in and give her a kiss. No resistance from her. I hear someone say, “Notch me homie”. When I turn around, no one is behind me. Time for us to chop up game. I say to her, “How do we really know each other?” “Reema we use to play tennis together in high school. You and your brother would hit with us when you had free time.” “Ok, I remember now! Do you still play?” “YES! I play all the time. How about you?” “Yes, I’m really good at Wii tennis. You should see my serve.” “Haha I actually have Wii tennis at my place” I lead her back to the group so we can continue to talk. I admire her bubble booty as we walk back. Thoughts of Tennis Chick creep into my head. Ok, stay focus Reema! More shots/greenies. Everyone is back together laughing and having a good time. Fast forward some more and I lead her to dance floor to do our thing. Dirty dancing, light make outs, and aggressive touching. After a few songs, my head is spinning and I almost fall down. Shit, I need to get Tennis Blondie to leave with me before I get too wasted and mess this night up. Time to execute my plan. “Hey (tennis Blondie) my brother is drunk so he has to leave. I’m just going to leave with you, we can go play some Wii tennis at your place and my boy will pick me up. He has to past by your place to come home.” She happily agrees! Ok, that was easy. I give Blaze and my brother the news and off everyone goes. The car ride is surprisingly good with everyone just laughing and having a good time. I was expecting cock blocking from her friends. We drop them off and make our way back to her place. We laugh about plans to play Wii tennis. We get inside her place and both go straight to the couch. She confesses that she hopes I will call her again. I cut her off by putting my finger on her lips. I lean in and give her a soft kiss. She tries to continue to kiss me, but I pull away. I move to kiss her neck and behind her ear. She lets out a soft moan. I pull her hair and give her my dirty talk. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. You’re going to cum so many times.” She giggles and grabs my pants. This is when the fun begins. She pulls down my pants and pulls out the black mamba. She starts going down on me. After a few minutes, it’s clear she has no idea what she’s doing. She even slapped my shit with her hand. I laugh and stop her. I don’t want this to get any crazier. I instruct her to get naked and we move to her bedroom. It’s about time for her to experience magic fingers. After a few minutes, her moans are getting louder and louder. I know she is close and turn it up. A few more pushes; yup, she’s Cumming. This works every time. I grab my condoms, but she stops me. She tells me she needs a break because she’s going to pass out. After a brief intermission, we are back at it. Passionate kissing and touching all over. I put the condom on and get to work. Well, I warm it up first. Then, I let her have it all. Multiple positions and multiple condoms. Definitely my kind of sex. She wanted me to sleep over but I politely declined. I didn’t forget, Notch me homie :). My first white girl notch of 2012. Does it matter that it happened during Black History Month haha?  



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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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5 Responses to “You’re LUCKY I think you’re hot” My Night With Tennis Blondie

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Good game as usual Reem.You do the cocky funny thing smooth as butter.

    Another notch under the belt.

  2. offdadome says:

    lmao @ black mamba, heard a lot of names but that’s a first

  3. aneroidocean says:

    She slapped your junk? Hahaha.

    Reminds me of the first time Rose gave me head. She started sucking really hard on the tip and I about knocked her off me trying to get my dick back to safety. I begrudgingly let her have it back and thankfully she never tried that again. I don’t mind giving some direction, but I’m not trying to put my penis in a Dyson!

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