Never Deal With Disrespect From Women

Respect is the number one thing you MUST get from women. Without respect, you have NOTHING. A lot of women want a man to put them in their place. Women will do a lot of disrespectful shit to see how far they can go. Anyone that is true to the game will NOT  entertain test. I definitely don’t. I’ve had women try to do little shit like bring up other guys around me, even call other dudes around me to see my reaction. I just charged those women to the game. I don’t have time for shit like that. I don’t take test anymore because I have already graduated. If a woman is not bringing 100% cooperation to the table, fuck em. When you deal with women in relationships, you have different levels of disrespect you MUST check immediately. A lot of you guys let the levels escalate and they get worst and worst and sooner or later, something dangerous happens. I want you guys to pay close attention to the different levels so you can identify the disrespect and check it early. Let me break them down.

Level 1 is Combativeness- Have you ever been in a relationship where the girl will just say the opposite of what you say just to say it? You say, “For dinner let’s do vegetarian”. She objects and says, “No! I want Italian.” “Hey let’s rent a movie.” She says, “No let’s just watch TV.” Everything is combative with her. This may seem like its petty but it’s a passive form of disrespect. Check this immediately.

Level 2 is Slick Comments- You are with your girl and you tell her, “I think I’m going to school to get my masters.” Instead of being supportive she might say, “Yeah right!” This may seem innocent but it’s very disrespectful. Another example, “I want to start my own business.” Her response, “Hahaha please!” If you let shit like this slide, it will only escalate.

Level 3 is Insults- This goes beyond slick comments. You have let all the other disrespect slide, so she will just start insulting you. You guys are having a conversation and she cuts you off with, “You’re so dumb. Stop talking, damn.” I have been around guys that have their lady just talking crazy to them. If this is not bad enough for you to check, she will move on to level 4.

Level 4 is Public Embarrassment- When a woman gets comfortable enough to insult you at home; it will start to happen outside of the home. You guys are at a restaurant and its time for you to order. She says,” Hurry up and order. Why can’t you ever make a decision? This is why I don’t like to go out with you.” Level 4 is when you’re really at a crossroad. After this, it will become dangerous.

Level 5 is Slander Behind Your Back- So you’re being disrespected at home, when you go out in public and now the disrespect will happen behind your back. Your girl is around her friends and family just throwing dirt on your name. “My man is so dumb. He won’t even take out the trash. Some nights he can’t even last 5 minutes.” Forget about if other dudes are around. They will only add fuel to the fire. “We never have sex anymore.”  Other men will notice this and it will only lead to the next level.

Level 6 is Infidelity- If women see that you’ve allowed all the other levels of disrespect; the next step is to start banging other guys. This is the point of no return. A lot of times you guys find out your girl is banging another dude and you try to work it out. This is impossible. You just can’t work that shit out. Your only option is to immediately charge her to the game. If you guys live together, you get a U-haul and pack her stuff for her. I know some of you will still deal with the form of disrespect. After this, you’re donzo.

Level 7 is Cuckold– A cuckold is the term for a man when his wife is cheating on him. This is the level no one should ever be at. Whatever happens now is on you. At this point, no one should be feeling sorry for you. You have allowed all of this to happen. When the disrespect is at level 7, your girl may attempt to have you robbed or killed. The dude she is banging may say, “Let’s rob your husband” or, “Let’s off him for his life insurance.” Everyone has read about women hiring hit men. Disrespect after infidelity just becomes contempt. This is where the game will save your life.

Women will only get away with what you let them get away with. Check women and don’t tolerate any form of disrespect. Keep your game crisp and you will be ok.

Afterthought: When I say check women, I’m not telling you guys to unleash your inner Ike. If you need to hit your girl to get your point across Fuck You! But I digress


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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45 Responses to Never Deal With Disrespect From Women

  1. Sunshine says:

    Haha this is great, I love it. These are definitely ways a woman disrespects on the low.

    Great post Reema

    • I was speaking from some personal experience with this one. One of my girlfriends back in the day did all of this and I did nothing. Of course she cheated on me and I tried to work it out. That just made her disrespect me even more. It didn’t get to her trying to get me set up or anything though. Women can use the same formula for themselves.

      • Jsimms says:

        I like the points you make. But it’s really annoying when you make that stupid catchphrase I just “charge them to the game.” Can you actually just be direct and say what you mean? What the hell do you mean by “I just charge them to the game.”

        If you’re gonna write something so important and informative as this, you have to be direct and just say what you mean instead of using phrases that you assume everyone understands.

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    You are always on point. This is very true…when I was younger I have even done these things except for talking about the bedroom stuff! That’s something I really don’t do…it’s like a pet peeve with me. But the rest I have done and it’s really bad when you married to the man because it tears him down and your marriage too…

    • Well the first step is always admitting the problem. Disrespect is a very tough thing for anyone to deal with. This is why you have to stop it early. I’m sure it might have worked out for you guys if he did. You just wanted him to take a stand but I guess he never did. You live and you learn.

      Oh yeah, thanks for saying I’m always on point. I like to think that about myself!

      • Chuck says:

        Women who are insecure try and exploit your weakness and dominate you, this compensates for their insecurity, now they are in control. Once you have allowed her to emasculate you, it’s too late. I’d rather live with a set of balls then die without them.

    • @ chuck women will always throw little test at you. You have to check that shit immediately and you will be ok. “I’d rather live with a set of balls then die without them.” I 100% agree with you

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  4. aneroidocean says:

    I was going to comment, but it reminded me of a story I haven’t written, so it inspired a full post. Check it out:

  5. Socialkenny says:

    Nice points Reema.

    I’m currently going through many forms of what you laid out(with my so-called GF).

    I’d be good if you come up with a post on how to make her respect you lol.

    • I’ve read you blog about her before. When you allow a certain level of disrespect, you can’t go back from them. The past way for her to respect you is to deal with it at the first level. I would tell you to just charge her but I know you guys have a long history together.

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  9. Oliver says:

    Nice article but you don’t present the solution to those problems, i mean, you don’t elaborate what can i guy do at each level.

    • I said if a woman is not bringing 100% cooperation to the table, you need to charge her to the game. You have to let women know from the start that you will not tolerate any form of disrespect. If you get past level four, the relationship is over.

  10. dasilvacl says:

    Spot on! if she is disrespecting you, does that mean that she will automatically be looking for some other guy? How about if she is married, what is the likelihood she is cheating?

    Well written!

    • Not necessarily. You have to remember that women want to be checked and put in their place. They want to know that you will not let them walk all over you. They will do different things to test you and see how you act. You want to check any sign of disrespect immediately. The longer you wait, the worst it will be.

      Being married doesn’t mean you are home free. You have to adjust your game to your current situation. As long as you act like a man about everything you do (handling your business, not dealing with any disrespect, showing respect and just being fair with the game), you will be fine.

  11. dasilvacl says:

    why have you deleted my post?

  12. Kenneth says:

    You tell all these levels, But what do you DO the moment she disrespects the man, do he tell her to stop it or what?

    • haha of course you tell her to stop. You have to let her know you’re not the type of guy that will tolerate any form of disrespecting. That’s why I said you need to check women. Checking means to tell her to stop the bullshit.

  13. Hiwayman says:

    Good article. I’ve been divorced 25 years now. Its true women as a whole are far more disrepectful off men than the reverce. The ” I am woman here me roar” type are the worse. So are the “strong” types. Most are abusive. Only once for me then…..out the door you go. My peace of mind is far more important to me than arguing and fighting with ANY woman. lolol

    • you’re 100%. It’s just not worth going through all the headaches dealing with some women. The game will always be about cooperation. Strong, Independent are just women from the losing team. As soon as you hear that, you know those are not women who will be worthy of your game. Women actually looking for a dude will not bring these things up. A lot of women playing the “strong, independent” type on waiting on a check from a man.

  14. greatness says:

    You keep saying to “check” the women. But what exactly is the formula for checking a girl without being too dramatic and ruining your chances over something as petty as disagreeing over what kind of food to eat. Definitely something you should of included.

    • greatness says:

      Where I come from, “checking” a bitch ususally means. “Bitch I said we goin out for chinese, and your gonna eat it, and clean your plate!” lol. Im pretty sure this is not what you mean so please elaborate on how to check a girl at each level.

    • Nothing is petty when it comes to disrespect. Like the different levels, it starts off petty and it can end deadly. As far as checking, you have to just let her know you’re not going to tolerate any form of disrespect. You have to man up and put her in her place. That’s what she wants you to do anyway.

  15. sawn377 says:

    Great article. All disrespect must be dealt with an immediate and decisive action. I always keep myself on point with something I read in a book more than two decades ago. “A man who desires nothing cannot be corrupted”.

  16. 100%…the longer you let it sit the worst it gets.

  17. Elba sertuche says:

    I love this advice, so true!

  18. dj says:

    THANK YOU!!, THANK YOU!!, THANK YOU!!, finally someone realizing and not afraid to say something, and if you really want to begin with , where their getting these ideas that it’s okay!, just look at that stupid “Steve Harvey” show and just listen to how he tells them to use sex with their husband as a “bargaining chip”, or some sort of “punishment”, and you’ll start to see where this comes from, and not to mention the TV commercials, just look at how they refer to men as being “stupid” if you said that about a woman you’d be classified as a jerk!!

    • haha that’s real talk. All that stuff is just game though. Steve Harvey doesn’t believe anything that he tells women. He’s doing all that for a check. He makes millions pandering to women.

  19. Rae says:

    I think disrespect is an abomination… But both men AND women do this. What becomes unclear is when it’s more subtle than what’s laid out here. Disrespect is manipulation. Plain and simple. I’ve never treated anyone this way without provocation. Remember, it’s a two way street. If you’re being disrespectful, you’ll get the same in return.

  20. Of course both men and women do this. This was for the men to see why women are being disrespectful and what they can do to fix that. I have other post for women on why men act a certain away towards them.

  21. Jack says:

    Cool article bud but how about some knowledge for how to deal with this kind of shit? My way especially with the beginning number has always been to ignore them raise a red flag and decide if I ever wanna call the ho again. What are you suggesting? Nothing in the article obviously


  22. Old Dog says:

    Love this post….Life is too short to put up with disrespect from a woman. When that shit starts, get rid of her ass and make a new plan….There are a lot of women out there who will treat you better…..

    • crybaby123 says:

      I’m replying to your post because I concur with you totally. I posted to this site about the most recent incidence of public disrespect from my wife. The moderator censured it. It might have been my name ‘crybaby’ that put the moderator off. It might have been the fact that I stated that this latest incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I have committed myself to ending my marriage. Maybe, that’s what he didn’t like. But, hey, she has done this several times before. She will do it again. I know this woman well. She will be scared for a while, because she likes the benefits to her, of being married, But, she will do it again. I see nothing wrong with planning to end this marriage on my terms when dealing with a woman who has no intention of improving herself. She will temporarily modify her behavior to get her objective, but she has no desire to improve herself.

  23. crybaby123 says:

    I’m married, she’s shown disrespect, in public more than once. The last time she did it, was 2 days ago. I put her in check good. I mean, she is really scared now, not scared that I will get violent because I’m too intelligent for that and she knows it. I think she senses that she has committed a violation that I have never allowed any woman to do and survive a relationship with me. And what she senses is true, but she crossed a line that cannot be uncrossed with me. She did this more than once and I should not have had to tell her about it the first time. I have lost all respect for her, all interest for her, and all desire for her. Now all I can think about is the best way to get her out of my life, on my terms, of course. So I’ll make my plan and I won’t give her a clue until I’m ready to launch it. Of course I mean to get rid of her in a civilized way. I don’t take shit off women, but I’m still civilized.

  24. Fed Up says:

    Most American women are worthless pigs & whores. They are not even worth bothering with.
    Seek a woman outside this culture and you might well do better, not a guarantee of course.
    Feminism has made women this way and in the eyes of the law she will always be innocent even when she abuses you. Let some other poor fool carry that cross. I’d like to see the Syrian mooslims rape the shit out of a lot of them, and the way things look that may well happen.
    I sure won’t lose any sleep over it.

  25. GrownAssMan says:

    Sometimes when I check disrespectful girls they end up liking me more. It seems as if some girls get turned on by being put in their place. Those are not the types of people I want in my life. I’m grown and I have no time for mind games. I might be single, but I would rather take my time and meet a real woman instead of dealing with these disrespectful little girls.

  26. Rodney Johnson says:

    Great points. I agree and experienced this first hand, I was that guy. I particularly cannot tolerate the “bobble head” disrespect. I mean, when your woman has to have attention good or bad from men in passing. Actually, looking around to see if she is being checked out. God help you when she notices a guy that reciprocates, now you have two disrespectful people that deserve each other.

  27. Rodney Johnson says:

    One of my biggest pet peeve and form of disrespect is the “bobble head”. This is when a woman has to have attention from every attractive man she passes. Just to see if he is looking, she will keep staring or returning looks in that direction repeatedly. Then you are called insecure or paranoid and the whole thing is denied…smh

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