DON’T Fall For Fake White Liberalism

It’s about time the chronicles got DEEP with the game. What better time than Black History Month haha. I wanted to do this post because I was talking to a few friends about the current black images on TV and in movies. We were going back and forth about the movie The Help, and I was NOT surprised that it was winning a bunch of awards. For all of that don’t know, The Help is about two black maids working in white households during the early 1960s. This movie is one of those fake white liberal movies that just maintains the status quo. The produces of the movie try to make it seem like a movie about race relations, when it’s really not. It’s about the myth of white supremacy and black inferiority. Let me explain. The problem I have about this and a lot of other movies is that they show black people in a very homely, down-draught manner. I look at this as racism by contrast. See back in the day, the movies would just let you know who was superior and inferior. You would see black people in the worst possible light. Now that the times have become more politically correct, it has become more low-key. Movies like this send a clear message. White is good and black is bad. I just want people to see that. Just see the game and not go for that. Look past this. A few of my black friends were defending the movie because they read the book. They were saying, “I read the book and it wasn’t that bad. You need to read the book and see the movie before you criticize it.” I really don’t care what the book or movie says. The bottom line is that the black women are still maids. Its 2012 and we still have black women playing maids in movies. That’s the problem I have. I don’t care what kind of story it is because it has the same outcome. The media loves this. I was watching the 20/20 special on the movie. They interviewed the author of the movie. She had a maid growing up and she was saying how much she loved her. They also had a few other whites that had black maids growing up. They reunited everyone. Everyone is kissing, hugging, even crying. Fake white liberalism doesn’t impress me. I’m not hating on white people. I know white people who are thorough in the game. They are genuine with their actions on race. I’m not talking about you. I’m not generalizing everyone. Now back to your regularly scheduled rant programming. Too many black people are falling for the fake white liberalism. You need to understand when it’s just game and know how the game is being played. Fake white liberals are always the people you see “helping out” in the inner cities. You have to watch people like that. Some “help out” because it’s not challenging their status or privilege. They have no problem being around black people in need of help. This is why you hear, “I’m not racist. I help out in poor neighborhoods all the time. I went to Africa for a week to help out.” HAHAHA I laugh every time I hear bullshit like this. That should tell you where they really stand. You move next door, be equal and you will see how they really feel. I’m speaking from personal experience. I have seen this first hand. Fake white liberals hate to see black people who are equal or superior to them. When you travel and go to nice places, you see this. You can feel some white people just looking at you. Wondering how the hell did you get here with them. Especially the American ones. This started when I was younger and we would go on family vacations to nice places around the world. After being stared at for long periods of time, different white people would ask my dad if he was famous or something. I always thought it was cool. I didn’t understand why my parents would get upset about this. Now that I’m older and understand it, I see why. This happens to me even now when I travel. Me and my friends have a running joke. We pick out the white people who are going to ask us if we are rappers, athletes, etc. You even see it on a smaller scale at a nice restaurant, or nice store in your area. Again, movies like The Help are a great example of this. The overall message you are going to get from movies like this is not good. Just look at the movie poster. Your kids should not be watching The Help either. This is why when you see the doll test, the black kids point to the white doll as the best and the black doll as the worst. These kids are young. THAT’S CRAZY!! Maid movies have been out for over 70 years. That’s not an accident that you always have blacks playing maids in movies. This is playing on your subconscious mind. Like I said earlier, I’m not surprised The Help is winning awards and being nominated for all these awards. 73 years ago Hattie McDaniel won an Oscar from her role as Mammy (the maid) in Gone With The Wind. Now 73 years later, the same thing is going to happen again. When is this going to change? Your guess is as good as mine…



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19 Responses to DON’T Fall For Fake White Liberalism

  1. offdadome says:

    Great post, I agree 100 percent, the messages are subliminal but they are there, smh

  2. serenityluv1 says:

    I watched that movie and my grandmother said that’s exactly how things were back then. But I don’t really care to see them type movies because it does send a message to try to remind black people that white people still are or feel they are superior. However, sometimes it’s good for young teens to look at some of this stuff to show them how our ancestors were treated and how hard they fought for movement. Even though racism is still here and very strong at that the black race has came a long way.

    • I think it’s VERY IMPORTANT for everyone to know how there ancestors were treated. It’s just that every time you see something on TV or a movie about Black History, its civil rights or slavery. That’s a very small fraction about black history. It wasn’t all about struggle and fighting for a movement. It was much bigger than that.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Way to see the otherwise of black history month and pointing out that there are still things that we need to work on especially in the media.

    I dig

  4. serenityluv1 says:

    I know the feeling of being pointed out as well. When I was in the 5th grade a white teacher called me to the front of the class to ask me how was I able to wear such nice clothing. We came to school with the same outfit on one day and she was pissed. My mom was in a rage when I slightly mentioned how the teacher questioned me about my clothing and where my mom worked as if I didn’t deserve to have nice things. My mom was at the school the next day. Her job was in my mom hand.But the point is- we are still living in some very racial days and days where a lot of white people feel superior because of color and too often we allow our children to grow up believing this.

    • Growing up, I thought it was cool to have random people coming up to us. I didn’t understand the meaning behind everything. I understand why my parents were upset about that. It just disappoints me when I see other black people fall for this. Some really think they are inferior to whites.

  5. serenityluv1 says:

    This was a very strong post and I normally don’t like to discuss religion and racism but this is the second blog that I’ve been involved in on this subject.

    ** one last thing** By the way I absolutely hate watching movies where the white people always save the poor black child or lady or man…Ughhh! Sorry!

    And just for the record…I am no where near racist…I have a white brother! lol!

    ** I laugh when I say that because I sound love when people say oh I love black people I have many black friends but none of them has never been to their home** Giggles

  6. Socialkenny says:

    It’s 2012 and black women still playing maids!!?Good punch-line point.Its’ sought of degrading on the low when you think about it.

      • silly_G says:

        Haven’t seem the movie or read the book so can’t comment on the portrayal. but if it’s a movie that is at a certain point in time, isnt it important to try to show the reality of that time? These are stories that have been hidden from the world for so long. What does piss me off is when these messages continue to be reinforced in present day depictions. This is really parallel how our indigenous population is misrepresented in Canada. Grrr. getting angry now, and thinking about the role of media.

      • That’s the problem. It really doesn’t show the reality of that time. One maid is the loveable mammy and the other is sassy and a loud mouth. It actually makes you think that it wasn’t that bad and black people liked working as maids….Hidden from the world for so long? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing black women play maids in movies for way too long. What’s the message? My grandparents worked as maids and servants. I got the message loud and clear. I don’t need another movie to let me know that.

      • silly_G says:

        I completely agree with you. If the story sheds light on the truth it is different, if it reinforces sterotypes, then its insulting and offensive. As far as hidden… I mean the real stories from the perspective of those who lived them have been swept under the rug. And that’s done purposely, and in pure ignorance, by the powers that have subjected others throughout history. White people telling the stories of others is most often the problem. (however some can do justice… I don’t want to generalize…)

  7. Kai Scribe says:

    One of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time … you’re absolutely right. I have this argument all the time because it’s like we (as a race) have been conditioned to believe that we’re all on level playing grounds now … we’re totally not. Like you said, it’s 2012; 20 years ago they thought we’d have been living on the moon and shit by now, yet things like this show how far we HAVEN’T come at all.

    Smh x

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  9. Randomguy says:

    White liberals = PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE RACISTS, or just simply CLOSET RACISTS!

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