Reema Club Game Part 1

The other day we all went out and celebrated Blaze’s birthday. This gave me the idea to breakdown club game that we always use when we go out. The club game basically stays the same. You may have new techniques that you can use to help you. You MUST be trying to upgrade your game at all times. I call this Reema Club Game:
1. Plant Early Seeds- What I mean is when you go to the club you will see a lot of different women. You have to put your bid in early. The goal is to build some type of rapport with women before the thirsty dudes start cupcaking, buying drinks and kissing ass. To avoid this, your presence must be known early. Let’s say you walk into a club and you spot 5 attractive women you want to talk to. You MUST talk to all of them. Keep it light and fun. “Hey my name is x. You having a good time? Sounds good. Let me go talk to my friends. I will be back in a little bit.” The key is to talk to them on a courtesy level. You will have time later to really get into the game. As the night progresses, it gets easier for you.
2. Show Genuine Interest- After you plant your seeds and go back to partying with you friends, you will notice some of these women will come to your general area. They will see how much fun you’re having with your crew (social circle game). This makes women want to know more about you. This is when you show genuine interest by talking to her on a more personal level. The easiest way to do this is to just use her name a lot. If you want, you can give her a nickname. I talked about this in online dating. The nickname makes the conversation more personable. My nickname technique is to just add little in front of what you want to call her. This has always worked for me.
3. Giving Compliments- This is a BIG problem for a lot of guys. NEVER compliment a woman on her beauty. “Wow you’re SO pretty”,Wow you’re the baddest girl in the club”, “WOW you have a nice ass.” If this sounds like anything you have done before, STOP IT! You are putting yourself in a simpish position. It makes you look like a kiss ass. Women don’t like men like that. When you compliment a woman, give her what I call a macksih compliment. “You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders”, “I love your look. You have a playful innocence about you that’s probably lost on most. I bet you get tired of hearing great body from guys”, “You have laughter in your eyes and in your smile. I bet you are a fantastic person to hangout with!” You see how great those compliments are. Those all seem very genuine. You also want to compliment with caution. Women know themselves better than anyone. You will not be able to bull shit them. If you tell the dumb girl she has a good head on her shoulders, she will know it’s not true. If she is not looking right, don’t compliment her outfit. Wait, you shouldn’t even be talking to her anyway. The point is to just keep it real.
4. Don’t Be Afraid Of A Power Struggle- Women will try to test you with shit like this. This happened to me with one girl the other night. We locked eyes across the bar and I told her to come over to me. She wanted me to come to her. Don’t back down from this. Say NO! And tell her to come back over to you. A lot of women will continue to try to go back and forth with you. You come here, No you come here. Meet me half way; no you meet me half way. I know some of you have experienced this before. I went up to her and called her out on her bull shit. I said, “Why are we going through this power struggle. I just met you. Let’s be on the same page. I’m cool, you seem cool. Let’s go back over by me and chop up game.” When you tell her this, she knows you’re a real dude. You cannot back down. Once you back down, it’s over for you. You will come off as bitch made. You have to remember that the first impression is a lasting impression. You MUST be dominating with women. The girl looked at me up and down and started walking with me. I took her hand and lead her to my table.
5. Stand Up To Cockblocks- Cock blocking right now is at an all time high. I see this on a daily basis, not just the club. This has happen to everyone that has gone out and tried to get women. The only way this will continue is if we don’t try to put a stop to it. At the spot the other night, I noticed women with fat cock blocking friends. Why is the cock block always fat?  I watched this happen to my boy Stevie. He’s talking to a girl. The girl seems very receptive to the game. Of course her fatty friend  tries to pull her away. I hear her say “C’MON we have to GO!” The girl was not moving. It was obvious she didn’t want to go. We  spoke about dealing with cock blocks on the ride over. When fatty cock block came over to physically get the girl, Stevie would have no such thing. “What’s your name?” (fatty name) “Why are you trying to cock block me?” She tried to defend herself,  “Its late, we have work in the morning.”  “Ok, she is here to have a good time. This is a social setting. You are cock blocking her too because she’s meeting a fly dude. Let her be happy.” I watched closely waiting for a reaction. They all started laughing and he ended up exchanging numbers with the girl he wanted (she has already called him to get together). Don’t take any shit from cock blocks!
All this stuff is great but, if you don’t look your best it will not work.  As a physically attractive guy, you will not have to approach a ton of women. Women will even approach you. This works for me all the time. Anyone that knows me will tell you that women approach me all the time. Especially when I’m on a date. I just know that I continue to get emails from guys having trouble getting women at bars and clubs. When I ask them what they wear, it says it all. All you have to do is look like you care. The says a lot about your character as a man.
Look out for Part 2. I will talk about what type of women to avoid at the club.

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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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11 Responses to Reema Club Game Part 1

  1. Sunshine says:

    I like “planting early seeds.” that’s always good in a club setting because there is always so much going on, that a small little conversation like that, from a swagful guy like you, will gain her interest for later in the night.
    She”ll be looking out for you.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I always keep it light, maybe throw in a quick tease and fall back. Sometime the girl will look for me, or I look her her and continue to build on that conversation. This has worked in one night stand situations also.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Another hit by Reema.Club game is my favorite part of picking up women.

    The point you made on compliments is solid!

    Complimenting women on their looks and the obvious is similar to ass-kissing.

    Thia is like at the tip top of my rules:no complimenting women.And if I do:it’s always on something unique or of little importance.

    • The thing for me with compliments, is that they have to be genuine. Guys are quick to just start telling girls how pretty they are. That shit does NOT work. Obviously if you are approaching the woman, she knows you think she is attractive. I know since your a PUA you guys use cold reading which is great too!

  3. Socialkenny says:

    I had to lol @ point #4 where the girl was testing you to see how alpha and dominant you were by wanting you to come to her.that’s crucial right there to let her come to you.
    Good advice there.

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  5. This is very true. Planting seeds is important. Eye contact is super important for me. Sometimes, you can have a whole conversation without saying a word. That has worked for me many times. Once, I feel like I have her attention, and I talk to her, I can seal the deal with a number.

    Yea, over complimenting is wack. Save that for later.

    HA @ cock blockers. That does happen. I usually make the blocker and the girl I like laugh, then I pull the one I like to the side. I don’t want the cock blocker all up in my conversation.

    With women it could be a little more challenging. If you see 2 women together, you don’t know if they are together. So, that can be a bit tricky. I usually, just talk to the one I like and see what happens. I will just ask if they are together. Other times, I tell my friend to go talk to the one I don’t like and I talk to the other one. LOL, scheming.

    Confidence is key to club game. Low confidence is a killer.

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