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What Is Your Dating Value? Game For Women Reema Edition

Back by popular demand, we have game for women. I haven’t done game for my ladies in a few weeks. Time to change that. Today I want to help you identify your dating value. If you are having trouble keeping a … Continue reading

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“Where have all the prospects gone?”

Another great weekend in the books. It was TMZ’s birthday so we all went out on Friday and Saturday. It was a very interesting night (details coming). On Sunday, I watched the Giants SMACK the Falcons with Little Lucille. That’s two weeks in … Continue reading

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“Wait, you still DIDN’T hit it?” Ways to tell she’s not down for sex!

Let’s jump right in. Guys, STOP hanging around women for months, even years before having sex with them. You are just wasting your time. Sometimes you just have to charge certain women to the game. I just got an email from … Continue reading

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2012 Game Resolutions Reema Edition

Happy New Year to you all! Every year I always write down all the different things that happened to me throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, I write that shit down. Then, I take out all the … Continue reading

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