Reema Club Game Part 2

Continued From Part 1

Now that you have a few new techniques for the club, you have to use them to your advantage. You do not want to be a club rat. People will get familiar with you and you will burn yourself out. You need great energy when you’re in the club. If you decide to go with a group of friends, you need a good crew with you. You are only as good as your weakest link. Make sure you roll with the strongest team. Everyone should be true to the game. Look at it like a team. When they go out, it’s a team effort. Everyone has a designated role. Someone drives, someone cock blocks ugly guys, someone gets the free drinks, and someone talks to the bouncer so they all get in free and in VIP. Women have a full game plan. A lot of guys just go with the flow and take whatever attention they can get. This means no thirsty dudes. No guys that will take whatever. You don’t want guys bring in extra average women. That just makes the team look bad. Remember, women are always watching. They know a woman is a reflection of you. If attractive women see you cupcaking with something extra average, you are done. Attractive women don’t want extra average sloppy seconds. I have nothing against average women if they are cooperative. I just always aim high first. Aim high and work your way down if needed. The problem is a lot of guys start at the bottom and never move up. If the night is not going your way, you can leave with a straggler. That’s on some last call shit though. Who you are seen/associate with is VERY important. I use this with women I see at the club. If I see an attractive women talking to a bunch of bummy looking guys, I know I can’t fuck with her. I’m not going behind them. This makes me look whack. Guys, you need to know this level of the game. A New York City club will have all different types of women available. This can be a gift and a curse. Here are a few to avoid.

1. The Wannabe Celebrity- We have a lot of women out here who want to be the next Kim Kardashian, the next video chick and the next Jersey Shore girl. You MUST avoid these women. It will be difficult because they will be attractive. The problem is these women will be attention whores x 100. You will be able to identify them because they will be dropping celebrity names like CRAZY! You start chopping up game with her and she name drops immediately. For example you see her and say, “Hey how you doing? How long you been at the club?” “Well, me and my friends have been here for about an hour, but I just got a text from Trey Songz. He’s having a party later.” Or you start talking to her, “Hey what’s up? What were you doing today?” “Well, I was having dinner with Drake and I wanted to come to the club for a little. I’m not staying long. I’m going to meet Chris Brown later.” I know my New York and Cali dudes have heard this before. Your only response should be, “Cool. Nice meeting you.” Leave it alone guys. These women are just groupies. You are wasting your time.

2. Off Duty Strippers- We have a lot of strippers that like to go to the club when they’re not working. I have nothing against strippers. I can’t hate on a hustling girl, do your thing strippers. As for as the club, no sirr to the strippers. They just go to the club to practice and tease guys. You can easily spot the off duties strippers. You see them on the dance floor working on new moves. You will see them twerking on the speakers. Also, the off duty strippers are off the clock, but still hustling. They are looking for guys to put in the trick bag. Look out for the tattoos, tongue rings, overly slutty clothing, nine-inch clear heals. Watch the girls she’s with. All of them will be dressed the same. If you have any doubt in your mind that she may be a stripper, then she is. Avoid them!

3. Covert Hoodrat- These women will act classy but she is undercover. She looks good, smells good, and dresses good. She disguises it very well. The best way to tell if you’re dealing with a covert hoodrat is to look at the girl/girls she’s with. That shit gives it away every single time. Some hoodrats are just better at hiding it. Hoodrats of a feather, flock together. Also, watch her friend’s clothes. You are most likely to see some cheap clothes and raggedy lace fronts. Classy women just don’t mess with hoodrats. Especially on some going out shit. I’m not talking about people you associate with. I have some gangsta ass dudes that I associate with. I just don’t hangout with them like that. I definitely don’t go to the club with them. I know these guys might just shoot the damn club up and I’m not trying to be around that. Associating and hanging out with are two completely different things. Again, if she’s with a bunch of rats, she’s one. Stay away!

4. Ghetto White Women- I CAN’T STAND ghetto white girls. It’s unfortunately because I know black guys LOVE this. Not all, but some. I definitely don’t. Some of you though are extra cupcaking with a ghetto white girl. When see her in the club talking all that hood shit, you fall in love. Then you wonder why your weed spot got raided. These are some fake ass women. If you’re a white girl, PLEASE just be white. Ghetto white girls in the club are just looking for some free weed, or some type of free drugs. Guys have to stop dealing with these dirt bag women of all races. I know some black guys will do a damn hurdle over a black woman to go after a ghetto white girl. I’m going to do a post on that in the future. But I digress.

Now you know what types of women to avoid in the club. I usually go for the women that look like they don’t belong in the club. They usually look a little uncomfortable and feel out-of-place. Also, go after the women who are not dressed too slutty. They will be more receptive to the game. Avoid the “actress” that you never seen in any movies. Like I said in Part 1, you want to plant early seeds. The best selection comes in early. The later it gets, the worst the selection. Go out tonight, use this great game and have a great time. I know I will.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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5 Responses to Reema Club Game Part 2

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Lmao @ the wannabe celeb.And do they always have to name drop!!?But like you said,it’s hard to avoid them ’cause they do be hot.

  2. hahaha I see this type of girls all the time in NYC. That’s all they do is name drop

  3. The ghetto white girl shit was funny. LOL. IN NYC, it is easy to meet and be around a lot of celebs. If you are out like that, it will happen. But, what is up with the name dropping? LOL. Oh, the brokeness is always funny.

  4. The name dropping is to sound important. The funny thing is that all I hear is “groupie”

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