“Damn, I haven’t been to a college party in years!” My Night With A.Crumbs

This day was dragging. I finished up most of my work already. I was just looking at a few papers in my office to look busy. Blaze and TMZ had already hit me up to do something. The plan was to grab a few beers at the Sunday Funday spot (we don’t only go on Sundays). We get to the spot and do the usual. While the game is ending, I feel my phone vibrate. I look at my phone and it’s A.Crumbs. I answer in standard Reema fashion. “Reema’s stalker hotline. How may I direct your call?” “OMG you are too much. What are you doing? I want to hangout!” I let her know I’m having a few beers with my boys. She let me know her friend was having a keg party and she wanted me to come. I told her to text me the address and I would stop by. I give the boys the news. “Yo, this girl I met online is going to a friends keg party at (big college in our area).”  TMZ laughs and says, “Damn, I haven’t been to a college party in years!” He wasn’t the only one. We all laughed about being the oldest guys at the party. TMZ suggested that me and Blaze change and dress more like the college kids. Me and Blaze would do no such thing. Why would we change to fit in? That’s not a mackish thing to do. I was wearing a blue three-piece fitted suit, baby blue fitted shirt, red tie, gold tie bar, chocolate-brown loafers and a chocolate-brown watch. I would leave my jacket in the car and roll up my sleeves. Blaze was in a fitted khaki suit, fitted white suit, brown wingtips and a brown watch. TMZ obviously didn’t understand that being the two best dressed men at a college party full of women would have its perks. A few beers later, I get a text from A.Crumbs. “Me and the girls just got here. Call me when you’re outside :)”. Time for us to head to the party. Wait, we stop and grab a 24 pack of greenies. When we arrive, I call A.Crumbs to come outside to meet us. She comes outside looking better than I expected. She only had two pictures online so I didn’t know what to expect. She was wearing a body hugging dress with heels. Her body was calling my name.  All I could think about was our sweaty bodies rubbing on each other later. Her eyes light up when she notices me. She gives me tight hug and kisses me on the cheek. She immediately compliments my outfit. I give TMZ a look. I introduce her to them and we walk up to the door. When I walk inside, the kid charging everyone to get in is one of my former interns. We exchange greetings and he doesn’t charge us to get in. The social proof is already raising A.Crumbs attraction. “How do you know (intern name)? They even charged the girls to get in!” “That’s my dude. We go way back”. She gives me a seductive smile. “Reema come meet my friends!” I leave Blaze and TMZ to chop it up with the intern. Time to meet her friends. Ok, I’d bang one of her friends. The other one is not for me. Too big for my taste. I don’t even bother finding out any information about them. By the way A.Crumbs was looking at me, I knew my looks would bring me home. Working out the logistics still was not established, but I would deal with that later. I wanted to enjoy the party for a little. I leave her and her crew, and make my way back over to the intern, TMZ and Blaze. I use the intern to find out the scoop on my girl and her crew. The intern tells us that he banged the big one. He didn’t fuck the other friend or A.Crumbs though. He and a few other kids tried, but nothing went down. Yes, a challenge. I was ready for this. I make my way around the party and talk to a few kids. The party is only about 30 people. This is the perfect amount for an indoor party. I find the flip cup room and grab next game. A.Crumbs and her crew are playing right now. I call Blaze to grab TMZ. Time to make this interesting. Boys versus girls. The girls dominate the first game. Fuck that, we play again. We lose again. I refuse to get off the table before we win. Two games later and we finally win. Take that ladies. I take A.Crumbs and lead her to the dance floor. Dirty dancing time. After about 10 minutes of this, I’m hard. I turn her around and make out with her. No resistance. I kiss her neck and she lets out a little moan. I pull back and keep dancing. A little more dirty dancing and we go back to her friends. I find Blaze with the cute friend chillen. I could tell the vibe was mackish by the way she was grabbing him and laughing. TMZ was talking to a few random kids. Fast forward a little and the party is still poppin. I look at my watch and its a little after 1am. I didn’t want to leave just yet. I jump back into flip cup. After a few games, I see A.Crumbs trying to get my attention. I motion her to come closer to me. She whispers in my ear, “I want to fuck you!” Ok, that was forward. I don’t even let that faze me and I play one more game.  It’s about that time to work out the logistics and get this going. The plan is for all of us to go back to A.Crumbs place. This works out best for everyone because the girls live together. We are not home free just yet. The car ride to a girls place has changed a lot of things before. Especially, when you have to follow them. The girls can all get together and start rationalizing why they shouldn’t sleep with you. I had the perfect solution for this. I made A.Crumbs ride with me and TMZ, and Blaze rode with her friend and the big chick. We arrive at our destination to finalize the night. We all chill in the living room, chop up game and continue drinking. Fast forward some more and I know it’s time to close the deal. Blaze just went into the friend’s bedroom and the big girl went to bed. I grab A.Crumbs and make moves into her room. I close the door and we sit on the bed. We start kissing and tugging away at each other’s clothes. As I slip my hands under her dress she stops me. “I’m sorry but I can’t do this. I want to, but I just can’t”. Great, so much for this being easy. I say, “Ok” and move to the other side of her bed. I already have something for this last-minute resistance. “Reema what are you doing?” “You don’t want to have sex. I’m not going to chase you for that.” “OMG you are different. Most guys would keep trying and trying.” “Well, by me trying and trying will only make it worst.” I change the subject and start talking about the things in her room. She interrupts me to keep wasting time talking about how different I am. I go over to her and put my finger over her lips. “I have to tell you something. My dad told me this a long time ago. He told me, sometimes in life you have to be willing to take a chance and go with the flow. Don’t try to over think everything. I still believe that to this day.” I immediately walk out of the room and go to the bathroom. When I get back, she’s laying on her bed in her bra and panties. “Wait, I thought you didn’t want to do anything.” She says, “I know but I want this!” as she grabs my dick. I drop my pants and pull out the black mamba. Now her eyes are filled with excitement. She starts to give me a blowjob. Wow, she’s good at this. I enjoy this for a little and I have to stop her. Anymore and I’m spraying all over this room. I instruct her to get naked and I lay her on the bed. I let her experience magic fingers. After a few minutes,  her moans are getting louder and I hear my favorite words, “Right there, I’m cumming.” Works every time. I grab the condom and she puts it on with her mouth (I thought they only did that on TV). I thrust deep inside her and I can feel the wall. She’s shaking with excitement. I warm it up and then let her have it all. A few positions, hair pulling and multiple condoms. Definitely my kind of sex!  Notch me Homie 🙂

On the car ride back, Blaze told me he had sex with the friend. She also put up some resistance but it wasn’t something that hasn’t happen before. We laughed and knew we would be hearing from the girls again. Man, I love my life.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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9 Responses to “Damn, I haven’t been to a college party in years!” My Night With A.Crumbs

  1. Socialkenny says:

    I still get a kick out of the “Reema stalker hotline” line.That’s genius.But I
    Never remember to use it.

    Good work on the lay report.You racking them up bro’.

    • Everytime I use that it sets a playful mood. You have to remember to use that…I’ve been struggling lately with getting new women. The flakes are racking up haha. Ever since I stop with online dating and going out as much, my prospects fell off. I can’t complain because I have two great girls I’ve been dating for the past few months. Maybe its the winter months, I don’t know. Still, it’s always fun to get a new bang and the story behind it. It might be time I jump back into the online dating game and hitting the “field” as you call it. .

  2. aneroidocean says:

    Great foresight on the car ride situation.

    I had a girl put on the condom with her mouth once and I had the same reaction. I was so surprised I almost forgot what came next. Okay, not really.

    Now it kind of irritates me if a girl can’t put it on. I usually just put it on myself, can’t be bothered to wait for her to fumble around.

    Being overdressed pretty much always helps.

    • The car ride has cock blocked me too many times. I make sure I do that every time now. And the girls are always receptive to it…I was surprised she did that. Well, not really that surprised. I just haven’t had many girls do that before. It may be for the time like you said. Better to just get that shit on and get down to business…My thing is that you can never be overdressed. No such thing when you really think about it.

      • aneroidocean says:

        I once had a girl’s female friend start talking about how attractive I was while I sat 4 feet away at the bar (they were at a table directly behind me). The friend questioned my ethnicity, I knew they had to be talking about me (hell, the bar was near empty), so I got up and pulled out a chair at the table and introduced myself. The guy friend bought all their food/drinks and eventually slinked off while the female friend chatted me up and laid it all out for me to not even have to flirt with the hot girl. I wasn’t even sure if the hot girl was that into me (due to her being kind of shy/lack of interaction) until I walked down the long steps from the bar with them, then paused as she looked up into my eyes, and we started making out.

        What was I wearing you ask? Dress shoes, fitted black slacks, a tuxedo shirt (with nice cuff links) with the top button or two unbuttoned and my bow tie unclasped and hanging to one side. I had walked over to the bar expecting it to be dead, but hoping my friend was working so I could get a nightcap so large it’s poured into a pint glass.

        The hot girl was the kind of girl your buddies won’t believe that you hooked up with unless they meet ’em in the flesh.

        Overdressed = AWESOME.

        P.S. Being a pussy and not taking the girl home with you even when her friend practically encouraged it = not so awesome.

  3. Yea, I can definitely see the car ride messing up the whole flow. That leaves a lot of time to think about the the dumb shit you are about to do. lol. So, you had a great way to prevent the blockage.

    Damn, I wonder why she was so eager to have sex and was about to change her mind? Either way, it sounds like a good time was had by all.

    Great post.

  4. I think she was just trying to rationalize the whole thing. Once I let her know it was ok to just go with it, she was ok with everything.

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