Are You In Violation Of The Game? Man Up Part 3- New Man Codes Reema Edition

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2

I was chopping up game with the crew over brunch on Sunday (Yes, we always go to brunch). We started talking about different man codes. These are codes true to the game men MUST have. We were laughing about a lot of guys just not respecting the man codes or game codes. All men should have a list of codes they have with their friends, or in general to make sure everything stays mackish. Let’s break some down.

1. Never Bring Your Jump-off Around Your Boys Wifey- This is something that should not be done. This is a major violation of the game. This situation makes it very uncomfortable for everyone. Now when your main girl comes around everyone’s girlfriends are forced to act a certain way around her and be apart of your shit. Not a good look. You’re already looking grimey for banging other women when you have a girlfriend. I DO NOT advocate cheating. First off, it’s very disrespectful and respect is number one in relationships for me. Now my girl is going to keep questioning my behavior because one of my good friends likes to bring his jump-off around. If you’re guilty of doing this, cut that shit out immediately. Your friends might just get sick of you and charge you.

2.  Never Wifey Up Your Boys Ex- This seems like such a simple game code, but it seems like a lot of guys are not following this. I’ve seen situations like this. Guys are best friends, all of a sudden you break up with your chick and your so-called best friend is cupcaking with your ex girl. That is a major violation of the game. Smashing the ex chick is ok if you talked about it before hand. That’s when it becomes cool in the game. It’s just not worth messing up a great friendship over a woman.

3. Never Color Coordinate With Your Boys- I can’t believe I even had to put this on this list. I have been noticing this when I have been hitting the bars and clubs. Groups of guys dressed in the same colors. Men you just don’t get down like that. That’s so unmackish. The only time you are coordinating colors with another dude is if you are in a gang or in a frat. You should not be calling your boys, “Yo I’m wearing my purple jacket. What color are you wearing?” Stop doing this. It’s a violation of the game.

4. Never Whisper To Another Man- There is a big difference between whispering and talking low. Talking low is cool in the game because you are probably trying to say something so no one else can hear it.  When you start grabbing another dude and whispering shit in his ear,  that’s when it becomes a violation of the game. Not mackish. If you have to talk that low then you need to write that shit down. Put it on paper and hand it to him.  Don’t whisaper in his ear.

5. Never Let Your Boy Get Jumped- This is a very important man code. You always help your boy if he’s getting jumped. You either help him fight or help get the other guys off him. Don’t sit back and watch your boy get jumped. What happens if you ever get jumped? Yup, your boy will probably do exactly what you did. I say this more towards my white homies that read the chronicles. You guys are very good at letting your boys get jumped. You guys see the you tube videos. Groups of white dudes, one of their friends getting jumped and the kid getting jump, has more friends than the kids jumping him. They usually just stand around talking shit. “CMON Dude! That’s illegal what you’re doing to my friend dude. Brass knuckles are illegal dude. Fucken don’t hit him with those dude. Tyler we are witnesses for you dude. We will testify in court on your behalf.” HAHAHA help your homie man. Letting your boy get jumped is a clear violation of the game.

Look at for Part 4 coming soon…..


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12 Responses to Are You In Violation Of The Game? Man Up Part 3- New Man Codes Reema Edition

  1. Sunshine says:

    Haha I’ll testify for you, I’ll be your eye witness! That’s hilarious!

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    What!!! I love this! I am not a man but my married circle of friends talk about this all the time (don’t bring your jump offs)!!

  3. serenityluv1 says:

    I have seen guys pull their boy to the side and be like ayee y’all gotta leave here! Jump offs shouldn’t be allowed in limited locations like hotels, fast foods (drive-thrus) and so on! LOL

  4. offdadome says:

    wish some chicks I know took no. 2 into consideration, my own cousin has a baby by one of my exes!

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